Mar 12, 2024

Two Workers Killed by Stolen Truck in TN Work Zone

Semi Truck on Highway

Two Tennessee Department of Transportation workers were killed on Nov. 6, WKYT reported. The collision happened in a construction zone on I-40 near Memphis. Police say a tractor trailer drove through the closed work zone, hitting a truck designed to take the impact of a crash, the car of a Tennessee Highway Patrol officer, and contractors working there. In addition to the two men who were killed, a third construction worker and the Tennessee Highway Patrol officer were injured in the crash.

Jared Helton, 22, and Justin Stafford, 30, both of Eastern Kentucky, were contractors for A&A Safety, an Ohio company, when they were killed. The injured contractor, Cody Cantrell, 22, is also from Kentucky. A spokesperson for the company said this was the first time that its employees had been killed on the job. According to WKRN, the tractor trailer had been reported stolen by truck rental company Penske. The company declined to identify when or where it had been stolen, referring all questions to law enforcement.

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