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Jackson Premises Liability

Whenever you enter property owned by a person, a business or the government, important premises liability laws protect you. This holds true whether you shop at Metrocenter Mall, attend a concert at Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium, bring your family to Geyser Falls or eat at one of Jackson’s popular downtown restaurants.

Morgan & Morgan is a well-respected Mississippi injury recovery law firm. Our personal injury attorneys have dedicated our careers to representing the people against the powerful. We have the experience to represent injury victims in complex claims. No case is too small for our legal team who believes that all people have the right to qualified representation in the civil courts. Contact our Jackson firm today to discuss your case.

Duties to Invitees and Licensees

Owners have a duty to you to keep their property in good condition, repair defects and warn you about potential dangers. This legal concept, called premises liability, forms the basis for trip, slip and fall claims. The extent of an owner’s duty depends upon the nature of the property and the purpose for which you entered the property. In descending order of protection, these three categories are protected:

  • Business invitee enters or remains on the property for a business purpose. You are considered an invitee when you enter a retail store, restaurant, office, sports arena, gym or other places of business. The owner must inspect the property and make repairs to defects that the owner should have known about.
  • Licensee enters or remains on the property for a purpose that does not benefit the owner. You are a licensee when you attend a house party or visit your friend’s home for dinner. The owner must warn you about dangerous conditions.
  • Trespasser enters or stays on the property without permission or for no legal reason. Adult trespassers are given limited legal protection. However, child trespassers are given heightened protection if the property contains an attractive nuisance, such as a swimming pool or a trampoline.

Common Injuries on Properties

Our premises liability lawyers immediately investigate your case and gather crucial evidence before the hazard is repaired or removed. We demonstrate that the owner owed you a duty, that the owner violated that duty and you were injured because of the defective property condition. We handle all types of premises liability claims, including these common scenarios:

  • Slippery liquid in a grocery store aisle
  • Over-packed store shelves
  • Negligent security
  • Broken stairs
  • Uneven sidewalk pavement
  • Unsecured carpeting
  • Obstacles strewn in a walking path

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Morgan & Morgan holds owners to their duty to maintain safe property. Our experienced Jackson premises liability attorneys are ready to discuss your rights and options for recovery. Schedule a free case evaluation today.

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Last updated on Apr 11, 2022