Where Can I Find the Best Ski Accident Lawyers in Pennsylvania?

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Best Ski Accident Lawyers in Pennsylvania

Best Ski Accident Lawyers in Pennsylvania

According to Visit PA, Pennsylvania boasts no fewer than 22 ski resorts, offering slopes for skiers of all ages and skill levels. While skiing and snowboarding in Pennsylvania can be a fantastic way to enjoy the winter, getting injured in a ski accident can result in painful and costly injuries. However, if you or a loved one suffered a severe injury due to a reckless skier or negligent ski resort, you could seek compensation for your medical bills and other losses. 

Moran & Morgan’s experienced Pennsylvania ski accident lawyers can leave no stone unturned in helping injured victims of ski accidents recover what they deserve. Get started now and contact us for free legal advice to determine whether you could receive compensation.

Pennsylvania Ski Accident Causes 

Ski accidents can be caused by many circumstances, not least by a skier’s inexperience or risk-taking. However, if you were harmed by a reckless fellow skier or resort employee, you could have grounds for legal action. Other reasons for ski accidents and injuries can include: 

Defective Ski Lifts 

Although ski lifts are generally safe, the results can be tragic when a life malfunctions. Victims who fall from a lift or get crushed by an object could suffer fatal or catastrophic injuries. Lack of maintenance or repair and manufacturing defects can contribute to deadly accidents. If you are the victim of a ski lift accident, you could potentially have legal recourse against a manufacturer, ski resort, or other parties. 

Poorly Maintained Ski Resort

Ski resorts are responsible for providing a reasonably safe environment for skiers. If a resort fails to maintain slopes, equipment, or facilities, it could be liable for victims’ injuries. Resorts are also generally responsible for the training and conduct of their employees. Therefore, if an employee’s recklessness caused your accident and injury, you could hold the resort accountable.

Other Skiers

Collisions between skiers and snowboarders are common on the slopes. Skiers generally have a duty of care towards others on the slope. Sometimes, minor collisions can occur on crowded slopes, even if skiers are reasonably cautious. However, if another skier recklessly caused a collision by ignoring signs or failing to look out for other skiers, they could be responsible for your losses. 

Defective Skiing Equipment

In some cases, defective skiing equipment can cause horrific injuries. For example, a faulty binding failing to release the boot from the ski can potentially cause serious knee and leg injuries. If this has happened to you, you could have a case against a hire company or a manufacturer if you own your skis and boots. 

Negligent Ski Instructors

Ski instructors should be adequately trained and qualified. Inadequate instruction can cause accidents and injuries, particularly to skiing novices. An instructor could also be responsible for your damages if they led you to terrain outside your skiing capability level. 

In ski accident cases, consulting with an experienced attorney can be critical for your case. Our Pennsylvania ski accident lawyers can thoroughly investigate your accident, review the accident report, and collect the evidence required to prove your case. We can also hire expert witnesses such as ski slope design experts, ski lift engineers, and others to strengthen your case. 

Ski Resort Waivers 

Most Pennsylvania ski resorts request that skiers sign a waiver before hitting the slopes. Injured individuals then often assume that the ski resort will be immune from liability, leaving them without legal recourse. However, this is not necessarily the case. You could still seek compensation with a personal injury lawsuit if you can prove that a resort or employee acted negligently or deliberately in causing your accident. However, a waiver could make your case more challenging to litigate, and the ski resort will almost always deny liability. Therefore, if you or a loved one got injured at a ski resort, speak to our ski accident lawyers as soon as possible to protect your rights. We can analyze your case and advise you on how to proceed.

Common Injuries in Pennsylvania Ski Accidents

Skiing in the mountains can be exhilarating. However, skiing can also be a dangerous sport with the potential to cause life-changing and fatal injuries. Common injuries in ski accidents include but are not limited to: 

  • Knee injuries
  • Head and brain injuries 
  • Whiplash
  • Back injuries
  • Musculoskeletal injuries 
  • Bone breaks 
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Wrist and arm injuries

Not all ski injuries are life-changing. However, even a fracture could keep you off work for weeks or result in steep medical bills. The financial consequences of a severe skiing injury can be devastating to victims and their families. A Pennsylvania ski accident lawyer could help you seek compensation for your healthcare costs and other losses. 

You Could Receive Compensation for Skiing Injuries

Every skiing accident is unique. Therefore, it is impossible to generalize about the size of the settlement a victim could receive. However, depending on your case, you could be entitled to:

Medical Expenses

If you can hold the liable party to account for your injuries, you could be entitled to have all your medical costs reimbursed, which can include:

  • Hospital stays
  • Surgeries
  • Medical devices such as a wheelchair
  • Medications
  • Physiotherapy
  • A home health aide
  • Medical transportation

If you suffered significant injuries, you could also qualify for an award to cover estimated future healthcare costs.

Wage Loss

A severe ski injury and prolonged recovery can cause long work absences. Therefore, you could be entitled to any loss of income. Moreover, you may also qualify for an award that covers your future estimated earning potential.

Pain and Suffering

Serious injuries can be physically and emotionally painful. Victims could recover non-economic damages with a severe injury, which can include:

  • Loss of life enjoyment
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of a limb
  • Inconvenience

You could be entitled to other and additional types of compensation depending on your specific accident and injuries. A ski accident attorney can calculate your damages and expected future losses and determine the worth of your case. 

How Can a Ski Accident Lawyer Help?

Handling a case against a ski resort or equipment manufacturer can be complex and challenging. Moreover, large resorts could have teams of lawyers at their disposal. Injured individuals can find it impossible to match such resources. However, a ski accident attorney at Morgan & Morgan can level the playing field, protect your rights, and fight for your best interests while you are recovering from your injuries. We can:

  • Advise you on your rights and legal options
  • Use investigators and experts to analyze your ski accident
  • Collect the necessary evidence proving liability 
  • Gather and organize evidence proving your damages
  • Negotiate a fair out-of-court settlement 
  • Fight vigorously for you in court

How to Find the Best Pennsylvania Ski Accident Lawyers  

Finding a good lawyer can be easier said than done. In theory, any personal injury attorney could handle your case. However, you should aim to work with someone who knows the laws and regulations governing ski resorts and has handled similar cases successfully. Tips for finding an excellent attorney include:

Word of Mouth

Recommendations from friends and family members can be a fantastic resource for finding a great attorney. Perhaps someone you know worked with a lawyer after a ski accident. You could also ask an attorney for a referral. 

Pennsylvania Bar Association

The Pennsylvania Bar Association website can help you find a lawyer near you. You can easily access a database of lawyers by clicking on “find a lawyer” on the website. The Bar Association also allows you to review the listed attorneys’ records online.  

Online Resources

Nothing can be more convenient than a quick internet search from the comfort of your home. You could simply Google lawyers near you or peruse online directories such as Martindale or Avvo

How to Choose the Best Lawyer for You

If you consider fighting a ski resort or other liable party, you will want an attorney who can combine experience with a successful track record and a great personality. 

Area of Expertise

Your lawyer should have experience with handling complex personal injury cases. Ideally, they should have handled ski accident claims before and have a good grasp of the legal issues concerning ski resort liability. 

Personality and Communication Skills

It is crucial that you feel comfortable with the attorney you choose. Moreover, you will want to work with someone enthusiastic about taking on your case, happy to answer your questions, and responds to you promptly. Meeting your attorney for an initial case review can help determine whether the lawyer is right for you.

Morgan & Morgan Is Here for You

You do not have to spend hours and days searching for the perfect attorney when you could have America’s largest personal injury firm by your side, fighting for you. With more than 1,000 motivated and experienced attorneys, we can match you up with someone who has successfully handled cases similar to yours. Having recovered more than $20 billion for our clients, we know how to hold irresponsible companies and individuals to account and fight for what you need to get your life back on track.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • What Should I Do After a Ski Accident?

    Your health should have utmost priority when you experience a ski accident. Seeking medical help can be your best first step and provide you with a medical report detailing your injuries. Such a report can be necessary if you later want to file a lawsuit against the liable party. 

    If you are not too badly injured, a good next step can be to collect evidence for your accident and injury, including witnesses contact details, photographs of the accident scene, an accident report, and other material. Next, consider contacting a Pennsylvania ski accident attorney at Morgan & Morgan. You could have a case and recover compensation for your injuries.

  • Is There a Time Limit for a Ski Accident Lawsuit in Pennsylvania?

    Yes, you generally have to file a personal injury lawsuit within two years, according to the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Title 42 section 5524. However, various factors that could shorten or lengthen the amount of time available for filing a case. Therefore, to protect your rights, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible after your accident.

  • How Much Does a Ski Accident Lawyer Cost?

    Our Pennsylvania ski accident lawyers do not cost you a dime out of your own pocket. We work on a contingency agreement, which means you only pay if and when we win and you receive a settlement. If we lose, you do not pay us anything. The advantage of a no-win-no-fee agreement is that you take no financial risks and our lawyers are highly motivated to fight for maximum recovery. 

  • Do I Have to Go to Court to Receive Compensation?

    In most cases, you do not have to go to court to recover your due in a ski accident case. Most civil claims are settled with an out-of-court agreement. However, if you suffered a life-changing injury and there are high damages involved, you might have to go to court. Your case is also more likely to end up at a trial if the defendant adamantly denies responsibility or you cannot agree on a settlement amount with the defendant.

  • We Can Fight for Your Rights

    A significant ski injury could turn your entire life upside down. We understand that filing a lawsuit can seem like additional stress when you are going through so much. However, Morgan & Morgan is just a phone call or email away. If another caused your accident, we could hold them to account for your damages. Let us help to take the weight off your shoulders. Our compassionate and determined Pennsylvania accident attorneys want to help fight for what you deserve. Contact us today to find out for free how we could help you.

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