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Sinkhole in the Bronx Swallows a Man Whole


Leonard Shoulder was waiting for a bus on 3rd Avenue in the Bronx on October 24, 2020, moments before the sidewalk caved in. He fell nearly a dozen feet down, debris from the sidewalk hitting him on the head; he was swarmed by rats.

After an investigation, Department of Buildings inspectors found that the sidewalk vault, where Leonard had fallen, was neglected in upkeep — this discovery forced the three neighboring stores to shut down. It took an hour and a half for local law enforcement to get Leonard out of the sinkhole and rush him to a local hospital, where he is still recovering from his traumatic injuries. 

Sinkholes are considered to be common in New York City, so it’s important to realize that it can happen to you, and plan for what action you’d have to take. If you’re injured from a sinkhole incident, insurance companies may fight you tooth and nail to deny your full and fair compensation. That’s why you need an experienced attorney on your side.

At Morgan & Morgan, we have the resources to fight big insurance companies so you can get back to healing.

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