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California Mass Tort Lawyers

Mass torts are handled differently from other types of personal injury lawsuits, although they share many of the same aspects. Consulting with a mass tort lawyer in California is strongly recommended if you believe that you are one of many claims against an individual or company.

When many people have similar claims against a company for similar enough damages, they can come together under one lawsuit. Not only does this simplify the process for the courts, but it can also strengthen each individual claim when many other people bring a similar case. 

Claims against companies for wrongs done to consumers or individuals can be very complicated. They can also be very stressful for individual litigants, who may feel as though they are up against a massive corporation that has seemingly infinite resources. You may assume that your claim is too small to proceed with a lawsuit or that the company will simply try to keep you quiet. For this and many other reasons, you might wish to work with mass tort lawyers in California who understand how to build strength in numbers by combining your case with others. Your voice may be amplified by choosing to work with a mass tort lawyer who cares about your rights under the law. 

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • Understanding Mass Torts

    Mass torts is a streamlined way for numerous plaintiffs to have their voices heard against one common defendant. This makes the legal process faster and easier for the plaintiffs because they do not pursue hundreds of similar claims against the same defendant. Instead, these plaintiffs are able to come together with the help of a mass tort lawyer in California to present a unified case. Some of the most common examples of mass tort cases include unfair business practice torts, defective consumer product torts, and environmental torts. If you believe you may have grounds for such a lawsuit and have questions about how to move forward and understand your next steps, consulting with a mass tort lawyer in California is strongly recommended.

  • How Do I Know I Need a Mass Tort Attorney?

    Many personal injury claims involve a direct claim against one defendant. For example, if you're hurt in a motorcycle accident, your claim may be against the maker of a defective part on your own vehicle or against the driver of the motorcycle. These are relatively simple cases because many parties do not have the same claim against those potentially liable parties. However, mass tort claims often involve hundreds of plaintiffs. Examples of these types of claims can include a defective product claim or a defective drug claim, which could both be consolidated in a mass tort to include all victims affected. The courts often see this as a streamlined way to handle these complex cases, and in most situations, it is a powerful defendant who has been named in these lawsuits. Going up against a defendant like this on your own can be extremely difficult because you may not understand your legal opportunities or rights. 

    However, if you work with a mass tort lawyer in California, your attorney can tell you more about what it means to be involved in this type of lawsuit. Your lawyer will walk you through the basics of the case while keeping your best interests in mind and will be able to handle all of the legal and administrative aspects of filing a mass tort action. This includes possible identification of other plaintiffs, handling the paperwork for you, appropriately evaluating your losses, hearing and settlement offers, and preparing for trial.

    If you're dealing with direct injuries because of a defendant's actions or inactions, it may simply be too much for you to try to handle these legal components of your claim or even the communication related to it on your own. You can hire a mass tort lawyer in California to ensure that the legal aspects of your claim remain protected, while also giving you the chance to recover on your own.

  • What Typically Happens in a Mass Tort Lawsuit?

    The purpose of mass torts is to allow courts to hear numerous injured parties who have similar claims all at one time rather than many other smaller cases. This can often reduce the timelines for the resolution of these cases for all parties involved. Many different kinds of lawsuits may be consolidated into a mass tort, including business law, employment law, product liability, insurance law, antitrust law, environmental law, and disasters. Plaintiffs in a mass tort can live anywhere in the country but must share common damages or injuries. 

    If you hire a mass tort lawyer in California from Morgan & Morgan, you're leaning into the nationwide experience and reputation of this strong law firm. We work as hard as possible to identify the party responsible for your damages, and to evaluate some of the legal precedents for other cases. When you are bringing a mass tort claim, it is just as important to illustrate that all of the plaintiffs in this case consolidated together have suffered similar wrongs. Your lawyer can also then evaluate your specific losses to demand an appropriate amount of compensation for all of the claims. The case will proceed with a small handful of named plaintiffs representing everyone else in the suit. All individuals in the defined class of a lawsuit, meaning all of those people who have a legitimate claim to damages, have a specific period of time in which to bring forward their claim to receive part of the compensation awarded. If you are concerned about missing deadlines and other aspects of your legal claim, your mass tort lawyer in California can help you claim your portion of damages. Furthermore, you do not have to proceed with a mass tort if you do not wish to. If you wish to pursue an individual lawsuit instead, you have the option to opt out. As you can see, there are many complex components associated with a mass tort lawsuit. This makes it extremely important to identify the right legal team to help guide you through this process and answer all of your questions when you believe you may have grounds for a mass tort. 

    It can be very challenging to join a mass tort without the appropriate legal understanding of all of these issues, and working with a qualified attorney is the best way to handle this situation. A dedicated and qualified lawyer from Morgan & Morgan can discuss your mass tort action with you now. If you do not yet know of other plaintiffs who may have suffered similar damages but suspect that you are not the only one who is coping with devastating injuries from this incident, you can share these concerns with your mass tort lawyer in California. 

    Your mass tort lawyer in California can help you figure out some of the legal issues that will need to be evaluated in your case, and can also help you work through the identification of other parties. Your attorney's primary objective during these early stages is to identify whether or not other parties exist and whether it makes sense to proceed with these as a mass tort. In some cases, you might have already initiated a lawsuit or filed a complaint with the company as an individual suit, and later realize that bringing them together as a mass tort is the best course of action. It is very important to have the proper legal representation in these situations to proceed effectively.

  • How Are Mass Tort Cases Resolved?

    Many mass tort cases do go forward to trial, especially when there are a handful of cases to represent the entire class of people who have been harmed. This can be a long and frustrating process, but it is also one that might result in justice for you and other people who are involved in a mass tort claim. Your attorney should have appropriate experience in the field of mass torts so that they can inform you about anticipated milestones in these cases. Bear in mind that many mass tort cases can also be resolved outside of court when the company recognizes the uncertainty of proceeding with such a lawsuit and instead offers a settlement to you and other members of the lawsuit. Hiring the right attorney can help you to decide whether or not the settlement offer is indeed fair if you are a named representative in the suit.

    Reach out to Morgan and Morgan now for personalized help with your mass tort claim or if you have other questions about a possible claim. 

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