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Suffering personal injuries, minor or severe, can leave you feeling powerless and overwhelmed. You’ll need someone to help navigate the complicated legal system and get you the settlement you deserve. Our Titusville, Florida, personal injury attorneys understand what you’re going through and have the experience needed to get the settlement you need.

If you’ve experienced a personal injury due to someone else's negligence or impairment, you know how much it can change the lives of a family. From the minor physical aches and pains that impact your daily routine to a severe personal injury that hamper your life for years to come, the road ahead after suffering a  injury is long. Hiring a professional, experienced personal injury law firm is the best way to make sure your current and future situations are handled in the best way possible. At Morgan & Morgan, our experienced personal injury attorneys are ready to fight for you. With years of experience navigating the system’s ins and outs, our lawyers can help you file a lawsuit against the party at fault for your injuries, deal directly with insurance companies on your behalf, and review any settlement offer to be sure it’s fair and that you are effectively compensated for your injuries.

What Our Lawyers Do to Help You

Morgan & Morgan personal injury attorneys will stop at nothing to ensure your case is heard, evaluated thoroughly, and awarded a fair settlement. It’s important to us that you have what you need to not only recover physically from your suffering but also to recover mentally and emotionally. We understand that to accomplish this, we must take certain steps.

Morgan & Morgan Attorneys:

  • Investigate the cause of the accident
  • Gather relevant evidence
  • Interview witnesses and healthcare providers
  • Review police and accident reports
  • Take photographs of the scene of the accident and review any available video surveillance footage
  • Obtain all necessary medical evidence to demonstrate the extent of your injuries
  • Deal directly with insurance companies, review settlement offers, and negotiate for a settlement that provides you with appropriate compensation
  • Prepare your case for trial if settlement negotiations do not result in an offer that adequately compensates you for your injuries

How Much Compensation Can I Expect?

Every case is different. We evaluate each individual case for the injuries you’ve suffered from someone else’s negligence, recklessness, or malpractice. Depending on these factors, the compensation can vary dramatically. However, the attorneys at Morgan & Morgan have fought hard for their clients and received very large settlements. Past settlements have exceeded a million dollars, and in one case, a Morgan & Morgan client received over $47 million in damages from an auto accident.

Our attorneys can help you recover payment for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages

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