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Birmingham Dog Bites

Dogs are known for being man’s best friend, but occasionally, they lash out and bite people. A minor attack can be painful and traumatic, but some attacks are life-altering, such as if a large dog attacks a child. Victims of serious dog attacks can suffer disfigurement, nerve damage, psychological issues, and much more. Owning a dog is a serious responsibility, but some owners are negligent when it comes to taking that vow seriously.

When dog owners fail to adequately train their dogs or otherwise control them, our dog bite attorneys at Morgan & Morgan are ready to help you hold them accountable and recover the compensation you deserve. Contact us at our Birmingham, Alabama, office today to find out how we might be able to help you.

Alabama Dog Bite Law

Many states recognize that when a person chooses to own a dog or other potentially dangerous animal, they must also take on the responsibility if it causes harm. Alabama has a dog bite law that emphasizes the responsibility of the owner but also takes proof of their negligence seriously.

Alabama’s dog bite law stipulates that dog owners are liable for the actions of their dogs on both private and public property but offers some leeway if the animal was not known to be hostile prior the attack or was provoked. The statute gets narrower on private property, but as long as the victim is lawfully present, they’re likely to be protected. This means people who are invited to the property but also postal workers, police officers, and other government agents.

Prominently posted warning signs can reduce liability, but this isn’t a surefire method of protection, and you may still be entitled to compensation.

What a Birmingham Attorney Can Do for You

Alabama’s dog bite laws are generally favorable to victims of animal attacks. Still, receiving compensation can be difficult because of the issue of the victim’s damages and the efforts of the parties responsible for paying. Dog owners and their insurers will attempt to minimize the extent of your injuries and their liability, such as trying to establish a series of events less likely to yield you a positive outcome.

An experienced Birmingham attorneys can identify the weaknesses inherent in the arguments made by owners, insurers, and experts determined to keep you from getting fair compensation.

Contact Our Team of Birmingham Dog Bite Attorneys Today

Being bitten by a dog can be traumatic, harrowing, and put you in a situation where you need effective legal representation to ensure you receive the compensation you need to pay for the medical care your injuries necessitate.

Birmingham residents who have suffered due to a dog owner’s negligence can seek compensation today, and having a competent attorney can strengthen the likelihood of a successful outcome. Morgan & Morgan’s Birmingham office has attorneys on hand who are experienced in dog bite law and ready to handle your claim. Fill out a free, no-risk case evaluation form today if you’re ready to seek justice.

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Last updated on Apr 26, 2023