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How to Find the Best Wage and Hour Lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA

When you work for someone else, it’s reasonable to expect that at the very least, you’ll get paid on time and be given what you are owed and everything that you have earned. It can be completely unfair and even illegal to work overtime or on a holiday and not get compensated for the hours if they were agreed upon by your employer. Additionally, if you work on commission and aren’t being paid for your sales, this can be a significant problem and cause tremendous stress when you struggle to resolve the situation. If you find yourself in one of these positions, or you are having another issue with your employer related to unpaid wages, you should consider contacting an attorney right away. 

If you’re wondering how to find the best wage and hour lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA, Morgan & Morgan can help. We have experienced lawyers all throughout the country, including in Pittsburgh. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that you get the compensation you’re entitled to. Additionally, we don’t charge anything upfront, so you never have to worry about paying us immediately with money you may not have available. We only get paid when we win or settle your case. Contact Morgan & Morgan today for a free and confidential case evaluation. 

When You Need a Wage and Hour Lawyer

Anytime you think your employer is withholding money that you are owed, or you think they are violating wage laws, you should contact an attorney. You can try to speak with your employer before you contact an attorney, but in many cases, the employer is deliberately withholding compensation because they’re trying to turn a profit for themselves or take advantage of the situation. If this is the case, you likely won’t get anywhere by talking to them on your own. Once you speak with a lawyer, they can help you properly approach your employer. Your boss will know just how serious you are when you approach them with legal representation, so they’re much less likely to try to and continue to take advantage of you. 

Finding the Right Wage and Hour Lawyer for You

If you’ve decided that the best thing to do is to contact a lawyer and you want to know how to find the best wage and hour lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA, you will want to consider the following: 


The first thing you can do is ask friends and family if they know any lawyers who specialize in wage claims. If they’ve used a lawyer for similar reasons before, ask them who they used and what their experience was like. The best recommendations you get will come from people who actually have experience with the attorneys they’re recommending. If you don’t know anyone who has had to deal with this type of situation before, ask your friends and family if they know any lawyers that they trust. If they do know someone good, they can ask those attorneys for a recommendation for someone who handles wage and hour claims. This way, you at least know the referral is coming from someone trustworthy. 


If you’re unable to find any recommendations by talking to friends and family, the next step to learning how to find the best wage and hour lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA, is to start researching online. Google search is a great place to start. You can look for attorneys who handle these specific types of cases in Pittsburgh, PA, and see who comes up. You can then go through their websites and see what you think of their information, and you can decide if they might be a good fit for you. You should also look at their Google reviews to see what former clients are saying. Make sure you don’t look only at reviews on their website, as those reviews are probably handpicked and unlikely to say anything negative. You want to make sure you have all the information you need before you make your decision. After you’ve done your research, make a list of a few of the lawyers you liked best based on their website and reviews.


After you’ve compiled your list of attorneys, you should start setting up consultations. Almost all wage and hour lawyers will offer a free consultation. At this appointment, you can discuss your case with the lawyer and get a feel for how they operate and see if your personalities are a fit. This is the time to ask any questions you have so you can make an informed decision. Once you decide who you’d like to hire, you can let them know that you are interested in their firm. Then they can let you know if they’re willing to take your case.

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