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How to Find the Top Personal Injury Attorneys in Atlanta

There is no shortage of personal injury attorneys in Atlanta. While it’s a good thing that many accident victims have places to turn to in the event of a serious accident, it can be overwhelming for a victim to sort through all the details and to feel confident in their attorney selection. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to find the top personal injury attorneys in Atlanta when you’re dealing with a car, truck, motorcycle, bike, or bus accident case.

When it comes to recovering from an accident in Atlanta, you have a choice in terms of legal representation. Due to the statute of limitations, time is of the essence. You need to take action quickly in order to protect your right to recover compensation. But when searching for how to find top personal injury attorneys in Atlanta, you want to know that you have made an excellent choice in your legal representation.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • Why Choosing the Right Lawyer Matters for Your Injury Case

    Your chosen attorney could be a significant part of your life for months or even years, depending on the specifics of your accident case. You want to feel confident in the lawyer you have selected because they will be guiding you through the complex legal process, offering support, and answering your questions.
    Recovering from a car accident presents you with many unique challenges but knowing how to find the top personal injury attorneys in Atlanta empowers you with information and the decision-making ability to choose a path for your own future.

    Knowing the best Atlanta personal injury lawyers means you can set up an initial consultation with the firms you are interested in to make the decision that is right for you and your loved ones. It can be overwhelming to deal with all of the aspects of recovering from an accident, particularly when your injuries are more serious than you imagined and when doctors are informing you that you could be suffering from your conditions for a long time or even the rest of your life. Read on to learn more about how to select the best personal injury attorneys in Atlanta when trying to move forward with your personal injury claim.

  • Recognize Any Unique Facets of Your Personal Injury Case

    Most personal injury cases all have the same thing in common: a victim who has been critically injured coming forward with a legal claim fighting for compensation to pay their medical bills and other expenses associated with their accident. At its core, a personal injury case involves a claim that another party is negligent or responsible for an accident.

    However, there may be other unique facets of your case that could influence its outcome. For example, what if more than one entity could be held liable in the accident?

    What if you have already attempted to negotiate with the insurance company and they have declined or minimized your claim? What if the injuries you have sustained are serious and have the potential to change your life when the insurance company is not taking them seriously? You need to know whether there are any unique facets of your claim so that you can seek out a law firm that has the right representation for you.

    Ask for Recommendations

    If anyone in your life has been critically injured in an accident, you can ask them for a referral. Make sure that you ask them how their case unfolded and how they felt about working with the law firm. Not all personal injury law firms are the same. Some have cases managed by those who are working in other practice areas on a daily basis, meaning that the primary make-up of their caseload is not personal injury alone.

    Others may refer attorneys who have been dedicated to the field of personal injury and accident victim law for many years. That means they have many resources and a strong network at their fingertips. This can give you peace of mind as a victim when you need to recover from your accident and want to know that your case is being handled by an experienced professional.

    If you’re not able to find someone through recommendations, however, you’ll want to do your own research. The skills associated with a top personal injury attorney in Atlanta include:

    •       Willingness to hear client’s individual perspective and overall goals
    •       Passion and empathy for what the client has gone through
    •       Assertive nature to protect the client’s best interests in or out of court surrounding the legal case
    •       Ability to understand the multiple complex issues at play
    •       Recognition of the short-term challenges the client might face, such as being unable to afford the medical care they need the most at that point in time.
    •       Awareness of typical insurance company practices and how to avoid being ignored in these situations.
    •       Familiarity with similar cases, courts, and judges that might end up involved in this case.

    The good news is that you don’t need to sort through every law firm in an online directory when trying to find the top personal injury attorneys in Atlanta. You can do this quickly by coming up with a list of a few firms you’d like to speak with further.

    Check Online Reviews of Shortlisted Firms

    When looking for how to find the best personal injury attorneys in Atlanta, you will want to check out review sites to get a sense of past client experience. Remember that some clients' experiences and preferences may be different from yours. So, think about what is most important to you when working with a lawyer. Is it one on one communication and honest appraisal of your case? Someone who has a track record of going to trial and winning? Or something else? All of these should be considered as you read through review sites such as Avvo, Facebook, Google Reviews, and Yelp. Bear in mind that some people might not be comfortable sharing their public information in a review site, so you can also ask the firm directly if they have testimonials from clients or past case information, they can share with you.

    Read through the lines on all of these online reviews to determine whether or not the facets of the case are similar to those in your own case. You can learn a lot about a law firm based on the feedback that they receive from previous clients and this might prompt you to schedule an initial consultation with the firm of particular interest.

    Check Out Super Lawyers Sites

    Super Lawyers and Rising Stars are lists of prominent attorneys who have done a significant amount of work in their field representing clients. This credentialing service can help you to narrow down the pool of potential personal injury attorneys in Atlanta. When you do not have access to anyone in your immediate network and have been unable to find some information already over reviews, finding someone listed on Super Lawyers or holding any other credentials or awards can give you a greater level of confidence about their experience in this particular field.
    When it comes to how to find top personal injury attorneys in Atlanta, someone who has a strong reputation and a track record throughout the region and the state for representing victims' interest to the fullest can be extremely important in choosing how to move forward.

    Review Case Results or the Firm's Blog

    While many attorneys take great care to minimize sharing any personal information about their clients, this is also often the most helpful information for you as a victim in deciding who to work with.

    So ask the law firm, read through their blog to learn more about their experience in personal injury, especially when it comes to case results. Perhaps the firm you are considering has more of a focus on handling minor injuries that usually end in a settlement outside of court. If you are a catastrophic injury victim, this might not match with your individual needs and preferences, and these are details that you can uncover on the law firm's website or their blog.

    Learn more about their strategic approach to a case including whether or not they use expert witnesses, accident reconstruction specialists and how they handle complex problems, such as medical conditions that are not treated seriously by the insurance company. Your case is too important to be handed off to a firm that doesn’t match personal values and approach that is key for you and your family. You have enough to worry about as the victim of an accident and you need to feel confident in the selection of the right legal representation so that you can move forward with your life.       

    During your initial consultation, you can base your reaction to the firm’s approach to your case when deciding whether or not to hire the lawyer. You want to know that your attorney has the right appreciation of your injury and will work hard to represent your interests in or out of court.

    Morgan & Morgan attorneys have been handling these types of cases for decades. While considering your options, feel free to complete our free case evaluation as part of your search. We have more than 1,000 attorneys throughout the United States, and we have recovered more than 20 billion dollars for our clients so that they could have the means necessary to move on with their lives.

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