California Trucker Labor Laws

The labor laws that protect truckers across the country are often complicated, but that is especially true in California. Right now, California is overhauling significant portions of its labor laws. 

It’s important for California-based truckers to look out for law changes that will affect them. It’s equally important to know where to look for clarity, guidance, and legal assistance if they are being under-compensated or mistreated by their employers. 

These are some recent changes to California labor law that may affect truckers. 

A More Expansive Definition of “Employee”

An employer has certain responsibilities toward their workers: these change based on whether the worker is an employee or an independent contractor. Usually, an employee has more protections and benefits. But how do you know which type of worker you are? 

This law varies by state: California has adopted the widest definition of “employee” of any state in the country. Many workers who would be classified as contractors in most states are considered employees in California, and therefore have those associated rights and protections, including a right to overtime pay.  This includes many truckers. 

If those truckers are denied overtime pay or otherwise denied rightful compensation or mistreated, they potentially have grounds for a lawsuit. 

Getting Paid When the Truck Stops Moving 

In California, truckers are guaranteed at least the minimum wage for any time spent on the job when the truck is stopped. This on top of the “pay-per-mile” compensation system that applies when the truck is moving. 

Truckers are also entitled to a separate, paid 10-minute break once every four hours. Many companies are not complying with these laws. 

We’ll Fight for What You Deserve 

If you are a California trucker and believe you’ve been underpaid or mistreated by your employer, we can help you figure out your options. Give us a call for a free consultation, and find out if you are eligible for potential compensation. 

Morgan & Morgan employment law attorneys have been helping workers just like you fight for the rights and compensation they are entitled to, and we want to fight for you too. With us, you never pay any upfront fees, so no matter your financial situation, you can have a Morgan & Morgan employment attorney at your side. 

We’ve recovered more than $9 billion for our clients to date, and we want to start fighting for you too. So don’t wait: call today for your free consultation.

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