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Car Injury Lawyer in Boston

Car Injury Lawyer in Boston

Dealing with injuries or the loss of a loved one after a car accident isn't easy. That's why it's always advisable to reach out to a car injury lawyer in Boston to protect your rights. But that's not the only reason for doing so. 

At Morgan and Morgan, we offer a free, no-obligation case evaluation for the injured. Contact us to learn more about how we may be able to help. 

Reasons to Hire a Boston Car Injury Lawyer

You need a skilled attorney to help you gather the necessary evidence to support your claim. The exact evidence you'll need will depend on the particularities of your case, and that's where an attorney comes in. 

Pursuing compensation for a car accident can drain you physically, emotionally, and mentally. The right attorney will take this burden off your shoulders by handling all the legal aspects of the case, allowing you to focus on recovering from your injuries or mourning the loss of your loved one.

Keep in mind that car insurance and traffic accident laws can be complex, especially in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. There's so much to dissect when it comes to these kinds of cases, from the issue of comparative negligence as stated in M.G.L.A. 231 § 85 to the state's no-fault laws, there's no escaping these complex issues. You need an attorney to interpret these laws and use them wherever applicable to help you pursue reasonable compensation for your damages. 

The headache of dealing with insurance companies after a car accident is never worth it if you don't have an attorney. These companies only care about minimizing their payouts to accident victims, but it's unlikely they'll do that if you have a lawyer by your side. Even if they do so, your attorney will know how to handle the situation and protect your interests. 

Without the guidance of an attorney, you may not fully comprehend the financial compensation you may seek for your injuries. That's one kind of mistake the insurance company will hope you'll make to prevent you from recovering a reasonable amount of financial compensation for your injuries. You need a lawyer to evaluate the details of your case, assess the extent of your damages, and help you understand the potential damages to which you may be entitled.

The need for immediate medical attention after a car accident should never be ignored. The same goes for ongoing treatment for your injuries. That said, you'll likely bump into serious challenges trying to get the medical attention you need, especially without a lawyer. From the uncertainties and technicalities of health insurance, surging medical bills, and rehabilitation costs, you don't want to navigate this process without legal counsel. 

Your attorney can help you get the treatment you need as you focus on recovering from injuries, not battling insurance adjusters who only care about protecting the interests of the companies that employ them.

Protecting your claim is yet another critical aspect of the settlement process. If you don't know how to protect your claim, you may end up losing it altogether or settling for less. An experienced attorney knows what you should or should not do when it comes to these kinds of cases, and can advise you accordingly, ensuring you don't fall into the traps the insurance carrier will likely set on your path to recovering damages when you file a claim with them.

What To Look For In a Car Injury Lawyer In Boston

It's no surprise that Boston has one of the highest car crash rates in Massachusetts. That explains why you'll also come across many law firms and attorneys offering legal services for individuals who have been injured or lost their loved ones in these accidents. 

But make no mistake — not every lawyer or law firm you come across in this city has what it takes to provide the legal representation you need to achieve a favorable outcome. So, in order to find the right attorney for you, it's important that you know exactly what to look for. 

Experience is the first thing you should consider. How many years have they been practicing law in Massachusetts, and specifically Boston? Do they understand the city's complex traffic laws? If so, what's their track record? How many cases have they won? 

Next, check their results. From the many years we've handled car accident cases, we know that results matter. Any attorney with a record of winning will not hesitate to share their results because that's one of the things clients look for when choosing who to retain. 

Just to give you an idea of how important results are, at Morgan and Morgan we have worked with over 500,000 clients since 1998 and helped them recover more than $20 billion as compensation. Very few injury firms in the country boast such astronomical numbers, and that's what makes us stand out in this field. 

Lastly, you may want to consider their reputation in this field. Particularly, what is the law firm or attorney best known for? For context, Morgan and Morgan is widely regarded as the largest injury firm in the country. 

Wouldn't you trust such a law firm to handle your case? Even better, to confirm our positive reputation, we have over 28,000 5-star reviews on Google alone. 

When to Hire a Car Accident Attorney

Retaining a car accident attorney comes with many benefits as far as navigating the particularities of your case is concerned. That said, not every situation requires an attorney. For instance, if you've suffered minor injuries, such as a few bruises, and did not incur significant damage to your property, such as the vehicle involved in the accident, chances are you may not need an attorney.

On the other hand, you would likely need a lawyer if you suffered severe injuries or incurred serious damage to your property. Either of these scenarios is enough reason to hire an attorney. 

Another situation where you may need to contact a lawyer is when the other party disputes liability for the accident. It could be the insurance company or the other driver.

The same applies to a situation where you're unsure of what to claim after the accident. Whether it's economic or non-economic damages, you can trust a car injury lawyer in Boston to examine the specifics of your case and determine exactly what the other party owes you as compensation for your injuries and damages.

You probably know that seeking medical attention is usually the first thing you need to do if you get involved in a car accident. In some cases, that's usually easier said than done. Many challenges could arise along the way.

For instance, what if your personal injury protection (PIP) insurance is not enough to cover your medical bills? What if you were hit by a drunk driver who fled the scene? Or what if you did not have automobile liability insurance in the first place? Regardless of your situation, you still deserve medical care, and that's one of the things you can count on an attorney to help figure out. 

In some cases, the lawyer may be able to negotiate with car accident doctors in their network to provide you with the medical treatment you need after the accident and then recover the costs later when you win the claim. However, for this to work, the attorney must ensure that you have a high chance of winning the case. That further highlights the importance of an initial case evaluation, something Morgan and Morgan offers for free. 

You may also need a lawyer's intervention if: 

  • The accident involved multiple vehicles, pedestrians, or cyclists.
  • The insurance company offered inadequate compensation for your injuries and damages.
  • The accident involved complex issues such as product liability or the negligence of a government agency in Boston.
  • The accident involved a commercial vehicle or a driver on the job.
  • The accident led to permanent disabilities or long-term impairments.
  • The insurance company is acting in bad faith (that's where our bad faith insurance claim lawyers come in).

Besides the reasons highlighted above, you can also consult an attorney whenever you are unsure about your rights and legal options after the accident.

Proving Liability in a Car Accident Case in Boston

Even though Boston and the state of Massachusetts follow the no-fault system when it comes to car accidents, that doesn't mean your own insurance company will compensate you for your injuries and damages with no questions asked. We've been fighting for the rights of the injured long enough to know that each case must meet certain elements in order to qualify for compensation. 

The first thing you need is a kind of case that makes it almost impossible for the insurance company to deny your claim. To do this, you must gather sufficient evidence, which includes, but is not limited to, photographs or videos of the accident scene, statements from individuals who witnessed the accident, police reports, expert opinions, surveillance footage, vehicle maintenance records, and more. 

Keep in mind that this list of admissible evidence is not conclusive. The specifics of your case will ultimately determine the kind of information your lawyer needs to string together to build a strong case for you.

Filing a Lawsuit After a Car Accident in Boston

In certain situations, filing a car accident lawsuit may be the best way to seek financial compensation for your injuries and damages. However, in order to step outside the no-fault system and pursue legal action against the at-fault driver, you must keep the following factors in mind.

The case must first meet certain legal criteria. One way to qualify for a third-party claim is if you have $2,000 or more in reasonable medical expenses resulting from the accident. The other option is when your injuries meet specific thresholds. These include permanent and serious disfigurement, a fracture (broken bone), or considerable loss of hearing or sight.

Lastly, the court route might be the only option if the insurance company refuses to cooperate with your legal team, leaving them with no other choice but to have a judge or jury adjudicate your case.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • What Should I Do if I Cannot Afford a Car Injury Lawyer?

    Not being able to afford an attorney shouldn't prevent you from fighting for your rights. At Morgan and Morgan, we work on a contingency basis, meaning there are no upfront costs involved; we only get paid if we win. This payment system has many advantages, including but not limited to the following: 

    • No need to pay any upfront costs or fees to get the legal representation you need to win the case. 
    • The payment entirely depends on the outcome of the case. 
    • The payment is based on a predetermined percentage, leaving no room for surprises or extra costs. 
    • It covers the expenses and costs associated with your case.
    • It motivates your lawyer to fight on your behalf and achieve the best possible outcome because their payment depends on it.
  • Is There a Deadline for Contacting a Car Injury Lawyer in Boston?

    Yes, you only have three years from the date of the accident to file a claim. If you miss this deadline, you will lose your right to take legal action. 

  • Am I Still Entitled to Compensation if I Was Partly at Fault for the Accident?

    In Boston, being partly at fault for the accident doesn't rule you out of compensation unless you were more than 51% at fault. As you would expect, insurance companies will try to come up with ways to blame you for the accident. Just as long as they can prove that you were at least 51% at fault, that could prevent you from recovering damages. That's why you need a lawyer to help fight back and preserve your right to compensation. 

  • Hire a Morgan and Morgan Car Injury Lawyer in Boston

    At Morgan and Morgan, we have everything you need in a car injury lawyer in Boston, all under one roof. From powerful legal resources, to experience, and all the way down to a proven track record of winning, our law firm leads while others follow. 

    Contact us today to learn more about your case.

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