Negligent Security

Negligent security is a portion of premises liability law. Those with a negligent security case may have been the victim of a criminal attack while you were on someone else’s property, usually commercial property. Business owners have an obligation to ensure their property is safe for the public to visit. This includes having the proper security measures. You may be wondering, ‘what is enough security?’ That depends on the location of the property, what it’s being used for, and the amount of known crime in the neighborhood. If you have been a victim of negligent security, please use the form on this page to contact us regarding your case.

Types of Negligent Security Claims

You may need a negligent security attorney if you were shot, assaulted, raped, or robbed on someone else’s property. Some examples include:

  • Being robbed at an ATM;
  • Being mugged in the parking lot of a shopping center;
  • Being assaulted in a hotel room;
  • Being assaulted in the lobby of an apartment complex;
  • Being robbed while pumping gas at a gas station; and
  • Being raped on a college campus.

There are many more instances of being a victim of a crime due to the negligence of a business owner not providing enough security. By law, commercial establishments have a duty to provide an appropriate amount of security.

Keeping an Establishment Reasonably Safe

While you are responsible for knowing what is going on around you in the community, businesses are also responsible for knowing what is happening in their neighborhoods. If you go to a gas station in a part of town that is known to be rough and many of the station’s outside lights are not working, the owner could be held liable if you are mugged, robbed, raped or otherwise assaulted while you are pumping gas.

Another example is mall parking lots. While plenty of lighting is enough security for a mall in a relatively crime-free area, it is not enough for a mall in an area that has a high rate of crime. In this case, the mall owner should have security guards patrolling the parking lot during the operating hours of all stores.

Consequences of Negligent Security

Property owners are liable if you get hurt on their property. Most people think of slip and falls or workplace accidents when they think of ‘being hurt.’ However, injuries because of negligent security could cause you to have extensive medical bills, loss of income, the loss of a loved one, permanent injuries, and the loss of the ability to earn money in the future.

If you were the victim of a crime at a commercial establishment, you might need a negligent security attorney. Some questions you might ask yourself include:

  • What is the crime rate at the location you were injured?
  • Was the lighting adequate where the crime occurred?
  • Were the locks on the doors in good working order?
  • Did the establishment have a surveillance system?
  • Did the establishment have private security guards to patrol the area?

Even if the establishment has security and good lighting in the main areas, was the security and lighting good around the entire building and in all areas of the parking lot? Taking note of these issues will help your attorney investigate your case.

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