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Social Security Disability Attorneys in the Bronx - Social Security Administration

Social Security Disability Attorneys

If you are attempting to apply for Social Security Disability benefits in the Bronx, you may need the support of experienced and dedicated Social Security Disability lawyers. It can be very difficult to approach this topic on your own. Finding and retaining the right attorney can make a huge difference in your ability to get Social Security Disability benefits. 

Social Security Disability benefits are unfortunately often very hard for people to obtain, even when they have clear evidence of a serious disability that makes it difficult for them to ever work again. Many people are denied for the first time they apply for Social Security Disability benefits, which makes it so important to hire an experienced Bronx Social Security Disability lawyer who has helped others pursue this process successfully. Social Security Disability lawyers are there to answer your questions and help you to determine some of the key issues involved in getting disability benefits. It can be very challenging to get these disability benefits on your own, and it may be in your best interests to retain an attorney before you even open your application. 

What to Know About Getting Approved 

Getting approved for Social Security Disability benefits can be confusing, even when you have clear medical evidence indicating that you are unable to go back to work, and that your condition is unlikely to get better. This is because it can be a maze to complete all of the necessary paperwork with the federal government and the fact that even seemingly small mistakes on your application can make it difficult for you to get approved the first time around. This is why most people submitting their disability applications or pursuing the appeals process choose to work with an attorney. An attorney will be familiar with the most common pitfalls in Social Security Disability applications and will be able to help read through the reasons for your denial if you have been denied benefits already.

Qualifying for Social Security Disability

There are very specific rules indicating the state of your medical condition in order to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. The Department of Health and Human Services says that your medical condition has to prevent you from engaging in any substantial gainful activity. This means that your medical condition is so severe that you are not able to work. You must be unable to perform substantial work given your education, work experience, and your age, but your medical condition does not have to limit all daily activities in order to qualify as significant. This is because Social Security Administration will evaluate which tasks you can still do regardless of your condition. Many people get frustrated and give up hope when they are denied a Social Security Disability benefit the first time around. This means that they do not pursue an appeal or wait for many months unsure of how to move forward. Hiring a Social Security Disability attorney in the Bronx, however, gives you a better chance to understand the reasons that your application was denied and the best kinds of evidence you can collect to fight back.

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  • What Should I Look for in Hiring a Lawyer?

    You are not required to hire a Bronx Social Security Disability lawyer to help you with your appeal for disability benefits. However, it is strongly recommended because of what is at stake for you to recover. Getting Social Security Disability benefits may be the only way for you to cover your bills and move forward with your life following a serious illness, disability, or injury. 

    Only an attorney who has navigated this process before will understand some of the complex issues involved in helping you to get Social Security Disability benefits. When doing research to decide on the right attorney to help you, make sure that they have a clear track record of serving others in similar situations. They should be familiar with the federal guidelines for Social Security Disability and have handled other similar cases helping people at various stages of their case as well. This gives you peace of mind that if something happens in your disability case, the attorney has a background in dealing with situations like this before and is well equipped to use their resources and knowledge to help improve your chances of an ultimate approval. 

    Look for someone with a good reputation, consistency in serving in this area of the law, good reviews from other clients, and a clear knowledge of Social Security Disability benefits. Many different lawyers could potentially file your Social Security Disability benefits appeal, but this does not mean that they have enough practice in this area of the law or are confident enough in their abilities to really fight hard on your behalf. Social Security Disability cases in the Bronx can be very complex and require someone who has traveled down this road before and understands the best ways to respond so that you have a chance to recover any and all benefits to which you are entitled. As a Social Security Disability lawyer in the Bronx can tell you, these claims are easily overwhelming and complex, but having someone who knows the typical process for them will greatly increase your chances of getting your appeals paperwork submitted in a timely fashion and moving your case forward. You need an attorney who is prepared to provide appropriate counsel and put your interests first.

  • Why Can't I Just Do It Myself?

    Even a first-time application for Social Security Disability benefits does not get approved. In fact, many first-time DIY Social Security Disability applications do not get accepted more than 30% of the time. There is a lot at stake when you're applying for disability benefits, and you have likely already begun to feel the financial impacts of your disability. This means it is essential to retain the services of an attorney who can help you put your application in the best possible position to be approved the first time around. Someone who understands the common reasons why other people have been denied or have encountered delays or problems in the system will be able to catch those issues early on in your application and provide you with clarity on why a specific strategy is being followed. If further medical information is needed to tell the story of your disability, your lawyer might be able to recognize this prior to the preparation of your application. 

    This makes it easier for Social Security Administration agents reviewing your application to get a full and accurate picture of your disability. If your application was rejected on your own already, this means when you go to court to fight for this appeal, there won't be an attorney to help you either. This can be a very complex process in and of itself, so having appropriate legal counsel is vital to increase your chances of success. Most people also get frustrated during the disability benefits application process but having an attorney who can help prepare you for a typical timeline and help you navigate any sudden obstacles reduces the stress level so that you know someone knowledgeable, prepared, and caring is handling your case without taking on any of the additional stress yourself.

  • How Is Disability Really Determined? 

    There's a lot of published information about how the Social Security Administration evaluates applications for disability payments. However, there are also some common challenges that many people experience that you won't find as much information about online. This is why it is so important to work with a Bronx Social Security disability lawyer to prepare your initial application for disability or to assist you if that application has already been denied. Unfortunately, even though your life may have been significantly changed as a result of your condition, you must be able to tell this in a clear and convincing story to the government. The government does not always understand every medical condition clearly, and certain medical conditions trigger additional problems in the application process. Thankfully, working with a Bronx Social Security disability lawyer puts you in the best possible position for a thorough application

    One of the first things that the Social Security Administration looks for is whether or not you are currently working. If your condition is severe enough that you will be unable to work for a year or longer, you will need to indicate this through medical records. If you have already been unable to obtain or keep working as a result of your disability, however, this is one of the factors that is checked early on in your application. If you have attempted to go back to work and have been unsuccessful in doing so because of your condition, this can help your claim.  In order to get approved for benefits, your condition must be so severe that it interferes with basic activities related to work. Your condition should also be found on the list of disabling impairments. The Social Security Administration has a full list of impairments affecting each of the major body systems. Having one or more of these listed impairments automatically qualifies you for disability benefits.  If your associated condition is not provided on this list, the government must determine whether or not it is equal in severity to a medical condition on that list. If they determine that your condition is not severe enough to rival a listed condition, your claim will be denied.

    Furthermore, the agency will want to know if you are capable of doing any type of work. This involves an evaluation of your medical condition and whether or not you may be able to adjust to another industry, career, or job. If they argue that you can adjust to another form of work, your claim for Social Security disability benefits will be denied. If, however, your Bronx Social Security disability lawyer can tell the story of the true impact of your condition and why you were unable to work at all, this information can be important for getting your claim approved. 
    If you’re experiencing a problem with Social Security benefits, contact our team for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to get started on getting what you deserve. We’re here to help.

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