Apr 10, 2024

Justice Prevails – Morgan & Morgan Secures $12 Million Verdict in Philadelphia

Justice Prevails – Morgan & Morgan Secures $12 Million Verdict in Philadelphia

In a landmark victory, Yvette Torres successfully recovered a $12 million verdict for her challenging car accident case with the help of Morgan & Morgan by her side.

After being struck by a commercial utility truck while crossing a Philadelphia street, Yvette endured severe radiating neck and back pain. Despite the challenges in Yvette’s journey, her legal team, led by Morgan & Morgan attorneys Alex Hyder, Clancy Boylan, and Hannah Molitoris, diligently fought for her rights.

Following extensive legal proceedings, the jury's verdict of $11,997,284.60 marked a significant increase from the initial $280,000 offer. This decision serves as a hopeful sign for victims of negligence, highlighting the role of justice in ensuring accountability for those at fault. Yvette's case not only secures her rightful compensation but also sets a precedent, emphasizing that injustices must be addressed.

Yvette Torres' victory reflects resilience and the pursuit of fairness. Through her bravery and the dedicated advocacy of Morgan & Morgan, she finds closure and paves the way for a future where justice prevails for all. As we commemorate this achievement, let us renew our commitment to advocating for the rights of every individual, ensuring that their voices are heard and their struggles acknowledged.