Apr 19, 2024

The Week in Recalls: February 12, 2024

The Week in Recalls: February 12, 2023 - Recall page

The following product recalls have been announced this week—make sure you’re in the know.

Waymo Self-Driving Car Software

Waymo, the self-driving car division of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, issued a recall for its own self-driving car software after two of its vehicles hit the same tow truck minutes apart. Since the tow truck was hauling another vehicle positioned backward, both Waymo cars incorrectly interpreted what their cameras were seeing and, because of that, wrongly predicted how the truck was going to move.

Frigidaire Side-by-Side Refridgerators

Frigidaire recalled about 383,000 side-by-side refrigerators because plastic can break off and fall into the ice dispenser, posing a choking hazard and a risk of laceration injuries. The recalled refrigerators have model numbers DGHK2355TF, DGHX2655TF, FFSC2323TS, FGSC2335TD, FGSC2335TF, FGSS2635TD, FGSS2635TE, FGSS2635TF, FGSS2635TP, FPSC2277RF, FPSC2278UF, FPSS2677RF, LFSC2324VF, LGHK2336TD, LGHK2336TF, LGHX2636TD, and LGHX2636TF.

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