Juul Vapor Lawsuit

Morgan & Morgan is reviewing claims on behalf of nicotine-addicted Americans who used a Juul vaporizer prior to November of 2018 and before turning 18 years of age.

Juul vaporizers (aka vapes or e-cigarettes) are marketed as regular cigarette replacements, claiming to be a safer alternative for adults looking to quit. They work by heating up flavored oils that come in sealed, replaceable, single-use Juulpods to create a vapor that can be inhaled by the user. The slim, slickly designed devices are about the size of a USB stick. 

Juul pods contain more nicotine than other e-cigarette competitors, and Juul vapes are not popular solely among adults. Millions of children and teens used an e-cigarette at least once in 2018, and considering that non-adults have a higher chance of developing addictions due to unfinished brain development, it is likely that many young Americans are now suffering from a nicotine addiction.

Juul not only may not have gone far enough to prevent this, there is reason to believe that it knowingly advertised to children and teens.

The Dangers of Nicotine Addiction 

Nicotine is a toxic chemical. It negatively affects blood pressure and blood sugar levels, causes ulcers, and even promotes plaque buildup on artery walls, among a host of other ailments. 

Nicotine is also severely addictive on a chemical level, creating a dependence that is both harmful and costly. It generates a compulsion to keep purchasing and consuming expensive products that are dangerous to health, and it causes physical and mental pain whenever a user tries to break the addiction. Giving up nicotine can be a painful and expensive process, sometimes even requiring a stay in an addiction recovery or rehabilitation treatment facility.

Juul prior to November 2018 failed to warn consumers that its products contained this dangerous substance. Research suggests that many children and teens did not know that its products contained nicotine, thinking that they were just consuming a tasty vapor. 

A Broken Promise?

Juul says that its mission is to “improve the lives of the world’s 1 billion adult smokers by eliminating cigarettes.” That is a noble goal. Regular combustible cigarettes made from tobacco have caused untold pain, suffering, and destruction for billions of people around the globe. Ending that misery would be an incredible triumph. 

But Juul is also a business trying to make a profit — and at that, it has been very successful. The company was recently valued at $38 billion following an investment by the megacorporation that manufactures tobacco products like Marlboro, Skoal, and Black & Mild.

There is reason to believe that a lot of Juul’s success can be attributed to its popularity with children and teens. Most middle- and high-school-age kids are not smokers, and for them, Juul isn’t a way to quit smoking but a brand-new hobby — one that most of them think is cool, fun, and safe. They don’t know that there’s a good chance they’re picking up a lifelong chemical addiction. 

Helping adults quit smoking is a worthy pursuit, but not at the price of doing potentially severe health damage to the next generation. 

Other E-Cigarette Lawsuits and Legal Issues

The e-cigarette industry is growing quickly, and the legal and legislative systems are struggling to catch up. Many states and cities are seeking to change laws to prevent non-adults from using vapes, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration still has not approved e-cigarettes as a safe or effective method of quitting regular cigarettes. 

Lawsuits against these companies have been filed for a number of issues, including cases concerning e-cigarettes exploding or catching fire and causing harm to consumers. Morgan & Morgan has filed a lawsuit against Juul for knowingly advertising to children and teens. 

We’ll Fight for You, for Free

If you or a loved one has developed a nicotine addiction or suffered other harm after using a Juul vaporizer prior to turning 18, we want to hear from you. If the first use of the product was before November 2018, you may have a case for compensation. 

Please call us now to set up a free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll investigate your claim at no charge, and we get paid only if you win. We’ve fought Big Tobacco for decades, and we’re ready for this next battle for the health and rights of our clients.

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