Wrongful & False Imprisonment

Experiencing false and wrongful imprisonment can be traumatizing. Sometimes it’s so confusing that you may not fully know if what happened to you qualifies as false imprisonment. For example, if it’s a loved one or even a law enforcement officer who has committed the offense against you, it may be difficult to question or understand the abuse of power in an individual that has your respect. Often victims of false imprisonment are not sure what to do or who to turn to for help.

Exploring these situations with a professional is the best thing you can do. If you feel you’ve been falsely imprisoned, contacting a False Imprisonment Lawyer at Morgan & Morgan Law Firm is your first step. They are highly experienced Wrongful Imprisonment Lawyers. They are ready to help you understand your rights and provide the clarity you need in order to determine if you have the elements needed to file a wrongful imprisonment lawsuit.

Once you’ve contacted the False Arrest Lawyer at Morgan & Morgan Law Firm, you should find some peace and clarity about what’s happened in your particular situation, along with your options for next steps. However, if you still have questions or need a starting place prior to reaching out, here are a few points to consider:

Three Aspects that Warrant a False Imprisonment Lawsuit

• Willful, or Intentional, Detention • Believed Detention Without Consent • Unlawful Detention (no Legal justification)

If your situation involved any of the three aspects mentioned above, you may have a good cause to move forward with a false imprisonment lawsuit. Further consult with a False Arrest Lawyer is recommended to clarify whether or not you have been held against your will by threat of physical or emotional harm.

These types of scenarios can fall within a wide range of scenarios. For example, if you were involved as a victim during an armed bank robbery and the robber instructed you to get on the ground while pointing a gun at you, you were falsely imprisoned by threat of physical harm.

Similar situations can span anywhere from this extreme to something like being locked in a room against your will, being grabbed and held without consent, being medicated by a professional without permission, or even being detained unjustifiably, or unlawfully, by a law enforcement officer.

All of these, depending on the particular details of each case, qualify and are eligible for potentially becoming wrongful imprisonment lawsuits. It’s extremely important to discuss the details of your case with a False Imprisonment Lawyer. At Morgan & Morgan Law Firm, our False Imprisonment Lawyers are ready to defend you against a number of defenses available for aggressors in these types of cases. A Wrongful Imprisonment Lawyer will be needed to defend your case appropriately.

The opposing council in your case will go to great lengths to prove there was voluntary consent, claim shopkeeper’s rights, or citizen’s arrest as a defense against your false imprisonment claim. It is absolutely necessary to utilize the knowledge and experience of a Wrongful Imprisonment Lawyer for your case. It is never ok to be held against your will unlawfully and unjustifiably, by anyone. Know your rights and empower experienced False Imprisonment Lawyers to protect you against wrongful imprisonment.

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