Where Can I Find the Best Car Insurance Attorney in Boston?

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Where Can I Find the Best Car Insurance Attorney in Boston?

Where Can I Find the Best Car Insurance Attorney in Boston?

Car accidents in Boston can be traumatizing, painful, and financially burdensome. A denied or underpaid insurance claim can leave you out in the cold without the opportunity to get justice for your injuries, car damage, and financial losses. If this has happened to you or a loved one, you might wonder, “Where can I find the best car insurance attorney in Boston?”

Whether you are struggling to get what you deserve from your car insurer or the at-fault driver’s insurance company, we could help. Morgan & Morgan knows you need an adequate settlement to move on with your life after a crash. We believe you should not have to haggle over every dollar.

If you were denied payment or offered an unreasonably low settlement, we could match you up with our best car insurance lawyers in Boston. Contact us today to find out more in a free case review.

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  • Why Hire a Boston Car Insurance Lawyer?

    Many individuals only consider working with an attorney once their insurer or the other party’s insurance company has already denied or minimized their claim. However, working with an excellent car accident attorney immediately after your accident can be crucial for getting what you deserve, especially when:  

    • The damages, such as medical costs and lost income, are sky-high
    • You suffered severe or permanent injuries
    • Your claim is complex, and the fault for the accident unclear
    • You have some responsibility for the collision

    In other words, getting a dedicated Morgan & Morgan car insurance attorney into your corner right away can be an excellent idea if a lot of money is at stake. We can protect your rights and ensure that an insurer is not trying to take advantage and shortchange you.

  • How to Find the Best Car Insurance Attorney in Boston?

    Finding suitable attorneys can be relatively easy with the help of your network and the internet. For example, you could:

    • Ask friends and family members for attorney referrals
    • Search online for lawyers in the Boston area
    • Use specialized lawyer websites such as Avvo and Martindale Hubbell
    • Contact the Massachusetts Bar Association for help and advice

    What to Look for in a Car Insurance Lawyer

    There are many car insurance attorneys in the Boston area. Choosing the best one for your case can be tricky. However, things to focus on are the attorney’s experience, success rate, and resources. The best car insurance attorneys have:

    • Experience with handling claims like yours
    • Resources to handle your case from beginning to end
    • A personable and pleasant demeanor
    • An excellent professional reputation
    • Overwhelmingly positive client reviews
  • Should You Meet Your Attorney in Person?

    Meeting your lawyer and attending a free first consultation can allow you to get answers to your most pressing questions, such as:

    • Do I have a case against the insurance company?
    • How many car insurance claims have you handled?
    • Have you won any cases like mine at trial?
    • What are my upfront expenses, if any?
    • Am I responsible for any costs if I lose my case?

    A first case review can be an excellent way to determine whether you feel comfortable with an attorney, support staff, and the law firm. If the attorney seems enthusiastic about helping you, listens to your concerns, and answers your questions honestly, you probably found your match. On the other hand, if an attorney acts uninterested at the meeting, you are better off looking elsewhere.

  • How Can a Boston Car Insurance Attorney Help?

    The best car insurance attorneys can protect your legal rights and prevent you from leaving money on the table. Insurance companies are generally more interested in preserving their profits than paying out adequate settlements. Therefore, you may need an attorney to level the playing field. A great car insurance lawyer can:

    Protect You From an Insurer’s Manipulative Tactics

    Having an attorney by your side when an insurance company is not playing nice can be critical for getting what you deserve. Some tactics insurers use to deny or minimize settlements include:

    • Asking for recorded statements
    • Making lowball settlement offers
    • Fishing for information to discredit your claim
    • Delaying or minimizing your claim

    Help You Prove a Claim

    Proving your insurance claim or a lawsuit is essential for getting what you deserve. A car insurance attorney at Morgan & Morgan can gather and organize critical evidence to prove another’s fault for the crash, such as:

    • Police report
    • Traffic camera footage
    • Witness statements
    • Professional accident investigator reports

    To receive a fair insurance settlement, you will also have to prove your injuries and damages from the accident. Our attorneys can help organize your medical records and liaise with your doctors to obtain critical documents. They can also determine the value of your claim by calculating all your present and future expected damages from the accident.

    Negotiate With the Insurance Company

    In most car accident claims with significant injuries and property damage, you should let an attorney handle all communication and negotiation with the insurance. An attorney can assert your rights and ensure that the insurer is treating you fairly.

    Take Your Case to Trial

    If all else fails and an insurance company or at-fault party refuses to agree to a fair settlement, our attorneys can take them to court and fight for the entire worth of your claim. Morgan & Morgan’s car insurance attorneys are experienced litigators who, unlike some other law firms and attorneys, do not accept an insurance’s last best offer. We never settle for less because we know that our injured clients rely on us for a fair payout.

  • What Are Some Examples of Insurers’ Manipulative Tactics?

    It is important to remember that insurance companies generally act in their best interests rather than yours. Therefore, they may use tricks to get you to accept less than what you deserve.

    Denying or Delaying a Valid Claim

    Insurance companies may deny or delay valid claims, hoping that victims give up and walk away or agree to a lowball settlement offer. However, unreasonably delaying a claim could be unethical and may give you grounds for filing a bad faith case against the insurer. In a bad faith lawsuit, you could recover damages in addition to your original claim’s value.

    An insurance company may also deny your car accident claim outright and refuse to reimburse you for your losses by alleging:

    • You caused the accident
    • Your policy does not cover your damages
    • You failed to provide proof of your losses

    When this happens, a Boston car insurance attorney can help you stand up to the insurer, prove that you qualify for a settlement, and demand the actual value of your claim.

    Making a Lowball Settlement Offer

    Sometimes, an insurance company will be quick to offer a settlement. However, the first offer is typically an attempt to settle quickly and cheaply. The offered amount may be too low to cover all your damages, especially if you are likely to require future medical treatments.

    It can be tough to judge a settlement offer when you are unsure of the extent of your damages and are still in pain or emotional distress after an accident. Do not let an insurer exploit your vulnerability, and get a car insurance attorney in your corner. Once you have signed a settlement agreement, you usually lose the right to ask for more or file a lawsuit. An attorney can protect you from accepting a lowball settlement offer.

    Demanding a Recorded Statement

    Insurance companies can use recorded statements to trip up claimants. Therefore, providing an insurer with such a recording could be a severe mistake and jeopardize your claim. Once you make the statement, you cannot take it back again.

    It is critical to note that you are not required to provide a recorded statement to an insurance company. Therefore, if an insurer demands such a statement from you, promptly contact an attorney for advice before doing anything you later regret.

  • How Can I Maximize My Car Insurance Settlement?

    Knowing how to receive your claim’s full worth can be crucial. After all, your health and future could depend on an adequate payout.

    Get a Medical Evaluation Immediately

    If you did not receive emergency medical assistance at the crash site, ensure to see a doctor in the days after the accident. Some injuries, such as whiplash or traumatic brain injury (TBI), may only develop symptoms after days or weeks. Receiving a prompt diagnosis and treatment can be crucial for your health and provide you with evidence for an insurance claim.

    Follow Your Treatment Plan Meticulously

    After receiving a treatment plan from your doctor, follow it faithfully. Never skip any appointments or treatments. If you fail to follow your doctor’s orders, you could lose your right to a fair insurance settlement. Adjusters will seize any opportunity to delay or deny your claim and might allege that you exaggerated your injuries.

    Gather and Organize Critical Evidence for Your Claim

    Collecting and organizing relevant evidence can help you receive an insurance settlement. Retain all important documents that could help to prove your damages, including:

    • Medical statements and bills
    • Photos and videos of the crash scene
    • Receipts for out-of-pocket expenses
    • Proof of car rental cost
    • Bills showing vehicle repair expenses
    • Contact details of all involved drivers and eyewitnesses

    Never Mention Your Accident on Social Media

    If you were involved in a car accident and want to file an insurance claim or lawsuit, it is best to refrain from discussing details with anyone other than your attorney. Information that you provide may be used against you. Posting specifics of your injuries or the accident on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, could sink your insurance claim.

    Adjusters will search for information on the internet and elsewhere that they can use to deny or minimize your claim. For example, if you post pictures of participating in sports while seeking damages for catastrophic injuries, you could severely damage your case. It is best to stay off social media completely during the claims process. Under no circumstances post any of the following information on social media channels:

    • Details of the accident
    • Photographs of the crash
    • Details about your injuries, treatment plan, and recovery
    • Specifics about a settlement offer

    Scrutinize the Insurer’s Settlement Offer

    Never accept the first offer from an insurance company without first determining the actual value of your claim. While it may be tempting to settle quickly, the first offer may be too low to cover your damages. Compare the amount the insurer is offering to your accident expenses, such as wage losses, healthcare costs, car rental, and others.

    If you suffered severe or life-changing injuries, ask an attorney to determine the worth of your claim. You could be owed non-economic damages, such as pain and anguish. Once you sign on the dotted line and accept a settlement, you generally lose the right to sue. Therefore, discuss your settlement with a car insurance attorney before agreeing to an amount.

    Contact a Boston Car Insurance Lawyer

    An experienced car insurance attorney from Morgan & Morgan can be by your side and handle your claim from start to finish, leaving you free to focus on what matters most: your health. We can protect you from unscrupulous insurance companies and fight bad faith insurance claims.

  • We Never Settle for Less Than What You Deserve

    We can help if you are looking to find the best car insurance attorney in Boston. Morgan & Morgan knows that severely injured car crash victims may have to deal with an accident’s emotional, physical, and financial consequences for years. If a car insurance company treats you unfairly, you do not have to stand for it. Every day, we help individuals who struggle to receive the car insurance settlement they need and deserve.

    You don’t pay anything upfront when we take your case. We only get paid if and when you win and receive damages. Contact us now for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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