10 Most Common Construction Accidents in the Bronx

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10 Most Common Construction Accidents in the Bronx - NYC construction site

10 Most Common Construction Accidents in the Bronx

New York City seems like it has always been under construction. From skyscrapers going up in Manhattan to apartment building renovations in the Bronx, the significant amount of construction projects leads to one inevitable fact of life.

The more construction projects, the higher the number of construction accidents.

For the two years of 2018 and 2019, New York City reported 1,311 construction accidents throughout the city’s five boroughs. The 1,311 construction accidents produced 1,356 construction-related injuries, many of which required immediate emergency medical care. A large number of factors caused the construction accidents. However, the 10 most common construction accidents in the Bronx generated most of the construction-related injuries.

Construction workers face a higher risk of getting hurt on the job than any other professional. Data released by the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics demonstrates that although construction workers comprise just five percent of the workforce in New York City, they account for more than 25 percent of all work-related fatalities.

If you sustained injuries as a result of a construction accident, you should contact one of the construction accident attorneys at Morgan and Morgan. The lawyer assigned to your case conducts a thorough investigation to determine the cause of your injuries. If you sustained injuries because of a workplace accident, then you work with one of the experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Morgan and Morgan. On the other hand, if negligence played a role in causing you harm, one of our personal injury lawyers provides legal support.

Schedule a free case evaluation today to determine the best course of action for recovering the financial losses caused by a construction accident.

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  • What Are the 10 Most Common Construction Accidents in the Bronx?

    At the federal level, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) develops and enforces safety standards for every industry, including the construction industry. In addition to federal safety guidelines, the State of New York also has established safety standards that apply to construction workers. Despite the emphasis on workplace safety in the construction industry, workers are still at risk of sustaining injuries because of the 10 most common construction accidents in the Bronx.

    To determine how to proceed with your case, the Morgan and Morgan construction accident attorney assigned to your case must discover the cause of your injuries.

    1. Falling From a Scaffold

    OSHA has created safety standards for the design and manufacturing of commercial scaffolds. For example, each section of the scaffold must be able to support up to four times its minimum-required weight. In addition to a compromised structure, a worker can fall from a scaffold because of one or more negligent acts committed by a special or general contractor. Contractors are responsible for providing the training required to promote construction site safety.

    Some of the common injuries sustained as the result of a scaffold fall include fractured bones, brain trauma, and/or spinal cord damage.

    2. Struck by a Motor Vehicle

    Traffic in the Bronx is often bumper-to-bumper, especially during the two rush hours that unfold five days a week. Many drivers become impatient and as a result, attempt maneuvers they typically would not attempt. Although warning signs and flashing lights alert drivers to construction sites, far too many drivers ignore the warnings and recklessly operate their motor vehicles by speeding and/or running red lights.

    If a motor vehicle struck you in a construction zone, the driver of the motor vehicle is legally liable for causing your injuries.

    3. Slip and Fall

    OSHA released a comprehensive workplace safety study that shows slips and falls represent one of the most common reasons why construction workers file workers’ compensation claims. Trips and falls, such as tripping over an extension cord, fall under the category of slip and falls. Wet floor surfaces and a lack of adequate lighting are two of the most common causes of slips and falls.

    A slip and fall accident can produce a fractured wrist, herniated disc, and/or dislocated shoulder.

    4. Falling Objects

    Tall buildings not only dot the skyline in Lower Manhattan but also in the Bronx, where the new construction of high-rise apartments has increased since New York City started its economic recovery from the COVOD-19 pandemic. Debris and materials that fall from elevated heights can cause catastrophic injuries. If the contractor in charge of a construction site fails to secure a work area properly, the contractor can be held legally liable for the injuries caused by a falling object.

    5. Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

    Construction workers frequently work with toxic chemicals, particularly if a construction project requires an in-depth renovation of a dilapidated structure. Workers use dangerous solvents to remove rust and corrosion, and if the workers do not wear the right type of safety gear, they run the risk of sustaining serious injuries to the eyes and skin because of prolonged exposure to the toxic chemicals.

    The contractor managing the phase of a construction project that requires the use of toxic chemicals is responsible for providing the training and the equipment needed to keep construction workers safe.  

    6. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Although many of the 10 most common construction accidents in the Bronx are sudden, unexpected events that can produce severe, even life-threatening injuries, a repetitive stress injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) develops slowly over time. A worker performs the same motions daily, such as operating a powerful drill to break up concrete. Daily use of a powerful drill can cause the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the arms and shoulders to diminish in strength. What starts as soreness can quickly morph into debilitating pain that makes raising an arm to shoulder length impossible to do.

    The legal liability assigned to the development of a repetitive stress injury usually falls on the contractor overseeing the project either because of a lack of training and/or neglecting to monitor the health of the construction workers performing the same physical tasks on a daily basis.

    7. Falls From a Ladder

    Several reasons can cause a construction worker to fall from a ladder. One of the most common reasons is a worker did not properly set the ladder up before starting to climb it. OSHA has established guidelines for construction workers to ensure ladder safety, including knowing how to set up a ladder to provide a stable platform for climbing. Manufacturers also can be held legally liable for designing and constructing defective ladders. Some of the most common problems with a defective ladder include the inability to extend correctly and the compromise of a ladder’s structural integrity.

    Depending on the height of a fall, a fall from a ladder can produce life-threatening injuries.

    8. Electrocution

    The potential of sustaining injuries caused by electrocution lies around every corner and at every level of a construction site. From an exposed wire to moisture infiltrating an electrical system, construction workers must be alert when working around wires and cables. Although electricians face the greatest threat of electrocution, other trade professionals must remain vigilant when working near electrical systems.

    Electrocution represents a type of serious burn that can burrow deep under the skin to damage internal organs.

    9. Operating a Forklift Improperly

    One of the most common mistakes made by special and general contractors is assuming every construction worker knows how to operate a forklift properly. As one of the most frequently used types of machinery at a construction site, a forklift lifts heavy loads of materials to transport to other areas of a construction site. If operated improperly, a forklift can cause an accident that produces severe injuries like brain trauma and internal organ damage.

    The legal liability for a forklift accident can be assumed either by the worker operating the forklift or the contractor in charge of training construction workers to operate forklifts safely. 

    10. Ground Collapse

    When a crew excavates in preparation to set the foundation for a new building, the crew removes a considerable amount of soil. If the crew dislodges too much soil, the ground can become unstable and collapse. For a large building, a ground collapse can measure dozens of feet in circumference and several feet deep. Even if a crew stabilizes the ground after excavating soil, the foundation still can sink when workers begin constructing a new building.

    Ground collapses occur most often because of saturated soil.

  • What Should I Do After a Construction Accident?

    How you handle the aftermath of a construction accident goes a long way toward determining the likelihood that you receive compensation for your injuries.

    Get Treated by a Healthcare Provider

    Whether you file a workers’ compensation claim or a civil lawsuit that seeks monetary damages, you must submit copies of medical bills and records to verify you sustained one or more injuries. If you feel healthy enough after a construction accident to remain at the scene to submit an incident report, you should still seek medical attention after you are done with your on-site obligations.

    Let Your Employer Know

    Informing your employer about the construction accident represents a mandatory step during the workers’ compensation process. However, you should not allow your employer to initiate the workers’ compensation process until your construction accident attorney from Morgan and Morgan has completed an exhaustive investigation.

    Employers would rather pay workers’ compensation insurance than dig deep into their pockets to pay the monetary damages that result from a civil lawsuit.

    Contact a Construction Attorney

    Hiring a construction lawyer ensures you receive the legal support required to file a workers’ compensation claim or a civil lawsuit that seeks monetary damages. Your construction accident attorney gathers and organizes physical evidence, as well as interviews witnesses that support your version of events. You receive advice on how to submit either a convincing civil lawsuit or workers’ compensation claim.

    Your legal counsel also might try to negotiate a favorable settlement to avoid a costly and time-consuming civil trial.

  • Learn How to Handle the 10 Most Common Construction Accidents in the Bronx

    Working with an experienced attorney from Morgan and Morgan delivers several benefits. One of the greatest benefits of hiring Morgan and Morgan for your construction accident case is our law firm can provide legal support for both workers’ compensation and personal injury cases. During the first meeting with an attorney from Morgan and Morgan, we determine whether you should file a workers’ compensation claim or a civil lawsuit that seeks monetary damages.

    Schedule a free case evaluation to learn more about the legal services offered by Morgan and Morgan.

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