Where Can I Find the Best Airport Accident Lawyers in Boston?

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Where Can I Find the Best Airport Accident Lawyers in Boston?

Where Can I Find the Best Airport Accident Lawyers in Boston?

A moment ago, you were looking forward to a vacation, and a split second later, you are on the food court floor with a searing pain in your back. Airports can threaten our health if they are not properly maintained by the relevant authority or the businesses and restaurants leasing retail space. Slips and falls, escalator and ramp injuries, and even car accidents can occur at busy airports such as Boston Logan.
If you or a loved one is affected, you would probably like to know, “Where can I find the best airport accident lawyers in Boston?” The good news is that a great airport attorney could help you recover the compensation you need to move forward with your life.
Finding the best attorney to represent you can be essential. You may be up against a government entity or a well-known restaurant chain with unlimited resources to fight claims.

Morgan & Morgan wants to help. Our determined Boston airport accident attorneys can fight tirelessly for what you deserve. Contact us now for a free case review to find out more.

Boston Airport Accidents

Boston Logan Airport is dealing with increased passenger numbers after a slump during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport), the airport saw a staggering 3.4 million passengers in June 2022, an increase of over 76 percent from the previous year. Busy airports translate into rushing passengers, increased traffic to the terminals and in parking garages, and increased potential for accidents and injuries. Airport passengers and workers can come to harm in numerous ways, including:

Car Accidents

Traffic around Boston Logan can be hectic and congested. Vehicle accidents may occur on the road to the airport or at the passenger drop-off areas and parking lots. Chaotic traffic around the airport terminals at peak times can lead to pedestrians getting hit and suffering severe injuries. If you experienced a car crash at the airport, you could have legal recourse against airport management, another vehicle driver, and others.

Slips and Falls

Slip and fall accidents can be frequent causes of airport injuries. If you were hurt in a fall that was caused by a lack of care or maintenance, you could have a claim against the airport. Hazardous conditions leading to slips and falls can include:

  • Poor lighting in the airport and parking garages
  • Missing or broken handrails
  • Uneven flooring
  • Bulging carpeting
  • Slippery floors and ramps
  • Loose mats
  • Slippery or steep ramps

Defective Amenities and Equipment

Escalators, inclinators (moving walkways), elevators, and ramps are all in use at Boston Logan Airport. However, these types of moving equipment need regular servicing and inspection to ensure their safety. Defective and malfunctioning airport equipment, such as boarding ramps and escalators, could cause significant injuries and even deaths.

Violent Crime

According to the Boston Herald, firearm confiscations at Boston Logan Airport mirrored a nationwide trend, reaching a high in 2021. Authorities seized 18 loaded guns at the airport. Unfortunately, violent crimes, such as attacks, assaults, shootings, and others, can and do occur at airports. Some of these incidents could be avoided with adequate security measures. Passengers hurt in an assault or attack could have a claim against the airport authority if the crime occurred due to inadequate security.

The possibilities for getting injured in or outside an airport are almost limitless. However, holding the responsible entity to account for your injuries can be tricky. If you want to find the best airport accident lawyers in Boston, Morgan & Morgan can help. Our determined attorneys have experience in handling complex injury claims and could help you recover what you deserve.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • What are Common Injuries in Airport Accidents?

    Injuries can depend on which type of accident the victim experienced, whether a motor vehicle crash, slip and fall, or another incident. However, common airport injuries can include:

    • Broken bones
    • Dislocations
    • Slipped discs
    • Strains and sprains
    • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
    • Neck, shoulder, and back injuries
    • Internal injuries
    • Spinal cord damage and paralysis

    Depending on the scope of your injuries, your medical expenses, income losses, and other costs could be astronomical. Our airport attorneys could help you get adequately compensated.

  • Where You Can Find the Best Airport Accident Lawyers in Boston?

    Before searching for attorneys to handle your case, carefully consider what you are looking for in a lawyer, which can include:

    • An office location close to you
    • Experience with handling airport claims
    • A track record of winning settlements and verdicts for injured victims
    • A communicative and friendly personality

    The best first step before starting your search can be asking friends and coworkers for attorney recommendations. You can also conduct a simple internet search by typing “airport accident lawyer near me” into the search bar. However, your most important step when looking for the best injury attorney will be scheduling free consultations to get to know the law firm and lawyer in person.

    Morgan & Morgan Is Here for You

    With more than 800 qualified and motivated attorneys, Morgan & Morgan can match you up with the best Boston airport accident lawyers. Our clients are like family to us, and we can handle your claim from start to finish, allowing you to prioritize your health and heal from your accident. Morgan & Morgan never settles for less. We want you to have the best chance to receive what you need to pay your bills and move on with your life.

    When we take your case, you do not have to worry about out-of-pocket fees or legal expenses as we do not charge our clients anything until we win the case. With America’s largest personal injury firm on your side, you can have peace of mind. Your well-being and financial recovery will be our utmost priority.

  • What Compensation is Available for Boston Airport Accident Victims?

    Depending on your airport accident circumstances and injuries, you could be entitled to the following damages and others:

    Wage Losses

    If you suffered severe injuries in an airport accident, you could be off work for a long time. You are generally entitled to damages from lost income due to your injury, including future lost wages.

    Medical Expenses

    You could be entitled to all medical costs such as hospital stays, surgeries, medications, medical devices, and others. If your injury or disability considerably impacts your daily life, you could qualify for household assistance and funds to modify your home and vehicle.

    Miscellaneous Expenses

    Individuals hurt in an airport accident may incur out-of-pocket expenses such as travel costs to medical appointments, over-the-counter medication expenses, and more. You could be entitled to all out-of-pocket costs regarding your injury.

    Non-Economic Damages

    Severely injured individuals may have to endure painful medical treatments or experience a reduced life quality due to an injury. In general, airport accident victims can seek non-economic damages such as:

    • Pain and suffering
    • Emotional distress
    • Permanent scarring
    • Loss of life quality
    • Disability

    When you are injured in an airport accident, it is important to consult with a qualified attorney who can determine the worth of your claim and calculate a fair settlement amount. Not knowing what you are entitled to could severely disadvantage you in settlement negotiations. You may accept an offer well below what you deserve.

  • How do I Prove an Airport Accident Claim?

    Airport authorities and the operators of restaurants and shops within an airport are generally responsible for making their premises safe for passengers and airport workers. They should fix hazards promptly or erect warning signs informing visitors of dangers.

    Passengers or employees who suffer an avoidable injury outside or inside the airport could qualify for compensation. However, proving an airport accident claim can be tricky and typically requires extensive evidence to show the elements of a personal injury claim:

    1. Duty of Care

    The defendant, whether the airport authority or a shop or kiosk owner, must owe you a legal duty of care. For example, if you frequent an airport restaurant, the establishment owes you a duty of care.

    2. Breach of Duty

    The airport authority or vendor breaches their duty if they do not keep guests reasonably safe. For example, if you slipped on food or drink spillages at the restaurant and hurt yourself, the restaurant may have breached its duty of care towards you. Restaurant staff should have wiped up spillages promptly or at least put up a warning sign alerting patrons to the slippery floor.

    3. Causation

    The negligence of the restaurant or other responsible party must have directly caused your accident and injuries. In other words, you do not have a claim against a restaurant owner if there was no hazardous condition and you tripped and fell due to inattention or ill-fitting footwear.

    4. Damages

    To have a personal injury claim, you must have damages, such as physical injuries, medical bills, property damage, or others.

  • What Evidence is Required to Prove Your Boston Airport Accident Case?

    To prove your case and have a chance to receive a settlement, you will have to provide evidence showing the responsible party’s negligence and your damages, such as:

    • Pictures of the accident scene and your injuries
    • Airport or restaurant accident report
    • Medical records detailing your injuries
    • Statements or bills showing your healthcare expenses
    • CCTV camera recordings
    • Statements from eyewitnesses
    • Receipts for out-of-pocket expenses relating to your injuries

    Our Boston airport accident attorneys can gather and organize the essential evidence for proving your claim. We can investigate your accident, identify all liable parties, and fight for a comprehensive settlement for your losses. 

  • Who Is Liable for My Boston Airport Accident?

    If you are hurt at an airport, you could potentially sue a careless vendor or airport management, depending on your accident’s facts. Defendants in your claim or lawsuit can include:

    • The owner operator of an airport restaurant, shop, or kiosk
    • The airport authority (at a public airport)
    • The owner of the airport (at a private airport)
    • A passenger, member of staff, or airline agent
    • Airport contractors
    • The manufacturer of defective equipment, such as escalators or ramps

    Before beginning legal action, consider discussing your claim with an airport accident attorney at Morgan & Morgan. We could determine all liable parties and discover several avenues for seeking compensation. 

  • Can I Sue a Boston Airport and Receive Compensation?

    An airport accident can be painful, distressing, and costly. However, if a government entity, business, or individual causes your airport accident, they should make you whole again and pay for your damages. In theory, victims could sue a negligent airport authority, vendor, airline, or another party and seek compensation. However, getting what you deserve can be tricky, especially if you want to sue the airport authority.

  • Who Owns Boston Logan Airport?

    Boston Logan is owned by the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport), a public authority. Suing a government authority can require some extra steps and stricter deadlines. Victims generally must present their claim in writing to Massport within 30 days of the accident and before filing a lawsuit. The notice of claim should include your contact details, the accident’s circumstances and specifics, and details of your injuries.

    Suing the government on your own can be full of pitfalls. Making a mistake or missing a deadline could sink your case. Therefore, if you believe you have a claim, seek help from our airport accident attorneys, who can protect your rights and walk you through your options.

  • Morgan & Morgan Has Your Back

    You do not have to struggle on your own against an airport authority or other liable parties in your accident. If you or a loved one got significantly hurt at an airport and another is responsible, our Boston airport attorneys can fight for maximum compensation so you can get your life back on track. Look no further to find the best airport accident lawyers in Boston, and get in touch with us today to schedule your free case review.

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