Weis Market Attack Ends With Four Dead, Including Shooter


A gunman opened fire at a Weis Market in Eaton Township, Pennsylvania late Wednesday night, killing two men and a woman before shooting himself.

Authorities initially attributed the attack to domestic violence, but questions continue to swirl around the ties between the three victims and the shooter. Four bodies were found inside by Wyoming County Sheriff’s Office troopers, and at least one witness saw some of the shooting, according to WPXI.

Authorities believe this is an isolated incident, according to WNEP. The store’s normal hours are 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., and the gunman and victims appear to have been working inside at the time of the incident, according to WNEP.

The WCSO released a statement ensuring the public wasn’t in any danger. The district attorney and coroner haven’t commented on the incident, according to WPXI.

It’s not clear if Weis Markets could do anything more to prepare for a random attack like this, but businesses and other venues have a responsibility to keep you safe.

Businesses Must Protect the Public

Businesses, stadiums, shopping malls, and other venues have a responsibility to secure their premises from crimes. If you experience an injury because of a crime at one of these locations, those entities can be held liable under a lawsuit called negligent security.

Negligent security cases exist to give visitors or customers injured in a place of business or public space an opportunity to seek damages for their injuries. Foreseeability is a big component of negligent security, meaning organizations are on the hook for responding to anticipatable incidents or crimes.

The threat of mass shootings is higher than ever , according to a report released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, meaning venues could be on the hook for foreseeing some violent crimes. Companies can head off dangerous circumstances by deploying tools like security cameras, gates, and guards, but they might still be on the hook. A knowledgeable attorney may be able to assist you in pursuing your case.

Authorities are conducting further investigation into the relationship between the victims and the shooter, but reports suggest all four worked at the store at the time of the incident. The WCSO will provide more details Thursday afternoon, but for now, the affected Weis Market is refocusing on protecting its workers and patrons.

“We are deeply saddened by the events of this morning,” Weis Markets spokesman Dennis Curtain said in a statement. “The safety of our associates, our customers, and the surrounding community is our top priority.”

Feature Photo: A screenshot of a WNEP news report.

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