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Jackson Birth Injuries

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Jackson Birth Injuries

Medical advances have made childbirth much safer for mother and child. Sadly, however, prenatal or delivery negligence could put your baby at risk of injuries resulting in pain, suffering or disabilities.

Morgan & Morgan is a Mississippi personal injury law firm that works for people like you to hold corporate hospitals and doctors accountable for negligence. Our Jackson birth injury attorneys understand the heartbreak of learning that your otherwise healthy baby might face a lifetime of hardships because of a healthcare professional's mistake. We pursue compensation that can help your child meet the challenges ahead.

Prenatal Negligence

Your doctor’s duty to you begins when you are pregnant. Good prenatal care can improve your chances of having a healthy baby and reduce the risks of a difficult delivery or premature delivery. Your doctor may have acted negligently for failing to screen for such pregnancy risk factors as:

  • Larger than normal baby, especially if the mother has a small frame
  • Baby’s abnormal delivery position
  • Mother’s health conditions, including diabetes or preeclampsia
  • Mother’s excessive weight gain
  • Previous C-section or difficult vaginal delivery

An obstetrician has a duty to recommend cesarean section to a mother who is at increased risk of a difficult vaginal delivery. If your doctor failed to do so, your baby’s and your health might have been put at unnecessary risk.

Premature delivery can result in serious health complications, including respiratory distress syndrome (RDS), brain hemorrhage, heart problems, anemia, jaundice, infections and underdeveloped organs. Precautionary measures might have prevented premature delivery and your doctor may be responsible for failing to monitor you during your pregnancy and to recommend preventative measures.

Common Delivery Mistakes

A doctor’s delivery mistakes can seriously injure a newborn baby. Our birth injury attorneys often encounter such preventable delivery injuries as:

  • Perinatal asphyxia, when flow of blood and oxygen are cut off from the brain during delivery
  • Intracranial hemorrhage caused by a ruptured blood vessel
  • Nerve damage because of extreme pressure placed on the face, spine or shoulder
  • Brachial plexus injuries, including Erb’s palsy, that occurred when the doctor tugged on the baby’s arm

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Last updated on Apr 11, 2022