Where Can I Find Help for My Product Liability Cases in Evansville, IN?

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Where Can I Find Help for My Product Liability Cases in Evansville, IN?

More than 118,000 Hoosiers call Evansville home. Every day, residents of Evansville purchase products that they trust are safe and reliable. 

Consumers have a right to know that the things they buy meet a certain reasonable level of safety. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. 

In many instances, consumer products are unreasonably dangerous or hazardous. Dangerous designs and manufacturing flaws can result in severe injuries for victims.

If you have been hurt by a dangerous consumer good, you may wonder, “Where can I find help for my product liability cases in Evansville, IN?” When you have legal questions, it is vital to consult with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney. 

The accomplished Evansville attorneys at Morgan and Morgan will review the facts of your product liability case. We will use the available evidence to secure maximum compensation for you. 

Victims of faulty products deserve justice. For this reason, it is critical to secure the services of the team at America’s largest tort law firm—Morgan and Morgan. 

Many types of injuries can result from using a malfunctioning or faulty product. Oftentimes, victims also experience significant medical costs and lost income. 

You should not allow negligent manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to go unaccountable. The accomplished attorneys at Morgan & Morgan can recover the money that you need.

Fill out the form on our website, and we will arrange a free consultation to discuss your claim. Let our team fight on your behalf.

Understanding Product Liability in Indiana

When a company sells, makes, or leases a consumer product that is defective, it may be held accountable for any harm that item causes. This is especially true when the flaw makes the product unreasonably dangerous.  

To hold the seller or manufacturer liable, the product’s user must show that the malfunctioning product caused their damages. Under Indiana state law, “defective” products are defined in a certain way. 

For a product to be classified as “defective,” it must be in a condition: 

  • A reasonable person could not foresee
  • That results in unreasonable danger when using it as intended
  • That does not include adequate warning labels about potential dangers
  • That does not offer adequate instructions for use 

When a product causes harm and meets any of these conditions, you may have grounds for a valid product liability claim. Speak with the skilled lawyers at Morgan and Morgan to determine the compensation that you are rightfully owed.  

In the state of Indiana, product liability statutes are highly complex. For this reason, it is important to consult with an attorney to review your case. 

In most product liability cases, there are two possible types of defects that affect the product itself. These are “manufacturing” and “design” defects.  

Other cases revolve around proving that the manufacturer or seller “failed to warn” you about possible hazards. It is important to understand each of these possibilities:

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Morgan & Morgan

  • What Are Manufacturing Defects?

    A manufacturing defect is the most common type of product flaw. This defect occurs during the production of the item.  

    For instance, the product may have been misassembled at the factory where it was manufactured. If this type of fabrication flaw leads to an accident or injury, the seller may be held responsible.  

    Manufacturing defects typically only affect a small number of items in the product line. This is because manufacturing defects are problems of assembly or fabrication, not at the level of design. 

    Common examples of manufacturing defects include: 

    • A child’s swing with a crack in the chain
    • A single batch of medicine containing a dangerous compound
    • A motorcycle assembled without brake pads
    • A blender with loose or chipped blades 

    In product liability cases resulting from manufacturing defects, the plaintiff must show that their injury was caused by the flaw. 

    For instance, suppose that you were injured on a defective motorcycle as the result of careless or reckless driving. This would not qualify you for compensation through a product liability case. To file a claim against the manufacturer or seller, you must provide evidence that your injury occurred because of the manufacturing flaw. 

    Speaking with an attorney about the circumstances of your product-related injury will help you secure the best possible outcome. A manufacturing defect can cause serious injuries and property damage. A Morgan & Morgan legal professional will fight to get the recovery that you need.

  • What Are Design Defects?

    Other product liability claims revolve around a mistake at the level of design. This type of flaw can make an entire product line unreasonably dangerous.  

    Design defects are not the result of a problem in the construction or fabrication of the item. Instead, the defect is present in the blueprint or layout of the product itself. 

    Oftentimes, this type of liability case involves the claim that every item in the product line is unreasonably dangerous. The manufacturer may have executed the plans for the product perfectly. Still, a design defect will result in hazardous consumer goods. 

    Some examples of defects in design include: 

    • A model of vehicle that tends to catch fire
    • A sunglasses design that does not guard against UV rays
    • A hair straightener that tends to get too hot 

    In cases involving design flaws, the victim’s injuries must have been the direct or proximate result of the faulty design. Imagine that you are driving a dangerously-designed car. If you are involved in a head-on collision as a result of being intoxicated, your injuries would not be caused by the design flaw. 

    Instances of product design flaws have the potential to cause financial and physical harm. The seasoned legal team at Morgan & Morgan knows what it takes to hold large manufacturers and sellers accountable. 

    We will take your case as far as necessary to get the financial recovery that is rightfully yours. Do not get stuck with the medical bills from an injury caused by a flawed product. 

  • How About a Failure to Warn or Provide Adequate Instructions?

    The final type of product liability claim does not involve a fault in the physical or chemical structure of the product itself. Instead, failure-to-warn claims are possible when a product is dangerous in a way that is not immediately apparent to users. 

    Many products, even if they are made correctly, require special attention or precautions during use. When those responsible for the product do not include adequate warnings, consumers may suffer injuries. 

    Warning labels should be clear, visible, and decipherable. If you believe that your injury happened because of the lack of a warning label or instructions, contact a legal representative.  

    Some common examples of failure-to-warn include: 

    • Tea kettles without warnings about the possibility of steam burns
    • Medicine that does not include warnings about hazardous side effects
    • Paint-removal chemicals that can cause burns sold without adequate instructions 

    It is critical that the plaintiff provide evidence their injury was the result of the lack of instructions or warning. Without the right warnings, consumers face a high risk of accidents and injuries. 

    When you find yourself injured from using a faulty item, you may wonder, “Where can I find help for my product liability cases in Evansville, IN?” The knowledgeable team at the firm of Morgan & Morgan proudly serves clients across Indiana and the country. 

    Whether your injury resulted from a manufacturing flaw, design defect, or lack of appropriate warning labels, we can help. You should not have to manage the costs from an incident for which another party is responsible.

  • What are Damages in Indiana Product Liability Cases?

    An experienced attorney will assess your injury and situation to determine the total value of your product liability claim. The payments that you can hope to secure through a successful product liability claim are known as “damages.”

    Victims can typically pursue at least two types of damages that are intended to compensate for their losses. These two categories of payments are called “economic” and “non-economic” damages.

    Explaining Economic Damages

    Economic damages include the compensatory payments that make up for the direct financial losses that result from the product-related injury. Most people underestimate the monetary impact of a physical injury. 

    Some of the most common economic damages in product liability claims include repayments for: 

    • Current and past medical costs
    • Lost wages and income from missing work from the injury
    • Expected medical costs in the future
    • Necessary in-home care
    • Decreased earning potential long-term 

    An accomplished Morgan & Morgan attorney will review the financial documentation from your case to determine the economic damages you are owed. This may include: 

    • Bills
    • Receipts
    • Invoices
    • Other financial documentation 

    Do not let a company’s greedy insurance provider downplay the financial losses you have experienced. It is critical to hold those responsible for faulty products accountable. 

    Explaining Non-Economic Damages

    The most emotionally difficult consequences from an injury are usually not monetary in nature. The negative experiences associated with product-related injuries do not directly cost money. Still, victims deserve compensation for these harms. 

    This type of loss can be accounted for through non-economic damages. Some of the typical examples of non-economic damages in Indiana product liability claims are: 

    • Physical pain and suffering 
    • Loss of enjoyment of life
    • Mental distress and trauma
    • Depression and anxiety
    • Disfigurement and disability 

    Insurance providers typically try to dismiss these losses as insignificant. Do not let this happen to you. Contact Morgan & Morgan to accurately calculate the non-economic damages you deserve.

  • How Much Does a Product Liability Attorney Cost in Evansville, IN?

    When you have faced the financial consequences of an injury, it is normal to be concerned about the cost of legal representation. The caring professionals at Morgan & Morgan believe all injury victims deserve justice. 

    Because of this, our lawyers are paid through contingency fees. We will determine a specific portion of the winnings from your case when you hire us.  

    That percentage of the recovery will cover attorneys’ fees only if we settle or win your case. In other words, the fee is free unless we get money for you.

  • How Long Do I Have to File a Product Liability Claim?

    Each state has a different timeline for product-related injury cases. In the state of Indiana, the statute of limitations for product liability claims is generally two years from the date of the injury.

  • Let Morgan & Morgan Fight for You

    You should be able to rely on safe and effective consumer products. When you sustain an injury or illness because of a faulty product, you deserve compensation. 

    Make sure to contact the product liability attorneys at Morgan and Morgan if you have been injured as the result of a product defect. Complete the contact form on our website to schedule a free case evaluation today.

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