Memphis Car Accident Lawyer

In 2010, there were an astonishing 10.8 million motor vehicle accidents in the United States, with almost 36,000 passenger deaths within a year of the accident. In 2010, traffic fatalities amounted to 1,031 in Tennessee, 563 in Arkansas, and 641 in Mississippi. These three states also saw some of the highest fatality rates (deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled) in the country.

Automobile accidents can be debilitating and thus often lead to considerable physical, mental, and financial hardship for victims. According to a study produced by AAA, the annual cost of car crashes in the United States amounts to around $300 billion, a per person cost of around $1,500.

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Causes of Auto Accidents

In Tennessee, the most common causes of auto accidents include:

  • Distracted driving including drivers talking on the phone, texting, rubbernecking
  • Recklessness or aggressive driving including speeding, tailgating, failure to yield, unsafe lane changes, failure to signal, wrong-way driving, road rage, and street racing
  • Negligence including accidentally running stop signs and running red lights (can also be considered reckless)
  • Drowsy drivers including those who have under slept and those taking medicine that causes drowsiness
  • Impaired drivers including driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs
  • Defective auto parts including faulty brakes, tires, steering, suspension, and safety equipment
  • Unmaintained automobiles including improperly secured materials, bad brakes, broken signal light, and non-functional headlight
  • Inclement weather including snow, sleet, hail, rain, wind, ice, and fog
  • Roadway design including hazard visibility, traffic flow, road surfaces, improper striping, defective traffic control devices, and insufficient shoulder
  • Road conditions including poor road maintenance, debris on the road, faulty signage, construction, and potholes

Steps After a Memphis Auto Accident

The first, and arguably most important, step after an accident is to find out who was liable for the accident. In order to do so, you need the acquire the knowledge and resources of an experienced car accident attorney. The attorney will investigate whether other driver violated a law or whether the cars in the accident had any defect prior to the incident. There are four kinds of fault that Morgan & Morgan investigators will look for after an accident:

  • Negligence: Failure to act responsibly that leads to damage or injury.
  • Recklessness or wanton conduct: Willfully ignoring the chance of an accident and the safety of others.
  • Intentional misconduct: Deliberately performing an action that could harm someone or something, such as driving while intoxicated, speeding excessively, or when a knowingly selling defective or dangerous products.
  • Strict liability: In the case of auto accidents, this references auto defects, where fault is assigned to the manufacturer if the design of the vehicle was defective or the warning was inadequate.

How a Memphis Car Accident Attorney Can Help

After an accident, it is absolutely crucial to gather evidence such as such as police reports, witness statements, blood alcohol level (BAC) tests, and cell phone records to find out who is liable. Your attorney will analyze the evidence and prove that the other driver behave irresponsibly and violated a statute of breached common law. Then, he or she will file a lawsuit to recover compensation (through a settlement or verdict) for current and future medical bills, lost wages, property damages, and pain and suffering.

The steps after an auto accident are often complicated, so it is extremely valuable to have quality legal representation to guide you through the process. Fill out the no-obligation, confidential consultation on the right to receive free legal advice from a highly-experienced Morgan & Morgan Memphis car accident attorney.