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Best Car Insurance Attorney in Philadelphia

Working with a Philadelphia lawyer is vital in the fight back against an insurance company that is attempting to diminish, ignore, or deny your insurance claim entirely. 

The insurance company might be counting on your lack of awareness in this space to get away with lowering the potential award you deserve. Finding a car insurance attorney in Philadelphia requires careful thought and research on your part, and you can make this much easier on yourself by knowing what to look for in advance.
Too many people realize mid-claim that it’s hard to piece things back together in their life after an accident, especially if the car insurance company is making it hard to close that chapter of your life. 

If you’re not getting the results that you expected or you believe your insurance carrier has gone one step beyond and is violating the law due to bad faith actions, you need to share these details with the best car insurance attorney in Philadelphia.

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  • Why Would I Want to Hire a Lawyer? 

    When you are first hurt in a vehicle accident, it is common to assume that your insurance company will fight hard to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. Since you have spent so much time as a paying customer and in fact, you purchased a policy to protect yourself in the event of this very kind of incident, it can be frustrating to discover that the insurance company is delaying the payment of your claim or is denying even suffered injuries or a payable claim to begin with. 

    This is when it becomes critical to retain the services of the best car insurance attorney in Philadelphia. The right car insurance lawyer in Philadelphia will be familiar with handling these kinds of complex conversations with the insurance companies to encourage them to comply with the terms of their original policies. In many cases, insurance companies are counting on your lack of familiarity with their fine print and internal practices to discourage you from arguing with them about their interpretation of a claim. 

    That being said, you are also a consumer who has rights to protect yourself against bad faith Insurance situations. In order to hold the insurance company accountable, you may need to retain the best car insurance attorney in Philadelphia to support you.

  • Look in Your Personal Network First

    While it is very possible that there's no one in your own personal or professional network who has worked with an insurance lawyer in Philadelphia before, it is always good to ask and verify this before moving forward with other search options. Finding an insurance lawyer in Philadelphia usually begins by looking for referrals from friends, neighbors, and other people you trust, who already have experience with the legal system. There are many different options available to you when finding a car insurance lawyer in Philadelphia, and you might even start out by seeking legal aid and realize that you need the support of an experienced attorney. Selecting the best insurance lawyer for you is an important process because this individual might represent you for weeks or months during the process of your case.

    If you know a lawyer in your neighborhood who does not practice in insurance law, they might be able to refer you to a good insurance lawyer. Asking your colleagues, employers and friends is another good route to go. It is also possible that you have an employee assistance plan at work that connects you with possible legal aid, including an attorney referral network. If you are able to find a recommendation this way, this might be a simple method for finding the best car insurance lawyer in Philadelphia for you.

  • Research State Bar Directories

    A state bar referral service helps people connect to attorneys, and these might not exist in every state, but is a great place to go if you can't find a personal recommendation. The state bar associations are those organizations to which all attorneys in the state belong. And some of them even have smaller areas for various practice areas, such as insurance. In many of these cases, officials working with the state bar will interview you to get a clear handle on your case and what you're looking for so that they can make sure to match you with a knowledgeable lawyer who deals with the kind of case that you have. In most cases, a certified lawyer referral service will charge a fee.

    One benefit of going this route is that law firms partnering with attorney referral services do have to meet certain standards, meaning that if you were unhappy with a situation that involves the attorney you're matched with, you may be able to file a complaint. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind if you choose to go the route of working with certified attorney referral services through a state bar.

    First of all, they should always refer you to an attorney who has experience in the type of law you have named. Someone who has not practiced insurance law, or has only recently started in insurance law might not be comfortable or confident with an advanced insurance case. When looking for the best car insurance lawyer in Philadelphia, you likely want someone who has ample experience in this field. Make sure that you ask questions about whether or not the attorneys to whom you will be referred are insured. Attorneys who are part of a referral service usually need to maintain malpractice insurance that protects them in the event of wrongful acts they undertake as a lawyer. If needed, make sure that you share your concerns over getting a bilingual attorney with the attorney matching service as well.

  • Reviewing Ads or Looking Through Joint Advertising Associations

    Some lawyers will join together when they work in different practice areas to market their services as one group using a website or a phone number. Likewise, you can find individual advertisements by heading over to Google, looking in the newspaper or checking out the Yellow Pages when you are looking for the best car insurance lawyer in Philadelphia. Many attorneys will list their contact details and their names. And some might also advertise on television, the internet, billboards and radio. One of the most difficult parts of finding the best car insurance lawyer in Philadelphia through this method is that you will have to undertake all of the research yourself. And this can be overwhelming.

    Client attorney bulletin boards, free legal aid firms and public interest groups are other sources of potential lawyers. The issues around insurance are varied and there are many different kinds of lawyers that might be associated with your claim. For example, finding the best car insurance lawyer in Philadelphia means that you'll have to think about the specifics of your case. 

    Does it intersect with other types of practice areas? Or is it related to an underlying car insurance claim? In most cases where you're reaching out to find the best car insurance lawyer in Philadelphia, you have already lived through the harrowing experience of an accident and are looking for someone who has a great deal of experience in car insurance law.

  • What to Know Before Hiring the Best Insurance Lawyer for You

    You need to review an attorney's credentials, even if they are personally referred to you. Determine whether they are properly licensed to practice, their experience in this field, and the types of cases they have handled before. It is also good to know whether or not they're a founding member of the firm or have achieved partner status with the law firm. These are details that are all too easy to ignore but can help give you a better understanding of the lawyers' overall credibility. You want to look for someone who has a solid standing in the legal community and a good track record. An attorney who has managed several cases that are similar to yours, will be much more confident and better able to handle your situation.

    Finally, do not underestimate the impact of personal relationships. Since you will need to be communicating with your lawyer directly, you want to have someone who is highly knowledgeable about the communication style you prefer and who is willing to meet you where you are at. For example, imagine that you want to be kept informed about your case on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. If this lawyer is overwhelmed, too busy, or simply can't commit to communicating with you, you'll find yourself far too frustrated, and it is not worth it. 

    Consider meeting instead with an experienced lawyer who has a similar communication style and someone who is dedicated to working with you consistently. Starting the process to research the best car insurance attorney in Philadelphia is not always an easy one, but it can make your life much easier when you’re dealing with a car accident. 

    If you’re ready to take your first step, you can fill out our no-obligation contact form to get a free case evaluation. 

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