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Negligent Security Lawyer in Mobile

Are you a resident or visitor to Alabama and were recently harmed due to a crime or a violent attack on someone else's property? If you visited a business or public property and were injured or attacked due to a lack of proper security measures, you may be entitled to compensation and could have grounds to pursue a negligent security claim. 

Working with an experienced negligent security lawyer in Mobile is one of the best ways to protect your rights and to ensure you can receive the maximum compensation for your unnecessary suffering. 

Filing a negligent security claim is not always an easy process, and it is one that is best handled by an experienced and knowledgeable premises liability lawyer. Similar to situations in which people slip and fall and get hurt on someone else's property, an experienced premises liability lawyer is there to guide you through the legal process and make sure that your rights are protected from beginning to end. 

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Morgan & Morgan

  • When Are Business Owners Responsible?

    Landlords, property owners, and business owners have a legal responsibility to keep their premises reasonably safe for those who live on the property or visit the property. If a business owner or property manager fails to keep their property safe, and visitors or residents end up as victims of terrible crimes, these preventable instances can form the basis of a negligent security claim. Assaults, shootings, stabbings, rapes, and other incidences can all cause a victim lifelong consequences. If a business owner has reason to suspect that crime may occur, or fails to take what are reasonable precautions in decreasing the chances of crime, this can make them legally responsible for the injuries sustained. They may be held liable under civil law and responsible for paying damages to those who have been hurt.

    Unfortunately, some people end up suffering from violent crimes such as assault or attacks on someone else's property because a criminal sees that there are little to no barriers to these kinds of activities. For example, the presence of a security guard or of a security camera can make it less likely for someone to engage in criminal activity, because they may be concerned about getting caught or facing criminal consequences. But when a business owner shows no concern for visitors to their premises by taking necessary steps to minimize the possibility of attacks, someone can end up seriously hurt.

    It can be overwhelming to realize that you may have extensive medical bills and a long road to recovery ahead of you after an attack. Most people who are hurt on someone else's property did not expect to be attacked at that time, and may have to deal with medical conditions that make it hard for them to go back to work or enjoy a normal life. For this reason, it can be said that there are financial, emotional, and physical complications associated with being attacked on someone else's property. You should not be responsible for paying all the bills and for dealing with all of this fallout, so if you can show the property manager owner was responsible, this can be a core component of a premises liability negligence security claim.

  • How to Prove Negligent Security?

    The injured party has a high level of responsibility in proving a negligent security claim. You have to show that the business owner or landowner was aware of the crime on the property or in the area surrounding that property. For example, if a crime had been on the rise in recent years, and the business owner failed to hire security staff or use basic security cameras and an assault or attack later took place, that business owner may be held civilly responsible. 

    Each negligent security claim in Mobile will depend on the specifics of the case and the resulting injuries that were sustained. You need to bring all of the facts of the case as well as any evidence supporting your claim to the office of an experienced negligent security lawyer in Mobile to discuss your possibility of filing a legal claim. There are several different ways that business owners could be held responsible for failing to implement necessary security measures. 

    These include:

    • Failing to hire security services, or guards to patrol the property at dangerous times.
    • Choosing not to complete a thorough security assessment of the property.
    • Failing to provide warnings to visitors about recent crime in the area.
    • Failing to provide appropriate fencing, security gates, or lighting.

    Negligent security claims in Mobile are some of the most difficult premises liability claims to bring. You will need to have ample evidence indicating that there is a problem with the property and that the business owner knew or should have known about these issues. Because of the complexities involved, it is vital to have the support of an experienced and dedicated lawyer to guide you through the process. An experienced attorney will be able to answer your questions and ensure that your premises liability claim is filed in a timely manner. 

    Waiting too long to gather evidence can make it very challenging to bring a negligent security case, but the lawyers at Morgan & Morgan know what it takes to illustrate failure to provide reasonable security measures. If you or someone you know has been recently hurt in Mobile and you believe it was caused by negligent security, you can work with a lawyer to take on a case regarding beatings, muggings, shootings, physical assaults, or sexual assaults.

  • Where Can Inadequate Security Happen?

    Understanding the basic premises of a negligent security claim in Mobile can help you to understand if you have the right to open a claim. Visitors to the property should expect a reasonable level of security and safety and they certainly expect that business owners have gone to extra measures when there has been an increase in crime in the area. 

    If you were hurt or attacked on someone else's property and have questions about whether or not you have grounds for a negligent security claim, it is important to speak to an attorney first. 

    Attempting to resolve things directly with the manager or owner of the property is unlikely to result in the desired outcome for you, whereas speaking with a lawyer tells you more about some of the key legal issues involved in bringing the case overall. Inadequate security puts you and other visitors to the property at risk, and your decision to move forward with a negligent security claim may be the only way for you to pay your medical bills and get the means you need to move on with your life. It can also send a message to this business owner and other companies in the area about the importance of keeping people safe on their premises. 

    Our lawyers at Morgan & Morgan represent victims in negligent security claims associated with many different types of venues in Mobile including:

    • Parking lots
    • Concert venues
    • Nursing homes
    • Restaurants
    • Hospitals
    • Daycare centers
    • Bars and nightclubs
    • Gas stations
    • Apartment buildings
    • Businesses
    • Hotels
    • Shopping centers

    Some of the most common examples of negligent security cases in Mobile include failure to inspect a property for dangerous conditions, lack of security procedures and policies, employing people who have criminal backgrounds, failing to warn about dangerous conditions, poorly trained security guards or bouncers, and lack of adequate lighting. 

    All too often these attacks lead to devastating injuries, and it can be even more difficult to realize that you have to move on when someone's inaction has led to a preventable attack. You may have enough to deal with, such as the medical bills and lost time at work, but a Mobile negligent security lawyer can help you with the legal aspects of your civil claim if you have a legitimate claim for damages. At Morgan & Morgan, our lawyers play an important role from the beginning to the end of your case regardless of whether or not it goes to trial or settles outside of court. Here are just a few ways that the attorneys at Morgan & Morgan can help you fight for compensation:

    • Giving you honest appraisals of your case and answers to your legal questions.
    • Conducting a comprehensive investigation of the attack.
    • Reviewing all of the details of the attack, assessing your damages, and determining how this may influence your future in terms of lost wages and medical bills.
    • Evaluating all potential legal strategies that may be effective for resolving your personal injury case.
    • Giving you a detailed overview of the legal options ahead of you should you choose to move forward with a negligent security claim.
    • Communicating with the defendant's legal team and any other involved third parties for you.
    • Communicating with experts to serve as witnesses or others who can help contribute to the strength of your case.
    • Negotiating settlement deals with the insurance company for the opposing party.
    • Representing your interests in court.

    Becoming the victim of a violent crime in Mobile can have devastating impacts on your finances, well-being, self-confidence, and physical health. You do not have to go through this time alone, however. 

    Hiring an experienced negligent security lawyer in Mobile is the first step towards recovering full and fair compensation for your injuries.

    To get started, contact Morgan & Morgan today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation. 

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