Feb 21, 2024

Morgan & Morgan Wins 4 Major Verdicts in 1 Day, Turning Low Pre-Trial Offers into Much Bigger Jury Awards

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Morgan & Morgan is proud to announce our successful recovery of four major verdicts in a single day on Wednesday. In each trial, the attorneys handling the case were able to win a sizable jury verdict after our client was offered low-ball pre-trial compensation that discredited the severity of his or her injuries and suffering.

One of the jury awards was an impressive $1.5M verdict for the victim of a maritime accident — here are the other three verdicts our attorneys scored:

$395K Jury Verdict for Car-Crash Victim; Award Is 40x Higher Than Insurance Company’s Initial Offer

Morgan & Morgan attorneys Tim Moran and Eric Andeer represented a 65-year-old woman who suffered severe back injuries in a 2014 crash in Jacksonville. Insurance company, Allstate Insurance Company, offered a settlement of just $10,000 to cover the extent of her serious injuries, which required multiple medical procedures over the span of multiple years. However, Moran and Andeer, embodying the Morgan & Morgan ethic of fighting for the people, not the powerful, knew their client deserved better and were successfully able to recover the verdict the client needed to heal from her injuries.

“Our client is ecstatic and so are we,” Moran said. “We are proud to have been able to help our client heal after she endured years of injustice.”

$80K Court Victory for Car Crash Victim That’s 20x Insurance Company’s Pre-Suit Offer

Morgan & Morgan attorneys Crosby Crane and Jonathan Brozyna represented client Melody Dianaty who faces a chronic neck condition and other life-altering injuries after she was rear-ended while driving home from work.

Despite the severity of her injuries and the expense of her medical treatments, the most insurance company State Farm was willing to pay in this low-property damage case was $3,500. But with the help of Morgan & Morgan’s attorneys, that pre-suit offer of $3,500 became an $80,000 verdict.

“This case was about the client. She is a fighter,” Crane said. “State Farm tried to intimidate her. They didn’t think she had the guts to take her case to trial and take the stand; they expected her to fold and take the last best offer. When she took the stand, she was prepared and she was the difference in the case.”

Attorneys Turn $0 Offer into $47K Jury Award for Client Injured in Car Crash

Morgan & Morgan attorneys Brian McClain and Harran Udell represented a 46-year-old electrician who was injured while sitting in the back of a cargo work van that was rear-ended while en route to his employer’s home office. They were leaving a job site where he had worked that day.

The defendant denied any wrongdoing, attributing the cause of the crash to a number of factors, and offered nothing to the client. However, the jury decided in favor of Morgan & Morgan’s client, who faced medical bills and reimbursement for weeks of work that he missed. The client also came away from the collision with a permanent scar on his forehead.

“Although the defendant denied all liability and asked the jurors to award nothing to our client, the jurors found the defendant solely at fault,” McClain said. “We are pleased with this verdict.”

Why Trials Matter

These cases are clear examples why, in some circumstances, going all the way to trial can make all the difference between a low-ball pre-trial offer and a fair jury verdict that actually compensates the client for their injuries and suffering.

If you or someone you love has been injured recently due to the negligence of another, our attorneys may be able to help you as well. Fill out our free, no-risk case evaluation today.