Who Is the Best Personal Injury Firm in Georgia?

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Who Is the Best Personal Injury Firm in Georgia?

Best Personal Injury Firm in Georgia

Have you been hurt in an accident in Georgia? You need to know your options to get a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. You may have some work to do to narrow down the best personal injury firm in Georgia. There are many different personal injury law firms in Georgia to choose from and the sooner you can act to consult with an attorney, the easier it will be for you to start this process. What a great personal injury law firm looks like for you could be different from another victim. In the wake of suffering in an accident, you need to decide what is most important to you. 

A lawyer who works hard to hold the other person accountable through a lengthy court case could be vital for you when seeking out the best personal injury law firms in Georgia. However, if you are more interested in getting support for settlement, you should also discuss these concerns with various personal injury law firms in Georgia. Doing some research can help you to identify the most likely candidates for your chosen personal injury lawyer.

You might start by looking for an attorney who is helping a friend or family member. If you know someone who is seriously injured in a Georgia accident and needed to file a lawsuit to recover compensation, a referral from another person who has worked directly with that law firm can be instrumental in helping you to make your decision. That being said, not everyone has a connection to someone who has been through a personal injury accident or who knows a reputable personal injury Law Firm. This means you will need to undertake the research process on your own to determine your next best step.

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  • Basics of Personal Injury Cases

    When you are hurt in an accident, a personal injury lawyer is the person you hire to help file your lawsuit and communicate with the insurance company about your case. Your personal injury lawyer can be brought in at any point in the case so long as your situation still complies with the Georgia personal injury statute of limitations. This means that there is a specific time period that you are eligible to file a lawsuit in Georgia and this is true in many other states as well. Investigating these options sooner rather than later will give you clarity on how quickly you need to schedule a consultation with personal injury law firms in Georgia. 

    The personal injury statute of limitations in Georgia is 2 years and this clock usually begins running on the date of the accident. If you wait until after this point to attempt to file to recover compensation, the judge could deny your case even if all of the other elements of your claim are accurate. You need to abide by Georgia's statute of limitations when filing a personal injury case and this could come into play with your lawyer if they have not been contacted yet. Setting an initial consultation to discuss things with a lawyer does not obligate you to either file a lawsuit or to work with that firm specifically but it is a key first step in fighting for the compensation that you deserve. You need to retain a lawyer if you wish to pursue comprehensive personal injury litigation against a responsible party. Trying to handle these kinds of cases on your own can be difficult and could lead to critical mistakes that block you from recovering full and fair compensation.

  • Understanding Comparative Fault in Georgia Accidents

    One other important component of choosing the best personal injury law firms in Georgia is understanding of comparative faults. If you attempt to file an insurance claim or a court case after suffering an injury the other party in some states could try to blame you for being fully or partly at fault for the accident. Georgia's modified comparative fault rule eliminates or reduces damages if you are found to be mostly or partly at fault for an accident. 

    Courts are required to apply for comparative fault rules in those injury cases in which both parties are found to share the fault. If the other person in the accident can prove that you contributed to or caused the accident, your percentage of damage recovery may be reduced by however much the court believes you to be at fault for the accident at all. Because of these high stakes, you can't afford not to have the services of an attorney. You need to present a compelling case to support your own claims. This is why it makes sense to hire the best personal injury law firm in Georgia.

  • What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

    If you have already attempted to get compensation for your injuries without the help of a lawyer, there’s a chance you have hit a roadblock already. Perhaps the insurance company won’t return your calls or made you a settlement offer that wouldn’t fully cover your damages. Maybe you believe that your medical conditions from the accident will be much more extensive and involved than expected. A personal injury lawyer plays a big role in your case when you involve them in your pursuit of benefits post-accident. 

    A personal injury lawyer might begin by having all of the evidence in your case. This could even include working with expert witnesses or reconstructing the scene of the accident to get a better understanding of what happened. Your lawyer will also evaluate all of the evidence you have, such as photos or videos, to piece together a compelling storyline of how you were injured. Although you understand these basic facts yourself, your lawyer can begin to put this into a format that will be meaningful for the court and the opposing counsel. A lawyer who has managed many cases like this before knows what to look for and how to arrange this material. 

    If you are already in the negotiation stage of your case, your lawyer will work with the other side and provide you with important counsel about what to expect. If a settlement offer comes over, your lawyer will look through it with you and help you decide whether or not to accept it or push back. Your lawyer will have handled situations like this previously and will not be afraid to stand up for what is best in your case no matter what that looks like.

  • What to Look for in a Law Firm?

    All lawyers have legal education and have passed the bar exam if they have maintained an active license. However there are many other factors that you can explore when looking for the best personal injury law firms. For example, you might be seeking a firm that has a strong track record and is taken seriously by insurance companies throughout the state. This is one leading way to fast track your case and to get results sooner rather than later. 

    You might also be looking for a lawyer who appears to understand the specifics of your case. Perhaps if you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident, for example, you also want an attorney who has either handled motorcycle accidents or is a rider themselves who will take your case very seriously. The only way to know for sure whether a law firm has the right experience and personality traits for your specific request is to schedule an initial consultation with them. You can do plenty of research online to identify a law firm's relevant experience, testimonials, feedback from past clients and other important aspects in your decision-making process. 

    This should lead you to a shortlist which is the cornerstone of what you'll use to schedule initial consultation calls. These calls can be completed over the phone, virtually or in the law firm's office and involves you asking important questions about your specific case and getting a handle on your lawyer's typical approach if you decide to work with them. Testimonials and feedback from other clients are great tools in narrowing down your list of the best law firms in Georgia. This is because how a law firm works with other people says a lot about how they are likely to work with you. Before making your final decision, make sure to ask these lawyers their overall perspective on your case. This will tell you a lot about whether or not they perceive your case to be serious and worth pursuing in court. Only you will know which lawyer is the right fit for you after these initial consultation meetings.       

    Morgan & Morgan is well known as a strong team of personal injury lawyers who put the needs of their clients first. This has led to a strong reputation in Georgia for fighting hard on behalf of victims who have had their lives changed because of an accident. You can use this simple contact form to get in touch with Morgan & Morgan for a free case evaluation to get started with your first steps.

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