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Philadelphia Car Crash Lawyer

Philadelphia County had the highest percentage (12.1%) of fatal car accident deaths in Pennsylvania in 2022, according to a recent report by the state's Department of Transportation. Many accident victims who were lucky to survive suffered serious injuries, some of which were catastrophic. If you or a loved one is a victim of a car crash, you should contact Morgan and Morgan for a free case evaluation. 

If we find out you have a viable claim, we may assign an experienced Philadelphia car crash lawyer to handle your case and get you the compensation you deserve. 

Understanding the Role of a Car Crash Lawyer in Philadelphia

The main responsibility of this type of lawyer is to represent your interests after a car crash and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. They will make sure that no detail is overlooked when handling your case. This may include gathering information and evidence about the accident to build a strong case on your behalf, creating a legal strategy to fight for your rights, and establishing liability.

The attorney will also evaluate the value of your claim. Here, damages and losses such as medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and emotional distress will come into play. The main goal is to ensure that you receive the kind of compensation that covers all injuries and losses you or a loved one has sustained in the crash. 

Additionally, your lawyer will help you understand your rights and legal options as your case progresses. For example, if negotiating a reasonable settlement proves futile, the attorney may decide to take your case to court and advocate for your rights before a judge and jury. Or if you need medical attention, they may be able to recommend you to an auto accident doctor near you who knows how to handle such injuries and can write a favorable report. 

Tips for Hiring Right Car Crash Lawyer 

The thought of hiring a car accident lawyer can be stressful, primarily because the stakes are usually high in cases of this kind. If you hire the right attorney, you will likely receive fair compensation. Conversely, the wrong attorney could jeopardize your entire claim, leaving you with huge medical bills and other losses to take care of out of pocket. 

Here are some quick tips to help you choose an attorney with your best interests at heart and who is best qualified to handle your case. 

Firstly, experience is everything in such a case. You need someone with a solid background in handling car accident cases and a deep understanding of relevant laws and regulations in Philadelphia.  

Another important quality is access to resources required to strengthen your case. When an attorney has access to such resources, they will utilize them to build a strong case on your behalf. On the other hand, without powerful resources, the lawyer may choose to settle for a lesser amount than risk going to court and losing the entire case. 

This ends up being a classic case of victory for the attorney but not the injured. 

Results speak volumes when deciding whether or not a lawyer has what it takes to handle your case. A reputable attorney should have a track record of successfully representing clients and obtaining favorable outcomes. Because these lawyers know that results matter, they will not shy away from sharing some of the cases they have won. 

If you ask to see the attorney's past results, but they have nothing to show, you should have every reason to be concerned about their ability to handle your case. This does not necessarily mean they are not qualified to represent you; we all start from somewhere, which is completely understandable. However, you only have one chance to settle when it comes to personal injury. 

So if you let an inexperienced lawyer handle your case and they end up settling for less than you deserve just to obtain that all-important win, you won't be able to reopen the case later. That also explains why insurance companies will ask you to sign the release of settlement agreement declaring that you agree to waive your right to sue once you accept the settlement. Such an offer might seem exciting on paper until weeks or months later when you can barely afford to settle bills, such as medical expenses, deriving from the accident. 

Make sure you go over the attorney's or law firm's reviews from past clients to have a rough idea of what to expect when you hire that lawyer to represent you. While at it, do not expect every review out there to be positive. The most important thing is to ensure that the majority of them are. 

For instance, at Morgan and Morgan, our law firm has garnered over 28,000 5-star reviews on Google alone. That's more than enough reason to trust us when it comes to handling these types of cases. 

Finally, find a lawyer with the ability and willingness to fight for you in court if necessary. This circles back to their experience and the need for powerful legal resources. While many of these cases are usually settled outside of court, you want a lawyer who will not back down by settling for less than you deserve simply because they do not have the courtroom experience or resources to proceed all the way to trial.

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer As Soon As Possible

Hiring a lawyer as soon as possible after the accident is in your best interests. Here is why. 

Time is of the essence when collecting evidence to support your case. By hiring a lawyer early on, they can immediately start investigating the accident to establish the facts, collect crucial evidence, and preserve any necessary documentation needed to substantiate your claim. This ensures that important details are not lost or forgotten somewhere down the line, and if that happens, the attorney will still have time to track back and make the necessary changes. This eventually increases the strength of your case.

Communication with insurance companies usually involves a lot of back-and-forth. Unsurprisingly, these companies may attempt to delay the process knowing that you will lose your right to sue if you do not file a claim within the two-year statute of limitations. 

Even if you anticipate your case being settled out of court, it is always advisable to leave space to file a lawsuit. Sometimes, settlement negotiations may not result in a fair agreement. Other times, the responsible party may dispute liability. In such situations, having a lawsuit as a potential option can help pile pressure and encourage a more reasonable settlement offer. 

Things can get even better when you have Morgan and Morgan on your side. Insurance companies know that if they refuse to settle and we decide to take the case to court, they will likely lose and end up settling the expenses involved in pursuing the case in court. No insurance company will want to make such a loss when they can settle the case out of court and move on. 

Lastly, unforeseen complications can arise during the claims process putting your entire claim in jeopardy. These could include issues with insurance coverage, disputes over Pennsylvania's modified comparative fault system, a new piece of evidence, or challenges in assessing the full extent of your damages. By having a car crash lawyer by your side from the beginning, you have a legal professional who can navigate these unforeseen circumstances while keeping your best interests at heart.

Types of Cases a Philadelphia Car Crash Attorney Can Handle

Before we even look at the kinds of cases this attorney can handle, always bear in mind that, like personal injury cases, attorneys are not the same. Some are far more experienced and have access to more powerful resources than others. So do not assume that any attorney you hire can handle any kind of car crash case.

That said, the following are some of the cases a Morgan and Morgan car crash lawyer in Philadelphia, PA, can handle, given that we are the nation's largest injury firm. 

At Morgan and Morgan, we may be able to handle cases involving: 

  • Distracted driving accidents 
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Intersection accidents
  • T-bone or side-impact collisions
  • Multi-vehicle accidents 
  • Commercial vehicle accidents  
  • Drunk driving accidents 
  • Hit-and-run accidents 

These are just a few examples, not a conclusive list of the cases we may be able to handle. Regardless of the specific circumstances, we recommend filling out our free case evaluation form. That is the only way we may be able to determine if you have a valid case and how exactly we could help.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • How Much Is My Car Accident Claim Worth?

    Car accident claims don't usually have a standard value. It all narrows down to the specifics of your case. Many different factors will come into play here, so it is virtually impossible to name them all. To give you some perspective, here are a few examples. 

    The issue of fault and liability for the crash is usually the key factor when determining the value of a car accident claim. In most cases, when the other party is found to be fully at fault, that alone can increase the potential compensation you may receive.

    Secondly, the type and severity of the injuries will also decide how much compensation you or a loved one may be entitled to. Serious injuries that require extensive medical treatment or those that result in long-term disability tend to yield higher compensation compared to minor injuries.

    Did you seek prompt medical evaluation? The answer to this question will also have a say when calculating the value of your claim. Note that if you take too long to seek medical attention, the other party could question the validity of your injuries. 

    Similarly, if you seek medical attention but fail to follow the doctor's instructions, the defendant could claim that your injuries were not severe or that you made things worse for yourself. Such an argument could force you to settle for less than you deserve. 

    Whatever statements you make about the car accident can impact your claim. These include statements made to insurance adjusters, law enforcement, or even on social media. This explains why you should always contact a car accident attorney before providing any official statements.

    If you suffered permanent disabilities, disfigurement, or long-term impairment after the accident, a skilled lawyer would use that as a factor to increase the value of your claim. This is because such injuries usually require ongoing medical care and may lead to a diminished quality of life.

  • How Does the Modified Comparative Negligence Rule Work in Philadelphia?

    In Philadelphia and throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, when multiple parties are judged to be responsible for an accident, the state follows a modified comparative fault rule. This rule dictates that anyone found to be partially responsible for an accident will have their damages reduced proportionally. Furthermore, if judged to be more than 50% at fault for the accident, such an individual cannot recover any damages.

  • Injured In a Car Crash? You Might Have a Valid Case

    Very few things are as painful as getting injured in a car crash caused by someone else's negligence. Losing your loved one under such circumstances is even more painful. At Morgan and Morgan, we understand your pain and may be able to help you hold the liable party accountable for their actions. 

    Contact us now by filling out this form; we will be happy to discuss your case, including any legal options you may have.

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