Where Can I Find the Best Car Insurance Attorney in Evansville, IN?

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Where Can I Find the Best Car Insurance Attorney in Evansville, IN?

Where Can I Find the Best Car Insurance Attorney in Evansville, IN?

Evansville, Indiana, is a popular tourist spot in the state of Indiana. It is home to the state’s first casino, a zoo, a botanical garden, and multiple Division I and Division II NCAA sports teams. With all of this tourism comes a lot of automobile traffic. And unfortunately, with all this car traffic comes car accidents.

If you are unlucky enough to be the victim of a car accident in Evansville, you will probably be asking, “Where can I find the best car insurance attorney in Evansville, IN?” The answer is easy. Morgan & Morgan is home to a plethora of qualified auto insurance attorneys with an excellent record of success.

If you’ve been in an accident in Evansville, IN, contact us today to get a free case evaluation immediately.

Why You Need a Car Insurance Attorney

You are probably wondering why people ask, “Where can I find the best car insurance attorney in Evansville, IN,” rather than, “Where can I find the best car accident attorney in Evansville, IN?” The reason is that when resolving most car accidents, insurance companies call most of the shots.

Unless someone was injured or killed, government authorities usually have very little interest in car accidents. Conversely, insurance companies have almost unlimited control of the results of most car accidents. In the average car accident, insurance companies will:

  • Investigate the scene
  • Determine who is at fault
  • Deny or approve claims
  • Determine the value of any damages
  • Possibly negotiate a settlement with other involved insurance companies

The entire process is designed to give one or more insurance companies the lion’s share of the decision-making process. Even if you were in an accident, your ability to interact with the claim process is mostly limited to filing a claim and possibly appealing. 

Even if you want to be further involved, the process is usually so complicated that you can easily be rebuffed or miss a deadline.

Because the insurance companies mostly control the entire process, there is almost nothing forcing it to be a fair process. Your insurance company can easily deny your claim or approve it for a fraction of the value it should be worth, and you will usually find it impossible to object.

This is why you need a car insurance attorney. Car insurance attorneys are familiar with the insurance claims process and can navigate it deftly. Your car insurance attorney will do their own investigation and gather evidence to support your claims. 

If the insurance company tries to deny you, your Morgan and Morgan attorney will use that evidence to support your appeal or negotiate a settlement outside the normal insurance process.

An attorney who isn’t familiar with insurance companies and their complex claims processes can’t give you the help you need.

The Best Insurance Claim Is One That Is Paid Quickly

After you have been in a car accident in Evansville, IN, you will need money. You will need money to pay for repairs to your car and probably to pay for medical expenses. As a result of the accident, you might find that you are unable to work for a while. And if that is true, you will need money to cover your lost wages.

More importantly, you need that money quickly. Repair bills and medical bills arrive as soon as the repair work is done or you receive treatment. 

It doesn’t matter how quickly your car is repaired if you can’t pay for it because the repair company won’t return it until it is paid. And while you will receive treatment before you get a bill, doctors and hospitals will hound you for payment if you don’t pay promptly.

Not only does the insurance company control whether you get compensation or not, but it also controls how quickly you get compensation. There are regulations preventing insurance companies from unnecessarily delaying the process, but that doesn’t prevent them from delaying payment with a mountain of red tape. 

The insurance companies know that the longer it takes for you to get money, the more desperate you will get for it. And the more desperate you are, the more likely you are to accept any offer, even if it is unfair.

One of the main duties of your Morgan & Morgan car insurance lawyer is to get you fair compensation quickly. 

Whenever possible, we negotiate a fair settlement without going through the claims process. This speeds up the process of getting you money in days or a few weeks rather than in months. This ensures that you pay your bills quickly and have enough money to replace your lost income before it affects your ability to pay your rent or buy groceries.

You Have the Right to Sue Insurance Companies

There is yet another reason that you will be asking, “Where can I find the best car insurance attorney in Evansville, IN?” While you can sue the other driver in a car accident, more often, you will need to sue whatever insurance company is responsible for damages if you are not receiving appropriate compensation from a car accident.

Since a car insurance company decides to deny or approve a claim, that car insurance company is responsible if you are denied. Similarly, if the car insurance company is knowingly undervaluing your claim, you can sue to demand full compensation.

A lawsuit is a mixed blessing. The benefit of a lawsuit is that the jury might award you additional punitive damages if it finds the insurance company acted in bad faith. And the amount of compensation you are likely to receive from a lawsuit is higher than a negotiated settlement.

Unfortunately, lawsuits take a lot of time to complete. You should expect a trial to take at least a year to complete, and it is not uncommon for a trial to last multiple years. Unless you have a fair amount of money in the bank, your finances could end up being very lean for a few years while you are waiting for a verdict.

Morgan & Morgan car insurance attorneys will do what they can to delay your bills and help you get assistance resources while waiting for a verdict. But there is only so much that can be done to speed up a trial, especially if the other side is intentionally delaying.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • Can You Sue Your Car Insurance Company or Just the Car Insurance Company of Another Driver?

    Your car insurance company has a contract with you. That contract essentially says that it will pay you money in certain circumstances, as long as you pay your premiums. If your insurance company refuses your claim, you can sue it for mostly the same reasons you can potentially sue the insurance company of another driver.

  • Where Can I Find the Best Car Insurance Attorney in Evansville, IN, If I Live in Another State?

    Morgan and Morgan has offices in every state in the country. If you live out of state but get into a car accident in Evansville, IN, you can contact either your local Morgan & Morgan office or the Evansville office. 

    Evansville attorneys will take the lead on your case while attorneys local to where you live will keep you fully informed. You have the benefit of having both local attorneys on the scene and face-to-face meetings with an attorney.

  • Are Car Insurance Laws the Same in Every State?

    No, car insurance laws are different in every state. But that shouldn’t concern you. If you got into an accident in Indiana, it’s Indiana car insurance laws that are important. And our experienced attorneys have decades of experience navigating Indiana insurance law.

  • Can I Receive Compensation for a One-Vehicle Accident?

    You don’t have to hit another car to be in a car accident. Your vehicle could lose traction and hit a wall, or you could accidentally back into a tree. Regardless, if your car insurance covers car repairs and medical expenses, you can receive compensation for car damage and injuries.

     If you don’t have the right type of insurance, you might be out of luck, but the best way to find out is to talk to a Morgan & Morgan attorney.

  • How Much Does a Car Insurance Attorney Cost?

    Morgan and Morgan car insurance lawyers take every case on contingency. Taking a case on contingency means that we receive a percentage of any award that we can get for you. If you receive nothing, then we receive nothing.

    However, the larger the reward we can either negotiate for you or win for you in court, the more money we receive, too. This encourages us to do our best in every case. You can be certain that if we think there is a good chance of getting you more money, we will follow through with that every time.

  • Where Can I Find Additional Resources to Help Me Recover From a Car Accident?

    After a car accident, you may need more than just money to recover fully. For example, if you suffered a severe injury, you might need years of therapy or even a live-in nurse. Money will pay for these things, but it won’t help you find them.

    This is another way that the attorneys at Morgan and Morgan can help you. We can direct you to critical resources that will help you recover after a car accident. If you need a good auto body shop or a doctor who specializes in knee injuries, we can help you find those resources you need.

    Similarly, if you need to apply for disability insurance after your car accident, we have lawyers who focus on that field of law. We already have the evidence we need to support your claim from the car accident, so it is easy for us to also support your claim for government assistance programs you may qualify for.

  • Where Can I Find the Best Car Insurance Attorney in Evansville, IN?

    If you have been involved in a car accident in Evansville, IN, eventually, you will need to deal with insurance companies. Rather than let insurance companies dictate the claims process and decide whether you will be paid or not, you should get the help of a car insurance attorney who is dedicated to getting you money. 

    The attorneys at Morgan and Morgan have years of experience dealing with insurance companies and want nothing more than to help you recover from your accident quickly. Contact us today to get your free case evaluation.

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