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As one of the country’s fastest growing personal injury law firms, Morgan & Morgan has helped thousands of clients in various personal injury cases, including consumer protection, medical malpractice, car accidents, slip and falls, and nursing home abuse. With five of our 30+ offices located here in Kentucky, we are dedicated to helping the people of this great state, including the citizens of Louisville.

Our firm has represented individuals against some of the largest and most powerful corporations in America; some of these cases have resulted in settlements worth millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. Find out if we can help you by scheduling a free case evaluation today.


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Do I Have a Case?

Not every accident victim has the case to win compensation. If your injuries were caused by negligence, recklessness, or an intentional act by someone, there’s a chance you have a solid case.

Our experienced lawyers can give the thorough, knowledgeable evaluation of your situation required to determine what you may be owed.

What Is Negligence?

The law in Kentucky defines negligence as the failure to exercise the due care that a reasonably careful person would exercise in a similar situation. For example, if the driver of another car fails to stop at a red light and causes an accident, or causes an accident after running a stop sign, they have acted negligently, and a court of law could find them at fault and liable to pay for damages.

If you've been the victim of someone else’s negligence, contact us and we can evaluate your case.

What’s Involved in Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

The many important details of filing a personal injury lawsuit make it a complex process, so it’s important to have Morgan & Morgan’s resources behind you to get everything done as painlessly as possible. The opening steps of this process involve working with a relevant professional to evaluate your case – for example, our attorneys would work with a medical professional to determine if you have a legitimate medical malpractice case. If their investigation determines that you have a case, your attorney writes a legal complaint and files it in court.

Often, lawsuits get settled before a trial. Our Morgan & Morgan attorneys in Louisville, however, are experienced trial lawyers. If the person or corporation you’re suing looks to settle, your lawyer will evaluate the settlement to see if it is adequate compensation for your injuries. If they feel it is too low, they can try to negotiate it higher. If the negotiation stalls, Morgan & Morgan attorneys are experienced and prepared to bring your case to trial to get you fair compensation.

How Much Does a Lawyer Cost?

The idea of paying legal fees for a case that could go to a lengthy trial can be scary, especially if you’re already dealing with medical cost. That’s why Morgan & Morgan attorneys work on a contingency-fee basis. That means your lawyer only receives a legal fee if they successfully get you a settlement. Often, this fee is a percentage of the settlement recovered for you.

How Much is My Case Worth?

How much your case is worth can be hard to quantify until we evaluate your case and fully understand the details of it. Some things you may be able to get compensated for include:

Medical Expenses: Courts can award compensation to victims for past and future medical expenses, including rehabilitation expenses, hiring in-home healthcare aides, and costs not covered by medical insurance.

Lost Wages/Income: If your injury caused you to miss significant time at work, courts may compensate you an approximation of your lost wages.

Pain and Suffering: You may also be able to recover damages for physical pain inflicted on you by a person or company’s negligence, as well as for emotional suffering caused by your injuries.

Punitive Damages: Punitive damages are awarded to punish the wrongdoing party, to discourage others from causing injuries through similar conduct. You could be eligible for punitive damages if your injury was caused by reckless behavior and disregard for your safety. An example would be someone injured by someone who was texting and driving, or was driving while drunk.

Get Your Free Consultation

In Kentucky, there is a strict one-year time limit in which a personal injury lawsuit may be filed. It is important that you speak to an experienced attorney ASAP if you have been injured in the Louisville area. You could be owed more damages than you realize.

For a no-obligation case evaluation, complete our free case review form today.

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