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Evansville, IN Insurance Claim Lawyers

Evansville, IN Insurance Claim Lawyers

If you've suffered a significant financial loss from tornado damage, theft, a motor vehicle accident, or another personal injury, you've probably already filed a claim with an insurance company. You may not fully grasp your rights and may doubt that you'll be treated fairly. This is a common feeling—and for a good reason.

The insurance company wants to minimize the value of your claim, and you want the maximum. That's why you faithfully pay your premiums each month. However, insurance is a business, and you can bet the insurance company will do its best to remain profitable, even if it devalues or denies valid claims. That's where the Evansville, IN, insurance claims lawyers at Morgan and Morgan can help.

Suppose you're in an insurance dispute and are feeling frustrated and angry after hitting a wall. In that case, our qualified attorneys can negotiate on your behalf to get your claim approved or increase the settlement amount. Our lawyers command respect in the insurance industry because we have a reputation for doggedly pursuing justice. We don't back down until you're awarded the full value of your claim. Read on to learn how having legal representation can substantially help when you've reached an impasse with an insurance company.

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  • When Should You Hire a Lawyer for an Insurance Claim?

    Typically, more expensive claims will require the help of a lawyer because the stakes are high on both sides. The higher the dollar amount, the more likely you'll find yourself in a dispute. Here are common reasons conflicts arise:

    Claim denial - An insurance company may deny a claim from the get-go. Often, the reason is a misappropriation of exclusions under the policy. For example, in a property damage claim, they may insist that the damage was pre-existing or caused by property neglect. They may claim the damage was caused by something not covered under the policy. Suppose it's a medical insurance claim denial. In that case, they may say it's because it's medically unnecessary or the procedure is too expensive. When your health is on the line, you need Evansville, IN, insurance claims lawyers that know how to get denied health claims appealed. Before making any kind of insurance claim, you should review your policy to see what is covered and the maximum payout allowable for the claim.

    Lowball offers -  Even if your claim is approved, you may have issues with the settlement offered. This is perhaps the most common issue people have with insurance claims. The default response from insurance companies is to pay out as little as possible. They may undervalue your out-of-pocket expenses, refuse to cover certain aspects of the claim, and won't tell you about benefits you're entitled to have. Don't sign off on a lowball offer because once you do, you relinquish your right to argue for more money in the future. Instead, get in touch with Morgan and Morgan Law Firm. We'll negotiate for a better settlement.

    Delayed responses - If you've been waiting an unreasonably long time to hear about your insurance claim, this is a big issue. It's typical for insurance companies to take a long time to get to claims in the case of a natural disaster. Still, otherwise, you should expect to have your claim processed "reasonably promptly" under Indiana insurance law. Not all delays are intentional, but sometimes, insurance companies will use this as a tactic to get claimants to give up and just accept what they're offered. Working with an attorney can help speed up this process because they know you mean business once we're involved. It's also vital for you to respond to all communication promptly to avoid slowing down the proceedings.

  • What Is Bad Faith Insurance?

    When you sign an insurance agreement and pay your premiums on time, your insurance company is contractually obligated to abide by their policy. Bad faith insurance is when any action or omission on the part of the insurance company violates this contract. You have a right to expect they will hold up to their end of the bargain. Bad faith insurance tactics can include the following:

    • Unreasonable delays in settling the claim
    • Failure to do a proper investigation
    • Unreasonable denial of benefits
    • Requiring unreasonable measures to prove the validity of the claim
    • Underpayment of a claim
    • Refusing to settle
    • Not providing a reasonable reason for a claim denial
    • Misrepresenting the terms of the policy
    • Omitting benefits the client is entitled to recover

    An insurance company that operates in bad faith may be at risk for a judgment that requires them to pay on the claim and then some. A successful bad faith insurance lawsuit could result in them paying for damages beyond the policy limits. A judgment can include compensatory damages for interest, emotional distress, economic losses that resulted from their bad faith tactics, attorney's fees, and in the case of egregious behavior, punitive damages may be awarded.

  • How to Fight an Insurance Claim?

    Whatever the reason is for your insurance dispute, don't expect an easy time getting it resolved. Fighting an insurance company will involve a deluge of paperwork, time, effort, and an understanding of insurance policy terminology, which may make you feel like you're reading an ancient Egyptian tablet. Furthermore, you're going up against a business with access to significant resources, experienced staff, and powerful lawyers who will work against you. We understand that you need the benefits that were promised when you signed the insurance policy. Although our services take a percentage of your award, it's far better to get a substantial settlement than settle for whatever they feel like giving you. However, it would be best if you moved quickly. Every insurance company has its own rules and timelines for responding to denials or lowball settlement offers.

  • What Will Evansville, IN, Insurance Claim Lawyers Do to Help With My Insurance Dispute?

    When you work with Morgan and Morgan, we follow a process that may include the following:

    Conducting an investigation - The foundation of a legal claim rests on the evidence. While the insurance company does its own investigation, we do one too. When we investigate an accident scene, for example, we may notice things that the insurance investigators overlooked or downplayed, such as an alternative cause for the accident. In the event of a bad faith insurance dispute, we may find evidence of a pattern of behavior. Likewise, in a slip and fall accident, we may uncover evidence that the property owner knew of the dangerous condition and did nothing to correct the situation. Suppose your car accident settlement is being lowered because of Indiana's "contributory" negligence law. In that case, we may be able to expose evidence that lessens your percentage of negligence. Our investigation depends on what kind of dispute you're having with the insurance company and the type of claim.

    Collecting paperwork - To effectively negotiate with an insurance company, it will require collecting and submitting documentation. This can include medical records and doctor's notes, estimates and invoices, police reports, appraisals, receipts, pictures and other media, damage assessments, and more, depending on what type of claim you're filing.

    Identifying at-fault parties - Liability is another critical element of an insurance claim, especially in motor vehicle accidents, since Indiana is an at-fault state. Holding at-fault parties accountable is a top priority. This may require interviewing witnesses, examining police reports, and observing the scene of the accident in person. While the police typically assign fault in their report, a "new" witness in the form of residential or business security footage might be found during our investigation, which can challenge the police findings.  

    Determining the fair value of your claim - While the insurance company does work on its side to determine the value of a claim, it may not always take into account all the factors of the claim. We look at things like medical bills, repair costs, lost wages, diminished value, damaged property, pain and suffering, and other losses to determine the fair value of your claim. Often, an insurance company will not account for future medical bills if your injuries require multiple surgeries. Expenses like these can really add up, and if you settle without knowing the full value of your claim, you might be on the hook paying for these yourself.

    Understanding federal, state, and local laws - Some insurance claims are complex and may involve federal, state, and local laws. For example, a boating accident may fall under federal maritime law, but state law may have some impact too.

    Handling all negotiations and communications - An insurance dispute can be extremely stressful, especially if you're recovering from injuries. Your legal team at Morgan and Morgan will take this burden off your shoulders. We will faithfully negotiate on your behalf to ensure you recover the maximum amount possible for your insurance claim. We won't settle for anything less than what your claim is worth. You won't have to worry about dealing with frustrating and aggressive insurance company representatives. Still, we will keep you abreast of all our progress.

    Representing you in court - Most insurance claim disputes will be resolved out of court through negotiations. But in some cases, particularly expensive claims, we may need to take it to court. Having a lawyer on your side who is comfortable and experienced in arguing cases in court is crucial. Not all insurance claims lawyers are ready and willing to do this. Instead, they'll settle for less than what the claim is worth to avoid going to trial because it can be time-consuming and requires knowledge of how the courts work. Don't fall for this kind of representation. If you're searching for "insurance lawyers near me" or "insurance claim attorneys near me," ask about their experience litigating before a judge and jury. It could mean a massive difference in the amount of compensation you receive. Morgan and Morgan employ over 1,000 trial-ready lawyers that won't shy away from representing you in court.

  • What Are Some Examples of Insurance Claims Settlements and Verdicts?

    At Morgan and Morgan, we've handled more personal injury claims than any other law firm in the country. It's part of the reason we're one of the nation's largest law firms. Here are some recent examples of our verdicts and settlements and proof of how hiring experienced Evansville, IN, insurance claim lawyers can make a substantial difference:

    Jordan Josey v. Korey Nash - Pre-trial offer: $10,000, Verdict: $250,000

    Elaine Kronon v. Outback Steakhouse - Pre-trial offer: $135,000, Verdict: $759,000

    Collazo, Kevin v. Progressive Select Insurance company - Pre-trial offer: $100,000, Verdict: $844,000

    Willis, Genenisha v. Harvick Hauling Services LLC - Pre-trial offer: $200,000, Verdict: $1,490,000

    Wardingley, Scott v. Variety-Foods - Pre-trial offer: $351,000, Verdict: $1,660,000

    Gambrel, Alan v. Goddard, Christopher & Huften, Conner - Pre-trial offer: $12,500, Verdict: $1,930,000

    These are just a few of the cases we've tried in 2022. For a complete list of our successes, check here.

  • Working With Morgan and Morgan

    If you're having an insurance dispute, you need to understand that all law firms are not the same. We've demonstrated how it literally pays to work with Morgan and Morgan. When it comes to getting the settlement you deserve, you need the right kind of lawyers on your side. Don't be fooled by an insurance representative who claims to be working with your best interest in mind. They are definitely not, even if it's your own insurance company. They will have an army of staff and lawyers whose sole responsibility is protecting the business's interest, not yours.

    While our track record is impressive, you won't owe us a dime if we fail to resolve your claim successfully. That's how sure we are of our capabilities. You don't have to struggle with an insurance dispute on your own. Our lawyers are ready to help. Contact us today for a free case evaluation. We'll review the factors of your claim to determine if we think we could win more money for you.

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