NYC Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can have devastating consequences for athletes of all ages. While there is an element of risk in sports, if you or your child was hurt taking part, the coach, sports program, or equipment manufacturer could be to blame. Find out how a sports injury lawyer in New York can help. 

How a Sports Attorney Can Assist You

If you were hurt playing sports and there is reason to believe the accident was the fault of another party’s negligence, you may have a sports injury claim. Every case is different, but a few examples of credible cases include: 

  • Suffering heatstroke and requiring medical treatment because a coach did not provide sufficient water and rest during athletic practice
  • Slipping and falling on an improperly groomed surface 
  • An injury that occurred due to unsafe conditions of play (inadequate lighting, improperly removed snow or ice, ill-maintained equipment)
  • Physical harm when safety equipment malfunctioned 
  • Concussion caused through a helmet malfunction 

Before accepting a case, our sports lawyers will review the circumstances in an effort to determine whether the risk is reasonable or unreasonable. Since sports assume some level of danger, there are no grounds for a case if you suffer a reasonable injury such as a knee wound after a fall while running. In that event, you would be responsible for your own medical bills related to the accident since knee injuries are fairly common among athletes. 

On the other hand, if you tripped over a hole in a field and were injured as a result, you have grounds for a sports injury case. Our sports attorneys in New York will prepare you for trial, find experts who can testify on your behalf, coach you to give testimony, and provide guidance throughout the legal process.

Why Hire a Morgan & Morgan Sports Injury Lawyer in NYC?

With any type of personal injury, including those involving sports, it’s critical to make a compelling case connecting the injury to the underlying incident. The attorney must show that negligence, faulty sports equipment, or inattention was responsible for the accident. 

You need an attorney who is experienced with sports injury claims and who knows how to put together a tight case. Without this rigorous attention, you could forfeit the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering. At Morgan & Morgan, we not only have dedicated lawyers, we give them ample resources and support. 

Our sports lawyers in NYC will not only aggressively try your case but serve as an advocate and ally throughout the legal process. We offer superior customer support because we view our clients as members of our family. To experience the Morgan & Morgan difference for yourself, call to schedule a free consultation or fill out a free case evaluation today. 

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