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NJ Big Truck Accident Lawyer

Even though New Jersey is known as The Garden State, it’s acquired a reputation for having more asphalt than greenery. While this is not accurate, it makes sense when you look at the geography of New Jersey and neighboring states.

New Jersey is surrounded by major cities, even though it has almost no major cities itself. Multiple interstate highways run through the state connecting these cities. This results in high traffic levels in the state as thousands of trucks travel the roads transporting goods.

While this is good for the economy, it creates a dangerous situation for the average New Jersey driver. High traffic levels inevitably result in accidents. And many of those accidents are with tractor-trailers.

If you have been involved in an accident with a tractor-trailer, you need the help of an NJ big truck accident lawyer with decades of experience. Contact Morgan & Morgan today to schedule a free case evaluation and to start seeking compensation for that accident.

Dangers of NJ Highways

New Jersey is home to three interstate highways: I-78, I-80, and I-95. It is also home to the auxiliary interstate highway 287 and the NJ Parkway. This represents hundreds of miles of road where people routinely drive well over the posted speed limit of 65 miles per hour.

Typically, interstate highways are the main roads used by big rig trucks. This is particularly true for I-95, which is one of the most traveled highways in the country.

Due to large blind spots, long stopping distances, and wide girths, big rig trucks are always a danger to other cars on the road. And this is true in the best of conditions on mostly straight highways. New Jersey highways are not in the best of conditions.

The geography of the state means that most of these highways meander more than similar highways usually do. In particular, I-287 has a lot of curving sections as it moves through parts of the Appalachian Mountains. The Parkway also has a lot of curves due to the locations of NJ towns it services.

Furthermore, many of these highways only have two lanes in each direction for most of their distance within the state. And often, these stretches of highways are surrounded by woods or cliffs. This offers drivers limited options if they are trying to avoid getting into an accident.

The thousands of miles of constricted, curving roads and hundreds to thousands of tractor-trailers inevitably result in truck accidents.

How an NJ Big Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

If you have been involved in an accident with a big truck in NJ, the odds are high that you were seriously injured. Facing thousands, possibly millions, of dollars in medical bills, you are probably worried about how you will recover from those injuries. An NJ big truck accident lawyer from Morgan and Morgan can help you get the money you need.

The first thing to realize is that almost every tractor-trailer driver is working for a shipping company that has corporate lawyers on retainer. Thus, even if the tractor-trailer driver is at fault for your accident, they have a lawyer working to limit their liability. This can result in you getting much less compensation than you deserve for the accident.

Additionally, the insurance company of the shipping company also has access to an army of lawyers. Similar to the lawyers working for the trucking company, their goal is to minimize the amount of money paid in accident claims.

The priority of your NJ big truck accident lawyer is to ensure that you are properly compensated for the harm you suffered in the accident. Attorneys at Morgan & Morgan have experience dealing with shipping company lawyers and insurance companies, and our law firm has hundreds of lawyers. This levels the playing field after an accident.

We start investigating your claim when you first contact our law offices. We collect evidence that supports your claim, creating an airtight case that can’t be easily dismissed or ignored. This greatly increases the likelihood that the insurance company will approve your claim.

But it isn’t enough just to get you money. We need to get you enough money to cover all of your medical bills and any other expenses resulting from the accident. Typically, even when an insurance company approves a claim, it attempts to undervalue the claim and pay less than it should.

To prevent this, we will consult with your doctors and carefully document your expenses and lost wages. Our goal is to provide accurate estimates of every dollar that you will spend or lose due to the accident.

With that information in hand, we will negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company. We never accept anything less than you deserve and are always prepared to go to trial if the insurance company refuses to agree to reasonable compensation.

In the vast majority of cases, having an NJ big truck accident lawyer representing you from the very first day will result in a fair settlement within a reasonable time frame. We rarely need to fight for more money at trial. However, if you wait to hire an attorney, there is a good chance you will need to go to court and will wait years for compensation.

Common Big Truck Accident Injuries

Any car accident can be scary, but truck accidents are especially terrifying. When you get into an accident with another passenger car, the other vehicle is usually roughly the same size and weight as your car. When you get into an accident with a truck, it is likely at least 15 times the size and weight of your car.

This difference in size means that trucks cause massive damage to the cars that they strike. Often, cars are ripped apart, causing the driver and passengers to be thrown onto the road. Even when that does not happen, the level of destruction resulting from the accident often eliminates the safety features built into the cars.

Because these safety features can’t properly protect passengers, truck accidents often result in injuries such as:

  • Crushed or shattered limbs
  • Dismemberment
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Catastrophic burns
  • Severe eye injuries
  • Organ damage
  • Serious spine damage, possibly leading to paralysis
  • Death

These are the types of injuries that can take years or decades to recover from. Some victims of truck accidents never fully recover, particularly if they lose mobility or senses. If you do recover, you may lose years of your life to medical procedures and therapy.

Almost nobody has the money to cover these types of losses. You need an insurance company to cover all of your expenses until you have fully recovered. Or, if you never recover, you need enough money to support yourself for the rest of your life.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • Do I Need an NJ Big Truck Accident Lawyer, or Will Any Car Accident Lawyer Do?

    Big rig truck accidents involve a lot of factors that are not common in accidents between two passenger vehicles. Typically, truck accidents involve much more devastating injuries and severe corporate policies.

    A lawyer that is not experienced with these types of cases could easily make mistakes that will cost you money. You are much better off hiring an attorney who has a long history of successfully representing clients in tractor-trailer cases.

  • The Truck Company Is Located in Another State. Do I Still Need an NJ Lawyer?

    If the accident happened in NJ, then you need a lawyer that practices law in NJ. It doesn’t matter that the trucking company is incorporated in another state. New Jersey law covers accidents in the state, even when the parties involved are from other states. This is also true if you do not live in New Jersey.

  • I’m Worried About Medical Bills. Can I Refuse Medical Treatment?

    You should never refuse medical treatment after an accident. If you refuse to get evaluated or treated, the insurance company can use that against you to reduce your compensation or possibly deny your claim.

    If you are worried about money, attorneys at Morgan and Morgan can help you access resources that will assist you until you receive compensation from the insurance company. We can also write letters of intent to your creditors that should prevent you from receiving bills while you are waiting for your case to resolve.

  • How Much Will an NJ Big Truck Accident Lawyer Cost Me?

    The good news is that our services are effectively free. We never charge for your initial case evaluation and consultation, even if you do not choose to retain our law firm.

    But even if you do hire us, we still don’t charge you anything for our services unless we win you money. And if we do win you money, then we only charge you a percentage of the compensation you received. Therefore, even though we are getting paid, you have more money than you did before you walked in our door.

  • How Long Will It Take Me to Get Compensation?

    That depends on whether we can successfully negotiate a settlement with the insurance company. If we can negotiate a fair deal, you will typically receive the money within a few months of the accident. It will probably take about half a year at the most.

    However, if we need to go to trial, you will usually have to wait at least a year for an outcome. And even then, the insurance company might appeal the decision. Typically, when a case goes to trial, clients have to wait for one to two years to receive compensation. On the positive side, they often get more than they would have gotten from a settlement.

  • Should I Accept a Settlement From the Insurance Company?

    It depends on whether the settlement offer is fair. Often, the first offer undervalues your claim and is just an attempt by the insurance company to dispense your case. Our attorneys will determine whether the offer is reasonable and make a recommendation. The final decision is yours, though.

  • Big Truck Accident Attorneys in New Jersey

    Frightening roads and dangerous vehicles, unfortunately, result in serious accidents. If you have been involved in an accident with a tractor-trailer in New Jersey, you may find yourself overwhelmed by insurance companies, hospital bills, and the pain of recovering from a serious injury.

    At Morgan & Morgan, we understand the stress you are under and have a history of helping clients exactly like you. To help locate the NJ big truck accident lawyer that’s right for you, contact us today to learn more and schedule your free case evaluation.

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