What Is the Disability Claims Process in The Houston Area?

If you believe you have grounds to open a disability claim, it is important to educate yourself about the steps involved in this process and to consider retaining an experienced lawyer to represent you throughout. An attorney who can answer your questions and guide you through this process can reduce a great deal of the stress associated with recovering disability benefits. When looking for a disability attorney in Houston make sure you seek out someone who has a broad background in this area and who is highly knowledgeable about the process and the typical pitfalls that can occur. 

What happens if you become ill or sustain an injury that means you can’t go back to work? In addition to the pain of coping with the injury and the uncertainty of your future, you don’t need the added stress of trying to get disability benefits on your own through the traditional application process. 

This is where knowing that you should hire a disability attorney in Houston right away can relieve your fears; even the initial application for disability benefits is confusing at best, and many people might not realize the importance of what they put on that paper for the purposes of their case review. Don’t find out too late that you made a costly mistake; hire a lawyer well in advance to try to get the application right the first time around. 

Approval Rates for Disability in Texas

There are two federal programs that you might be entitled to disability benefits through. It is believed that there are more than 25,000 individuals in Houston getting benefits through disability insurance. The social security approval rate for supplemental security income and social security disability insurance is around 43% for the initial application and a further 20% more might be successful in requesting reconsideration. 

There is a very tight approval process particularly with recent budget cuts, meaning that anyone who is planning to apply for disability should be willing to retain an experienced disability attorney in Houston to assist them if and when they get denied. Furthermore, it can be beneficial to retain a disability attorney in Houston at the outset of submitting your first disability claim because this can help reduce your margin for error or unnecessary delays that are caused by failing to fill out your application properly. 

Certain conditions are also more difficult to get approved. You want to apply with a compelling case that is illustrated in your medical records and all the proper paperwork the first time around. Even when you do this, it’s still possible that you could make a mistake or that a stringent application reviewer denies you. 

Since you are likely going to rely on disability benefits to pay your bills and take care of your children, you’ve got enough to cope with in the wake of this major change to your life. Knowing that you can ask questions of a disability attorney in Houston gives you an important lifeline to make this challenging process much easier and more clear. 

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