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Slip and Fall Attorney in NYC

New York City Slip and Fall Lawyer

New York City is a hazard-filled place. That is simply a fact of life when millions of people live on a tiny island.

The city has millions of staircases. It also has dozens of icy, snowy, and rainy days every year. There are thousands of pools, spas, and locker rooms all around the city. In short, the ways in which you can slip and fall in the city are countless.

And that is a scary way to get hurt. Many slip and fall accidents result in broken bones, head injuries, or worse. A fall down subway stairs could lead to lifelong injuries or even fatalities.

These are not injuries that anyone should take lightly. And we certainly don’t take them lightly at Morgan & Morgan. We understand the pain that you are suffering after a slip and fall injury. Our only priority is helping you recover from that pain as quickly as possible.

If you have been seriously hurt in a slip and fall in New York City, you deserve compensation for your injury, and you will need one of the best slip and fall attorneys in NYC to do it. Contact Morgan & Morgan today for a free case evaluation to learn more.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Injuries in New York

Slip and fall injuries are often a result of a combination of factors. If everything goes wrong, you could slip and fall while walking down a seemingly flat, safe street. But that is rare. Often, these types of injuries result from negligence in the face of known dangers.

Subway Stairs

New York is famous for its subways. If you understand the subway system, you can get to just about anywhere in the city at any time of day.

Most subway stations in the city are built underground and have stairs leading down to them from the streets. These stairs are often built of metal or stone and easily get slippery when wet. Unfortunately, they get wet easily.

Subway entrances are usually open to the air with no cover, which means that water freely enters them when it rains or snows. Furthermore, New Yorkers in a hurry often spill food or drinks on subway stairways.

The city has janitorial staff who are supposed to keep these stairs as dry as possible, but they don’t always act quickly. Slick stairs represent a serious threat of injury, especially when warning signs are missing or damaged. If the city hasn’t fulfilled its duty to minimize that risk, it might be responsible for any injuries you suffer from falling down stairs.

Entryways in Winter

New York can experience fierce winters. Snow and ice storms are common throughout the winter months. That winter weather doesn’t just make the roads and sidewalks slick; it can also create dangerous conditions in the entryway of every building.

When people walk through ice and snow, it often sticks to their feet. They then track that mixture into buildings. It usually falls off in the entryways, leaving slick areas just inside buildings.

Store owners and property managers are responsible for clearing that mess as quickly as possible. If they don’t, they are putting guests and tenants at risk for a slip and fall injury. That negligence makes them responsible for any injuries that someone suffers on their property.

If you got hurt because you slipped on a slick spot after entering a building, contact a slip and fall attorney in NYC immediately. They can help you seek compensation for the harm you suffered.


Nearly every building in New York City has multiple stories. And one common way to get between levels in the city is escalators. Public places like government buildings and malls often have escalators.

These devices, while convenient, pose an even greater risk of slip and fall injuries than traditional staircases. They are just as dangerous as stairs when wet but can also be dangerous when dry because they move.

Property owners should post appropriate warning signs around escalators to ensure people know the dangers they pose. They also should regularly maintain them to avoid accidents or failures that are likely to hurt people on the escalators.

Buildings in Disrepair

Another way that a property owner can be responsible for injuries you suffered is if their property is in disrepair. Some examples of disrepair that can cause a fall injury are:

  • Broken railings
  • Burned-out light bulbs
  • Cracked floors
  • Broken stairs
  • Damaged or missing safety signs

Property owners are responsible for ensuring their building is safe for everyone. By ignoring maintenance, they make it unsafe and become responsible for fall injuries.

One place where New Yorkers should be particularly wary is in parking garages. These structures often have steep stairwells that may not be well maintained. And since these structures are often used at night, burned-out or missing light bulbs are an even greater threat than they are in most buildings.

If you see any signs that a building is in disrepair and might pose a danger, you should use an alternate route. And if you were injured because of disrepair you didn’t notice, contact a slip and fall attorney in NYC from Morgan and Morgan right away.

How a Slip and Fall Attorney in NYC Can Help You

Slip and fall injuries are tricky in several ways. First, when you slip and fall, you might be completely reliant on the insurance of the property owner to pay for your expenses. This is different from a car accident, where both drivers typically have insurance.

Because the only insurance policy involved is a corporate insurance policy, most people don’t know how to approach the situation. Your attorney has experience with these types of cases and knows what steps to take to get the money you deserve.

Furthermore, the property owner’s insurance company doesn’t want to pay you. If it can find a way to deny your claim, it will. And if that happens, and you aren’t represented by a lawyer, you will probably be out of luck.

Your attorney, however, can prevent your claim from being denied arbitrarily. Experienced lawyers collect evidence that supports your claim and present it to the insurance company to make a stronger case for compensation.

Finally, slip and fall injuries are often misleading. An injury might seem relatively minor but end up requiring months or even years of treatment. Your attorney is familiar with these types of injuries and can help you find doctors who will properly evaluate and document the extent of your injuries. This documentation will support your claim.

In most cases, experienced lawyers offer one more benefit. They can get you a fair settlement more quickly by directly negotiating with the insurance company. The average person doesn’t have the opportunity to negotiate in the same way an attorney does. Skilled negotiators can help you get the money you need months or even years faster than expected.

What to Do After Suffering a Slip and Fall Injury

The first thing you want to do after suffering an injury is to get medical attention. Hopefully, your injury isn’t too bad. But if it is serious, the earlier a medical professional evaluates it, the sooner they can start treating it. Early treatment often reduces the amount of time it takes to recover.

Next, you want to contact a slip and fall attorney in NYC from Morgan & Morgan. Our team is on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We will schedule a free case evaluation immediately and help you determine your options during those first few scary hours.

If you are physically capable, you should collect evidence of your fall. One of our attorneys will do this as well—but they aren’t at the scene, and you are. Pictures of your injuries and the area where you fell can be very helpful. Also, collect the names and contact information of any witnesses.

There is one important thing you should avoid: Don’t give a statement to the property owner or their insurance company without speaking to an attorney. And don’t sign anything, no matter how much you may be pressured to do so. 

When you are represented by a lawyer, you can tell anyone who asks for information to speak to you only through your attorney.

If you remain calm and prioritize your health, you should come out of this fine. We will handle as many of the stressful aspects of your case as possible. And if you need any additional help, you can contact us at any time to access additional resources that may help you recover more quickly.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • What Should I Do if I Slip and Fall at Work?

    Your employer is just as responsible for providing a safe workspace as a business owner is for providing a safe place for customers. If you slip and fall while at work, your employer is liable for that injury.

    The legal details for how to approach a slip and fall case at work are slightly different from other locations, but our law firm can still help you. Contact a slip and fall attorney in NYC from Morgan and Morgan to learn about your options.

  • I Missed Work Due to My Injury. Can I Get Compensation for the Lost Wages?

    Yes. If your injury prevents you from working, limits the hours you work, or limits the type of work you can perform, you may be eligible for compensation for any lost wages resulting from that. Document the lost income and inform your lawyer right away.

  • How Much Will a Slip and Fall Attorney in NYC Cost Me?

    We take all of our cases on contingency. This means that our fee is a percentage of the money that we get you. And if we can’t get you compensation, we don’t charge you anything. Regardless, no matter how long your case takes or how much work we do, there will never be any additional fees.

  • How Long Will My Case Take?

    Typically, slip and fall cases take a few months to complete. We consider the case complete when you have received compensation from the insurance company. Some cases may take quite a bit longer, though, if they go to trial. Most cases that end in court trials take at least a year.

  • Contact a Slip and Fall Lawyer in New York

    If you have suffered a slip and fall injury in New York City, you might be eligible to receive compensation. Contact Morgan & Morgan today to learn more about your legal options with a free case evaluation.

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