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Need Help? Morgan & Morgan’s Personal Injury Lawyers in Orlando Are Ready To Fight for You.

After you’ve been injured by a third party, you might feel like nothing more than a number. The insurance company wants to dispose of your claim any way it can, whether that means denying it or paying you less than you deserve. Doctors start sending bills before your treatment is even finished.

At Morgan & Morgan, we know you aren’t a number. We’ll treat you like a person who is in pain and needs compassionate advice from personal injury lawyers in Orlando, FL, who know how to navigate the system. We care about helping you recover.

We will fight zealously to get you the money that you need to pay for medical services and therapy and to replace lost pay. Your compensation is the only number we’re interested in—and we want to make sure that it’s high enough to allow you to fully recover from your injury.

If you have been injured by a third party in Orlando, FL, you need the help of a personal injury lawyer from Morgan and Morgan to recover quickly and comfortably. 

Contact us immediately to schedule a free case evaluation with a compassionate legal expert.

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Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer FAQ

  • Definition of a Personal Injury Case

    Just because you have been injured, that doesn’t mean you are eligible to be compensated through a personal injury claim. To have a claim, you must have been injured due to the intentional actions or negligence of a third party.

    Typically, personal injury cases in Orlando are the result of negligence. Common examples of negligent activities that cause personal injury are:

    • Failing to replace light bulbs or cracked floors, resulting in a slip and fall accident
    • Medical malpractice, like prescribing conflicting or contraindicated medication
    • Driving recklessly, like running a red light or looking at a phone while driving
    • Producing or selling a defective product that can cause injuries
    • Nursing home neglect, like ignoring open bed sores

    Your Orlando personal injury lawyer will examine the details of your case and determine whether another party should have acted more responsibly. If so, you are eligible to receive compensation for your injuries and any expenses resulting from those injuries.

  • How Insurance Companies Are Involved

    In almost every personal injury case, you will eventually receive compensation from the insurance company of the liable party. For example, if you slip and fall down a flight of stairs at the office, you will probably get paid by the workers’ compensation insurance policy of your employer.

    In some circumstances, you may be paid by your insurance policy rather than the insurance of the party at fault. For example, Florida is a no-fault state. This means that your insurance policy is initially responsible for compensating you in a car accident, no matter who is at fault.

    But even then, you might still be able to sue the liable party for additional compensation. And if you do, their insurance company is most likely to pay for any awards you receive at the end of the trial.

  • Navigating the Claims Process

    Because most personal injury cases are eventually paid by insurance companies, you will likely have to navigate the claims process to get paid. This adds significant layers of red tape to an already complicated legal process. Your personal injury lawyer from Morgan & Morgan can expedite this process.

    We have experience dealing with insurance companies and know the claims process for each insurer. We’ll file your claim quickly and avoid the mistakes often made during the claims process.

    More importantly, we have an edge in negotiations. We’ll investigate your claim independently, which typically leads us to uncover evidence that supports your claim. By providing this evidence to the insurance company, we can prevent them from denying you for frivolous reasons or “accidentally” missing supporting facts.

    Furthermore, our familiarity with the various insurance companies—especially the most common ones in Florida—helps us negotiate a fair settlement for your case. We understand how much they are generally willing to pay and what evidence we need to provide to increase that number.

  • Denials, Appeals, and Why You Need a Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer

    Unfortunately, insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind. They exist for one reason only: to make money for their shareholders. And they make money by denying claims or by underpaying claims that they can’t deny.

    If you don’t have a Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer fighting for you, there’s a good chance you will receive the short end of the stick from the insurance company. Even if you do have an attorney, sometimes the insurance company will try to get away with undervaluing your claim.

    When this happens, you have the option to appeal the decision or file a lawsuit. Typically, you are better off appealing before resorting to legal action. An appeal doesn’t prevent you from suing later, but it might result in positive results a lot faster than a lawsuit would.

    Your Orlando personal injury lawyer is familiar with the appeals process and knows how to file an appeal that’s likely to get the initial decision reversed. At worst, you will still be denied. But usually, your attorney can gather additional evidence during the appeals process that will help you at trial.

    In the best-case scenario, the appeal will go in your favor. This means that you will get the compensation you deserve in a matter of weeks or months instead of potentially having to wait years for a trial to finish.

    Your chances of succeeding at an appeal are significantly higher if you have a Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer guiding you through it. People who file appeals without an attorney are much more likely to have their appeals denied.

  • Why Choose Morgan & Morgan Over Other Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer

    Our law firm is the largest personal injury law practice in the country. We have more than 1,000 attorneys in offices throughout the United States. Despite our growth and success over the years, we have never forgotten how we started as a humble law office in Orlando in 1988.

    The Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer know Florida because it’s their home. Your attorney at Morgan and Morgan knows the doctors, judges, other lawyers, and insurance agencies who live and work in the area. They also know the joy and hardship you’ve experienced living in this city.

    It is that bond of familiarity that makes clients like you feel welcome when visiting our offices and speaking to our lawyers. We feel as much like longtime neighbors as we do knowledgeable advocates, and we strive to create a feeling of immediate comfort that makes you more confident that we can help you.

    Having created an initial feeling of ease, we endeavor to keep it throughout your case. We do this with constant communication about your claim’s progress. You should never feel the need to check up on your attorney because you’re receiving regular updates about your case.

    This formula has successfully worked since our law firm was formed more than three decades ago. It is the reason that we have expanded so much and won over $20 billion for our clients. We are proud to be one of the most trusted law firms in the country, and we boast hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients.

  • What Damages Can an Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me Recover?

    After you’ve been injured, your Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer will fight to get you the compensation you need to recover. Many clients believe that the only money they can get is to pay their medical bills, but that isn’t the case. 

    For your personal injury claim, we can seek monetary damages for:

    • Emotional pain and suffering
    • Current and future medical bills
    • Lost opportunities due to your injury
    • Lost wages due to work time missed because of your injury
    • Non-medical expenses, like modified modes of transportation

    Without a Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer representing you, the insurance company is likely to try to compensate you only for your medical bills and may even undervalue how much they will cost. Your attorney will fight for every expense resulting from your injury.

    We can do this because of our experience handling personal injury cases. Our attorneys can accurately determine the full extent of all expenses and losses you have incurred and will suffer because of your injury. You may be surprised by all the damages that you are eligible for after getting injured by the negligence of a third party.

  • Should I Accept the First Offer From an Insurance Company?

    Typically, the first offer from an insurance company is a lowball offer that undervalues your claim. The goal of the offer is usually to get rid of your case as fast as possible while paying out minimal compensation.

    If you accept this offer, in most cases, you won’t be eligible to receive further compensation from the insurance company. This can be devastating if the settlement doesn’t cover the full costs of your current and future medical bills or other expenses.

    When you receive an offer from an insurance company, show it to your personal injury lawyer. They will be able to determine whether it’s a fair offer and whether you should accept it. You will likely get better compensation by listening to that recommendation.

  • Can I Retain a Lawyer After My Claim Has Been Denied by an Insurance Company?

    You should retain an Orlando personal injury lawyer before you file your claim. But even if you didn’t seek out legal counsel from the beginning, it doesn’t prevent an attorney from helping you later in the process. It’s more difficult for us to help you once you have already had your claim denied, but it’s not impossible.

    Should you come to us later in the process, we will determine whether you still have a viable case. If we believe that you can still win, we’ll fight as hard to get you money as if you retained us on the day that your injury happened.

  • What Kind of Evidence Does My Lawyer Need to Prove My Case?

    Typically, your Orlando personal injury lawyer will need evidence that proves the other party was liable and evidence that shows the value of the compensation you deserve.

    For the former, it will help your attorney if you take pictures of the scene when you are injured in a car accident, slip and fall, or other similar incident. This type of evidence may not always be available, or your lawyer might need to investigate on their own.

    For the latter, we typically rely on medical bills and the testimony of experts to determine the value of the harm you suffered. If, for example, you missed out on a promotion because you were injured, we can find an expert in your field to estimate the amount that promotion would have been worth during your lifetime.

  • How Long Will It Take for Me to Get Compensation if the Case Goes to Trial?

    Unfortunately, trials are rarely short. The average personal injury trial in Florida takes at least a year and may take multiple years, depending on how complicated the case is.

    However, just because a case goes to trial, that doesn’t necessarily mean the trial will go to a verdict. Often insurance companies will return to the negotiating table after we file a lawsuit, even if they previously refused. Trials cost insurance companies a lot of money, especially if the jury sets a high award for the injured victim.

    If the insurance company agrees to a settlement after a trial has begun, you will probably have to wait for the better part of a year before you are paid — but not as long as you would have had to wait if the trial had gone to verdict.

  • Can a Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer in Orlando Represent Me if I Do Not Have Evidence to Prove My Claim?

    Although it is important that you collect evidence to support your case, not having evidence will not prevent you from getting the legal representation you need to win the case. However, this also depends on the injury firm you contact. When you contact a law firm with powerful legal resources to fight for you, they will help gather crucial evidence to support your claim.

    Keep in mind that the evidence required to win complex cases goes beyond photos and videos of the accident scene. For instance, if you were injured by a defective product, you will need more than photos and videos of your injuries. Rather, you will be required to demonstrate how the alleged defective product injured you, why you believe it is the primary cause of your injuries, and among other elements of a product liability claim. 

    Such cases require complex research and investigations. If you hire an attorney or law firm that lacks powerful resources to fight for you, chances are you will lose the case or have to settle for a lowball offer. 

    The bottom line is that an Orlando personal injury lawyer can help gather crucial evidence to support your claim. Do not hesitate to contact Morgan and Morgan for a free case evaluation, even if you lack evidence to prove the other party’s fault.

  • I Do Not Have Medical Insurance. Can I Still Get Treatment After a Personal Injury?

    Yes, you may still be able to get the treatment you need after a personal injury, even if you do not have medical insurance. Firstly, it is unlawful for doctors to refuse to offer emergency medical assistance to individuals who need it simply because they do not have medical insurance.

    And even if you do not need emergency medical treatment after a personal injury, an experienced attorney can help you get long-term treatment as they fight for you in or out of court. For example, at Morgan and Morgan, we have a network of professionals, including doctors, who work closely with our patients.

    If you have a valid claim and need immediate medical attention, we might be able to get you the treatment you need through a medical lien. This legally-binding document allows the injured to receive the medical treatment they need and then pay back the medical provider after securing compensation for their injuries.

  • Local Personal Injury Lawyers Who Care

    Morgan & Morgan has been handling personal injury cases in Orlando for as long as we’ve been in business. We are local attorneys who care about our clients and have the experience to help them through tough times. 

    If you have suffered an injury due to the negligence of another, contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation. If we’re the right fit for you, we’ll put you in touch with our personal injury lawyers in Orlando, FL right away.

Morgan & Morgan

  • The Morgan & Morgan Difference

    Since our humble beginnings in 1988, our attorneys have proved time and again that we know what it takes to secure favorable settlements and win cases that go to trial. But it’s not just results that we deliver: We treat our clients like family, and give their legal matters the attention they deserve. From start to finish, you’ll enjoy 24/7 access to our legal team and receive regular updates throughout the process.

  • In the Community

    Orlando is our home, and it holds a special place in all of our hearts. We’ve committed to bettering this wonderful community by teaming up with various local charities, including:

    • The Second Harvest Food Bank, a nonprofit organization that collects, stores, and distributes donated food throughout Orange County and other parts of Central Florida.
    • Canine Companions For Independence, a nonprofit organization that provides trained assistance dogs to people with disabilities.
    • The American Cancer Society, which aims to eliminate cancer through research and promoting healthy living.
  • Why Should I Hire Morgan & Morgan Over a Smaller Injury Law Firm?

    Hiring a small (or “boutique”) personal injury law firm might seem like an attractive option—small firms often promise to pay closer attention to your case and offer more personalized service. While that sounds great in theory, hiring a small law firm to take on a big corporation can prove to be disastrous in reality. Make no mistake—insurance companies are big companies. In fact, they’re some of the most profitable businesses in the United States. The biggest insurance companies generate billions of dollars in profits per year. They have the financial strength to hire an army of attorneys and make the claims process extremely difficult if they want to. A small, local firm may indeed provide great service, but when push comes to shove, they simply do not possess the resources to push back against a well-funded, determined opponent. With Morgan & Morgan, you get the best of both worlds: great service from a local team of attorneys and the strength of the nation’s largest personal injury law firm backing them up.

  • What Is The Importance of Trying a Case in Court?

    You might be surprised to learn that many Orlando personal injury attorneys never file lawsuits. They simply manage the claims process for their clients and look for the best settlement they can get, as quickly as they can get it. Case managers and paralegals handle most of the work. The lawyers rarely, if ever, set foot in a courtroom. Trying a case means actually filing a lawsuit and taking the case before a jury. There is slightly more risk to putting your case in the hands of a jury, but there can also be a much higher reward. Many of our best verdicts and settlements resulted directly from our willingness to go to trial. A settlement is still possible after a lawsuit is filed, and a lawsuit sends the message that our lawyers mean business. We never settle a case for less than full value, we try more cases than any other law firm in the country, and we hire top trial attorneys who are prepared to fight for everything you deserve.

  • How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Accident Injury Lawyer?

    Morgan & Morgan believes that everyone, regardless of their economic status, deserves quality legal representation. That’s why we handle every case on a contingency-fee basis. If we agree to take your case—and you do not receive a verdict or settlement—you owe us nothing. In addition to eliminating upfront client costs, there’s another important reason why we use a contingency-fee model. It incentivizes our attorneys to maximize client compensation. The pay we receive is a reasonable percentage of the money you receive. The better you do, the better we do. This makes us partners in your case who are invested in its outcome.

  • Do I Need to Get a Lawyer Involved in My Case Right Away?

    Not necessarily, but every case is different. At the very least, you should talk to a lawyer right away so they can provide an expert legal opinion about what to do—and what not to do. For a minor injury case in which there is no major dispute about fault and damages, you may be able to handle the claims process on your own. However, if the insurance company is delaying, denying, or disputing your claim, it might be a good idea to at least consult with an attorney, especially if your injuries are significant. If you do plan on involving an attorney, you shouldn’t wait too long. Although Florida has a relatively generous filing deadline—you have four years from the date of injury to sue for negligence—the window of time to sue is limited. In general, the sooner you file a case, the better. Waiting too long can negatively impact an accident investigation. Memories can fade, evidence can go missing, and the insurance company can use your lack of urgency against you.

  • Do I Have to Talk to the Other Driver’s Insurance Company?

    You may have certain obligations to your insurance company, such as reporting an accident to them within 30 days. But you do not owe anything to the other driver’s insurance company. Anything you say to them can—and probably will—be used against you. It doesn’t matter how innocent-sounding their questions are. Adjusters are trained to coax you into providing information that undermines your case’s value. You also shouldn’t assume that your own insurance company has your best interests in mind. Before speaking to any insurance company, you should first speak to an Orlando personal injury attorney at Morgan & Morgan. We deal with insurance companies for a living. We know the law and aren’t fooled by the tricks they use. We’ll help you avoid pitfalls and build the strongest possible case.

  • What Makes Morgan & Morgan Different?

    Every Orlando law firm wants you to believe that they’re the best. Many believe themselves that they’re the best. And to be fair, there are a lot of very good Orlando personal injury lawyers in the area. But there’s only one Morgan & Morgan. Let’s face it. When you’ve been in a life-changing accident, you don’t want to hear pie in the sky talk. You want real information about real results. We have over 1,000 attorneys and thousands of support team members. We’ve been in business for more than 35 years and won over $20 billion for our clients. We’re the country’s largest personal injury law firm and have helped more than 300,000 clients nationwide. We receive thousands of referrals from other lawyers, doctors, and even judges. Past performance is the best predictor of future success. Morgan & Morgan has a proven track record of winning big at trial and refusing to take inadequate settlement offers. Many firms have strength and size. Many other firms promise to treat you like family. But few firms can promise all of the above. We can, and that’s what makes us different.

  • Contact Morgan & Morgan

    If you were injured in an accident, contact a personal injury attorney at Morgan & Morgan. You could be entitled to significant compensation for lost wages, medical bills, emotional suffering, and other damages. To find out, schedule a free case evaluation. Remember, it costs nothing to get started, and it’s free unless your case is successful. Contact us now.

  • ¿Usted tiene preguntas acerca de su caso en español?

    Los abogados de lesiones personales de Morgan & Morgan entendemos lo importante que es resolver todas sus preguntas legales en el idioma en el que usted pueda entender mejor. Por eso contamos con una sección de Preguntas Frecuentes en nuestra página de Recuerde que en caso de ser victima de un accidente y necesitar ayuda legal, usted cuenta con los abogados de Morgan & Morgan. Siendo el bufete de abogados de lesiones personales más grande de los Estados Unidos, contamos con los recursos y la experiencia que usted necesita para defender sus derechos. ¡La justicia es derecho de todos!

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