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Georgia COVID-19 Funeral Home Neglect

Georgia, like much of the United States, has been ravaged by the coronavirus outbreak. Tragically, families across the state have had to say goodbye to their loved ones prematurely. 

As a consequence, some funeral homes have been overwhelmed and had trouble handling the influx of remains.

Although it’s certainly a difficult time for these businesses, that’s no excuse for neglect or mistreatment. If you suspect a funeral home failed in its duty to care for your deceased loved one, contact our Georgia attorneys.

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Examples of Funeral Home Neglect

A funeral home can provide great comfort when a loved one has passed. However, if they fail to provide the level of care that’s to be expected, they can instead cause tremendous hardship. 

Amid the coronavirus crisis, some funeral homes have fallen short in their responsibility to care for the deceased. They should be held accountable for actions such as:

  • Mishandling, dropping, or losing the body
  • Storing bodies in unrefrigerated trucks or other vehicles
  • Stacking bodies on top of one another
  • Burying the wrong body
  • Failing to properly embalm the body
  • Selling body parts
  • Stealing personal property from the deceased

Proving Negligence

If a family member passed away and their remains were neglected or abused by a funeral home, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. “Negligence” is the legal term for liability, or responsibility, in these cases, and our attorneys can fight on your behalf to prove it. This generally requires establishing the following:

  • The funeral home owed a duty of care to treat the deceased in a responsible and respectful manner.
  • They breached their duty, or legal obligation to avoid harming your loved one’s remains.
  • Their actions directly caused you harm.
  • You suffered losses as a result, whether financial, emotional, or otherwise.

Contact Morgan & Morgan

If you lost a loved one during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the funeral home failed to treat them in a competent manner, contact Morgan & Morgan. Our funeral home attorneys can review the facts to determine if you have a case. If you do, we can fight to help you recover compensation.

Our attorneys work a contingency basis, so it costs nothing to hire us and we get paid only if your case is successful. Schedule a no-obligation evaluation today.

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