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Personal Injury Lawyer in Washington, D.C.

If you get hurt in an accident, did you know that you can use a personal injury lawyer in Washington, D.C., to help fight for the recovery of compensation? If you've been hurt by another person's reckless or negligent actions, the law in D.C. recognizes that you may have expenses that should be covered by that person's insurance company or that person directly. It is not easy to find yourself in this situation, but it is very important to consult with an experienced and qualified lawyer as soon as possible. 

A dedicated personal injury lawyer in Washington, D.C., will be able to evaluate the full strength of your case and give you further details about how best to proceed. You may be coping with many different medical bills and other expenses tied to your accident, and you should not be responsible for paying these expenses when someone else has hurt you, such as in a pedestrian accident, truck accident, slip and fall injury, car accident, or other incident. In these circumstances, a personal injury lawyer in Washington, D.C., will be able to gather the evidence to help you file a claim so that you can begin to recover compensation.

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  • When to Look for a Personal Injury Lawyer?

    A personal injury attorney in Washington, D.C., should be one of the first people you contact after living through a serious accident. You may have not yet realized the full scope of your injuries or what you need to consider in fighting for your future, but a Washington, D.C., personal injury lawyer may be essential for helping you to recover compensation. Laws recently changed in the District of Columbia with regard to contributory negligence. In the past, if you were found to be even partly responsible for the incident that caused your injuries, you were not able to recover compensation in a personal injury claim. However, updates in this law may no longer apply to bicycle, pedestrian, car, and other similar accident claims. 

    Now, so long as you were not more than 50% at fault for the accident altogether, you may be able to recover compensation for your damages. Washington, D.C., has undergone serious updates to their negligence laws in recent years, which can make self-representation especially dangerous. Insurance carriers and liable parties may have strong legal defenses on their side and may work as hard as possible to deny any responsibility. You need a Washington, D.C., personal injury attorney who can help you craft the strongest possible claim as well as avoid complications.

  • What Kinds of Damages are Available in Personal Injury Cases?

    Each personal injury case is unique and will have a variety of different types of damages available. You need to consult with a personal injury law firm in Washington, D.C., as soon as possible to preserve the integrity of your evidence and your overall claim. Your lawyer will sit down with you to discuss possible damages based on how your life has been changed by the incident. 

    This can include disability, medical expenses, pain and suffering, property damage, emotional distress, reduced quality of life, and more. Working with a qualified attorney may be your only opportunity to tell your side of the story and to recover the funds that you need to put your life back together. You do not have to proceed on your own without the support of a personal injury attorney in Washington, D.C. After an accident, your life can change dramatically. Even if you recover as much as your doctor says you're able to do so, you may not ever be fully recovered from the accident. If you're dealing with financial debt because you can't go back to work, stress, and mounting medical bills, you should not be responsible for handling these.

    In many cases, you may not realize the full scope of your injuries in the associated damages until you've had the opportunity to work with a qualified lawyer. You might have begun to initially total some of your medical expenses, but do not realize how this lost time at work and also future medical expenses figure into the equation. It can be challenging to negotiate with an insurance company on your own when you're not familiar with these details. You may even be tempted to accept a settlement amount that does not fully compensate you for your injuries, and once you accept that, it is too late for you to go back and request more money. This is why it is helpful to have the attorneys of Morgan & Morgan on your side from the moment you decide to file a lawsuit. 

  • What Is Involved in Filing a Washington, D.C., Lawsuit?

    You will need to file a civil action in order to hold someone else responsible for the injuries you sustained in an accident. You should always do this with the guidance of an experienced and qualified personal injury lawyer in Washington, D.C. Your lawyer will help you to file a complaint form with the clerk and to complete a summons for every defendant named on the complaint. If you're seeking to cover damages that are in excess of $10,000, the civil actions branch of the District of Columbia courts must approve that decision.

    Once the insurance company has been notified about your intention to move forward with a legal claim, your attorney will handle all of the aspects of your case. This can be very helpful so that you do not have to worry about filing deadlines, paperwork, and communication with the insurance company. Instead this falls to your lawyer so that you can remain focused on getting better. It is likely that you may not ever fully recover from a serious accident that prompted you to contact a personal injury lawyer in Washington, D.C. This is why you need an attorney who has been down this path before who can help to calculate a fair amount of compensation considering how your life has previously been impacted and will continue to be affected in the future. 

  • What are the Statute of Limitations in Washington, D.C.?

    Each state and Washington, D.C., has strict time limits in which you must file a lawsuit or waive your right to recover compensation. The court will not hear your case regardless of the strength of your claim and the establishment of liability if you exceed the statute of limitations. This is the time period in which you must file a claim in civil court. The statute of limitations in D.C. is three years and it starts on the date of the incident or the accident that led to your injury or condition. However, there are separate rules that apply if you are filing a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of a loved one who was killed. If your loved one passed away in a fatal accident you will have two years from the date of the incident to file a wrongful death lawsuit per D.C. code 16-2702. Only certain parties are eligible to pursue wrongful death claims, including a surviving spouse, children, the personal representative handling the deceased's estate administration, or other parties in certain cases. 

    There is no average settlement amount that may apply to your personal injury claim as there are many different factors that can influence your ability to recover compensation.

  • How to Understand Settlement Offers?

    The vast majority of personal injury lawsuits do not go to court. Instead, they are negotiated in settlement conversations outside of court. If you find yourself dealing with the consequences of a personal injury lawsuit, you need to share your concerns with a qualified attorney as soon as possible. A dedicated personal injury lawyer will be able to piece together all of the different facets of your personal injury claim and can help you to understand the many ways that this will influence your future and whether or not a settlement offer presented to you is indeed fair. People who do not have appropriate representation, such as those not working with attorneys from Morgan & Morgan may be tempted to take the cash settlement offer and move forward with their life. Bear in mind that if you accept a settlement offer, you waive your right to pursue additional compensation. Car accident liability is very complicated, and it is very important to work with a law firm that has the right track record in pursuing compensation and helping victims with the complexity of their claims.

  • What to Look for in an Attorney

    You deserve to have members of your legal team who are fully committed to doing everything possible on your behalf. Your attorney should be willing to sit down with you outside of a case and discuss what a win looks like for you. This may be closing out the case as quickly as possible and settlement negotiations, or you may wish to pursue compensation through a trial if necessary. It is important that your legal team have experience with both aspects of these kinds of claims, so that you are fully prepared no matter which route your case takes. 

    To take your first step toward compensation, contact Morgan & Morgan today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

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