Feb 21, 2024

Suncoast Skin Solutions Data Breach - What You Should Know

Suncoast Skin Solutions Data Breach - What You Should Know - data breach

NOTICE: If you are a current or former patient of Suncoast Skin Solutions and received a letter related to a data breach, contact Morgan & Morgan to discuss your legal rights and for a free confidential case evaluation at: *link*

Morgan & Morgan’s award-winning and industry-leading data privacy attorneys are investigating Suncoast Skin Solutions’ recently-announced data breach. Suncoast Skin Solutions is a dermatology group with 19 locations in Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. The Suncoast Skin Solutions data breach affected approximately 70,000 patients, exposing health information including: patients’ names, dates of birth, clinical information, doctors’ notes, and other treatment information.


In July 2021, Suncoast Skin Solutions detected suspicious activity in its computer systems that housed patients’ information. Suncoast Skin Solutions then conducted an investigation that it completed on November 8, 2021. Suncoast Skin Solutions’ investigation revealed that unauthorized third parties may have accessed the health information of approximately 70,000 patients.

But Suncoast Skin Solutions waited 1.5 years to notify patients about this data breach, sending out letters to all those affected patients in December 2022. Those letters informed patients that they could obtain certain benefits, but patients would need to make that decision no later than March 2023.


If you received a data breach notification, please contact us through: *link*

Consumers place a significant amount of trust in the companies we choose to share our information with, making the actions of Suncoast Skin Solutions all the more unacceptable. 

If you suspect that your information was exposed in Suncoast Skin Solutions data breach, Morgan & Morgan is here to help.