Where Can I Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Waltham?

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Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Waltham

Catastrophic accidents are already traumatic experiences, but the anger caused by someone else's negligence is understandable too. Why an individual or company would be so careless and cause harm to you or someone you love is hard to imagine. But, when these responsible parties also refuse to compensate those injured, insult gets added to these injuries.

If you or a family member are struggling to get the compensation you are owed for medical bills, property damage, pain and suffering, and other damages you incurred from an accident don't give up hope. With the best personal injury lawyer in Waltham by your side, it's possible to get a fair settlement or the representation you need to convince a jury to make them pay. Read on for tips and advice when choosing a personal injury lawyer to represent your personal injury case.

Know Where to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer

It's important to understand that looking for a lawyer doesn't happen overnight. You will need to interview several before deciding who is best to represent your case. The tricky part is creating your initial list of possible attorneys to choose from. When you are using search engines like Google, ensure that you are specific about the type of representation you need. For example, the following phrases will ensure you get the most relevant results:

  • Personal injury lawyer in Waltham
  • Accident attorney near me
  • Waltham personal injury attorney

You mustn't use one-word or overly generic search terms when browsing the Internet for potential law firms. The legal industry covers hundreds of specialties, and you want to ensure you hire someone that specifically represents your type of claim.

Also, consider the following tips when searching for a qualified personal injury lawyer in Waltham:

Research Reviews and Feedback 

Everything you want to know about a personal injury lawyer in Waltham can be found on the Internet for the most part. Google reviews and testimonials from previous clients will prove invaluable in your search for the right fit. You can also find additional feedback about your prospective attorneys on legal websites like your state's bar association. 

Besides client reviews, you can find additional information, including: 

  • When an attorney was admitted to the bar
  • Cases they represent
  • Disciplinary actions on their record
  • Client ratings
  • Jurisdictions of practice
  • Biographical details
  • Contact information

Definitely consider any testimonials on a law firm's website, as well as any shared media about their latest successes in the courtroom. Many lawyers have a case blog highlighting cases they have represented and the resulting compensation they recovered for their clients. 

Ask for Referrals from Those You Trust

Don't just rely on search engines and review sites to make your decision. Family members, coworkers, and other close acquaintances are also reliable sources for advice when choosing a personal injury lawyer in Waltham. Being in an accident caused by someone else's negligence is not an uncommon experience, sadly, and those you trust the most can provide important information about the claim process and what their attorney experiences were like. 

This firsthand information can fill you in on everything from legal fees to the lawyer's overall personality and professionalism. All of which is important since you will form a business relationship with the firm you choose to represent you. 

Contact Your Previous Attorneys

Contacting law firms that previously handled a legal matter for you is also an important step in finding a personal injury lawyer to represent your new accident case in Waltham. While a divorce or estate attorney doesn't cover negligence issues, they likely have a colleague who does that they can recommend. If they do handle accident matters, even better! Just make sure they have experience in your type of negligence claim. A slip and fall lawyer doesn't necessarily have the expertise to pursue a defective product claim.

Treat Consultations Like an Interview    

Consultations are inevitable when deciding on which personal injury lawyer in Waltham should take on your case. Your initial meeting shouldn't cost you a dime and is your best opportunity to interview your prospects. Don't hesitate to come in with a list of questions to ask, and don't leave without getting answers! 

Also, pay attention to how their office staff treats you and others. Do they seem personable? When someone calls, are they friendly and conversational or short and quickly end the conversation? Finally, make sure to schedule a consultation with personal injury lawyers you're seriously interested in hiring. Your well-being will depend on the skill and professionalism of the law firm you choose, so every detail is important!

Hire an Attorney That Is Genuinely Interested in Your Case 

This may seem like an obvious piece of advice, but it's important to remember that some attorneys will say yes to cases they don't want to represent. Suppose you only have a mildly twisted ankle after falling in an obscured hole, for example. In that case, you won't recover a significant compensation award like someone who broke their arm under similar circumstances. This doesn't mean you aren't equally entitled to justice and damages for your experience, but the lawyer you choose may not have the same care for your situation compared to more severely injured plaintiffs. Their efforts directly impact the outcome of your case, so choose someone that doesn't focus on the size of your claim and fully dedicates their efforts to maximize your recovery. 

As you can see, taking the time to find the right personal injury lawyer in Waltham to represent your case is crucial. Because you only have three years to file a suit in Massachusetts, it's vital you begin your search right away. 

Additional Tips to Find a Waltham Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have a long list of potential attorneys to choose from, ask the following questions during your consultation to help narrow it down: 

  • How does your firm get paid?
  • Will you personally represent my case or another attorney?
  • What percentage of your cases involve personal injury situations like my own?
  • How many years have you been practicing? 
  • Have you been with this law firm for most of your career?

Experienced attorneys can be challenging to find since many firms nowadays provide representation for many areas of law. You want to choose an individual who primarily represents your legal issues a large majority of the time. This will ensure they are aware of and can adequately overcome challenges that might arise during your case. The level of success they have is also crucial. You don't want to hire someone that only wins a fair settlement or jury verdict thirty percent of the time. 

How your lawyer expects to get paid should be crystal clear before signing any contracts with them. Most personal injury firms won't accept any payment until they win your case. This is known as a contingency fee. Typically, you will agree to give your attorney a percentage of your final compensation award or settlement, which motivates them to maximize how much they recover on your behalf.  

However, if their proposed rate seems unreasonable compared to other attorneys you have consulted with, don't hesitate to ask why they ask for that amount. If they won't explain or the reasons they give don't make sense, consider going elsewhere. With that said, also ask if their cut won't cover any out-of-pocket costs. It's not uncommon for attorneys to not include the following legal expenses in their contingency fee: 

  • Filing fees
  • Postage
  • Phone calls
  • Travel time
  • Costs for expert witnesses
  • Documentation request fees

Typically, these are still not paid until after your case has concluded, and they will take this out separately from your final damage award. Therefore, you should still make sure this is written in clear language in your contract should you hire them.  

Finally, consider the size of the firm before making up your mind. Smaller firms have a more personalized approach to personal injury law, but they may not have the resources to represent your interests adequately. If you suffered catastrophic injuries, medical expert testimony, accident recreationists, and other crucial professionals might need to be hired to testify on your behalf. Of course, larger legal practices may make you feel lost in the busy hustle and bustle of their office. 

Networked law firms like Morgan & Morgan are ideal because we can provide you with a more personal case experience while providing extensive legal support. 

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • How much is my personal injury case worth?

    While it's important to know what your injury case is worth, it's impossible to predict. Many elements impact the value of personal injury claims, including:

    • Injury severity
    • Your medical prognosis
    • Amount of damages suffered
    • Liability you might have
    • The insurers involved
    • Nature of your accident
    • Even the jury's opinion of you! 

    What you can be sure of is that with one of our personal injury attorneys by your side, you will recover more compensation (even with our fees) than without us.

  • How much do Morgan & Morgan personal injury lawyers in Waltham charge for legal services?

    Morgan & Morgan wants everyone wrongfully injured by someone else's negligence to have access to quality legal representation. Our firm uses contingency fees to accomplish this goal and ease the financial burden on those seeking justice for their injuries. This means you don't pay a dime upfront for our services and won't get paid unless you win. 

  • Will you go to trial if necessary?

    Absolutely! Morgan & Morgan is known for having an eye for the courtroom. We want our clients to get the best possible results for their personal injury claims. If this means going to a jury to get the compensation you deserve because an insurer won't negotiate fairly, then we will. With over $20 billion in verdicts and settlements won, you can trust that we are committed to using every legal avenue available to get you justice. 

  • Trust the Top Personal Injury Lawyers in Waltham

    If you have been hurt by the negligent actions of a business or individual, they have broken their duty to ensure the safety of others they are legally obligated to provide. But, holding them accountable for their actions is challenging on your own. This is why you need the best possible legal representation to handle your case.

    At Morgan & Morgan, we not only provide some of the nation's best personal injury representation, but we help you focus on healing. Trust us to handle negotiating with the liable party's lawyers and insurer. For over 30 years, we have represented individuals in your situation and helped them maximize their recovery for the damages they suffered, including: 

    • Lost income, including lost earning capacity
    • Medical bills and transportation costs
    • Disfigurement
    • Loss of enjoyment
    • Pain and suffering
    • Mental anguish
    • Burial costs
    • Wrongful death

    Trust one of our personal injury lawyers in Waltham to help get your life back on track and moving forward. Our legal team will not stop until you are fairly compensated for the trauma you have endured. We understand what happened wasn't your fault and can ensure that your rights are protected, and your best interests are made a top priority throughout the entire claim and lawsuit process. 

    Please fill out our brief contact form to find out more about our free consultation offer.  

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