Where is Morgan & Morgan Headquarters?

Where Is Morgan & Morgan HQ?

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Where Is Morgan & Morgan HQ?

Morgan & Morgan’s headquarters is in Orlando, Florida, where it all started back in 1988. It may be hard to imagine when you see them involved in national cases holding massive corporations accountable, but they started out with nothing except their legal knowledge and tireless work ethic. Deeply motivated by the challenges John Morgan and his family experienced growing up, he set out on a mission to restore the balance of power between everyday people and huge corporations.

Morgan & Morgan now have offices throughout Florida and across the country, but the Orlando headquarters is the heart of their operations. From here, John has grown the firm and established a culture of excellence and empathy where he continues to lead by example. For John and his family, representing the injured is a deeply personal matter. They know first hand how devastating inadequate legal representation can be when a black swan personal injury happens and turns your life upside down.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • The Man Who Started It All

    John Morgan set out with only one other lawyer in 1988 to represent personal injury victims in Orlando. Supported by only two secretaries and a receptionist, they were determined to realize John’s vision. To understand how the firm has evolved from such humble beginnings into a national champion of people’s rights requires a deeper understanding of the man who orchestrated it all. 

  • John Morgan’s Story

    John Morgan is a man who grew up with nothing and is now a force for positive change in law, politics, business, philanthropy, and social activism. Many people recognize his face from commercials, but few people know the life experiences that forged his character.

    Childhood and Family

    John Morgan was the oldest of five children in a home where he was often the acting head of the household starting from when he was in junior high. His parents struggled, and there were times when the lights or phone service would get cut off. From a young age, he was already forced into the role of looking out for and protecting his three brothers and sister. 

    When they moved from Kentucky to Florida, John embraced his entrepreneurial side starting several businesses and finding part-time work. He knew early on that he had to build wealth in order to protect those he loved. He also maintained excellent grades in school and encouraged his siblings to do the same, determined to improve their lot in the world. 

    A Life Changing Moment

    When John was a sophomore in college, his younger brother Tim suffered a horrific accident working as a lifeguard at Walt Disney World. John was devastated at how their lawyer and Tim’s employer all turned their backs on them. With ambitions of law school already in mind, John was set on an unalterable path - to become a personal injury lawyer. His mantra and brand, “For the People” was born from experiencing these injustices that wreaked havoc upon his family.

    An Unwavering Belief in His Purpose

    Morgan & Morgan are known for their expertise in personal injury law and their prominent advertising strategy, but in 1988, advertising in the legal industry was shunned. John pioneered the unknowns of attorney advertising despite the backlash it brought him, because he knew it was the only way he could have an outsized impact. You can’t change the world if no one knows about you.

    One of his earliest major causes when the firm was operating out of their six offices in Central Florida was that of nursing home abuse. John raised awareness of the national crisis that was occurring and took on the biggest offenders. Much of society likes to forget about the elderly, the poor, the disabled, but John proved that his signature, “For the People” was not just idle lip service.

    A Family Practice and Approach

    John’s wife Ultima, an accomplished lawyer in her own right, is an integral part of Morgan & Morgan and actively involved in their philanthropic efforts of giving back to their community. Raising their children, they instilled a deep sense of ethics and responsibility in them. Their son Daniel worked in the Morgan & Morgan call center during his high school and college summers and was exposed first hand to the injuries and challenges their clients were facing. All three of their sons now work at the firm and continue the family tradition of defending the rights of others. 

    John’s ideals have been imparted to his children and the rest of his firm and allowed Morgan & Morgan to offer a unique experience to their clients—a national law firm with the resources and experience to truly defend their rights but one where they are also treated like family. The Morgan family knows all too well what it feels like to see the legal system fail to protect a loved one who needs it. In creating Morgan & Morgan, John vowed never to be powerless again when other’s needed protection and he has held true to his word.

    A Reputation for Excellence

    John has a track record of winning, not just in legal cases, but in politics and public issues as well. He is always advocating for what is best for the people, and he puts his money where his mouth is. He takes a thoughtful approach where he evaluates every issue on a case by case basis and creates a well formed opinion based on his analysis. This is why clients and politicians alike trust him for his candor and insight.

    Recognized for the prestigious Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent award in 2021 for achieving the highest peer rated level of professional excellence, he is as fierce an advocate in his legal work as he is for improving society as a whole. Receiving the Silver Client Champion rating in 2021, he is respected by both his peers and clients for his professionalism and expertise.

    You can tell a lot about a person by their demeanor and if it changes when they improve their lot in life. John has remained true to his roots, continuing to this day to fight for the rights of the people both in his legal practice, philanthropy, and activism within his community.

  • Morgan & Morgan in the Community

    John Morgan works tirelessly as an advocate for the underserved both in and out of the courtroom. In addition to providing legal expertise, Morgan & Morgan understands that not all injustices in society are perpetrated by big companies denying people’s rights. Inequality is rampant, and Morgan & Morgan continues to be a dedicated ally and benefactor of people in need across the country.

    John Morgan and his entire family are deeply involved in philanthropic events in the local Orlando area around Morgan & Morgan’s headquarters in addition to their national campaigns. Within their community, they have helped take on some of the biggest challenges facing our society. Some of their involvements include:

    Second Harvest Food Bank

    Morgan & Morgan helped them build a new, 100,000 square foot storage facility allowing them to store substantially more food that they distribute to hundreds of partner agencies throughout Central Florida.

    For the People Scholarship

    The future of this nation lies in educating and helping new champions who are working hard to become defenders and advocates for the next generation of people. To further this cause, Morgan & Morgan created the For the People Scholarship to help a first-year law student who has demonstrated a commitment to improving their community pay for their education.

    Canine Companions for Independence

    Providing trained assistance dogs to people with disabilities.

    American Cancer Society

    Nationwide, the ACS works to stop cancer through their research and educating people about healthy lifestyles.

    Medical Marijuana for Sick and Suffering Individuals

    John saw how effective marijuana was in helping his brother Tim, and his father, when they were suffering with serious pain and anxiety from their medical conditions and was a staunch ally in this movement. Helping individuals manage their symptoms while avoiding the dangers of over-prescribed opioids can have a major positive impact on people’s lives.

    More information on how Morgan & Morgan is giving back to the community can be found here.

    National Firm With Shared Goals and Ethos

    Helping others and giving back across the nation is something that grew out of John’s local philanthropy work and this mindset of giving back and helping others is a pillar of the law firm no matter what local office you step into. Among the firm’s leadership, many of the partners in addition to their work also hold leadership positions at charitable organizations as we believe that values are best instilled and passed on through actions.

  • We Believe in Justice for All in Our Communities

    Many law firms talk about justice but at the end of the day, they cherry pick their clients and often some members of the population are left wondering where to turn for help. Not at Morgan & Morgan. Abogados.com was created specifically to help address this gap in legal representation and provide the Hispanic community with top notch legal services.

    Even if you don’t live in Orlando or the greater Florida area, we have expanded our reach and services to communities across the country. If you were injured and don’t know what to do next, contact us to receive a free case evaluation. We don’t charge a penny to get started, and we don’t get paid unless we are successful in bringing your claim.

  • Not All Firms Are Created Equal

    Trial can be a scary thing, not just for you when you’ve suffered a personal injury but also for many lawyers. There is a lot on the line—if the lawyer is not successful in the case, their client won’t recover anything and they won’t get paid. The insurance companies have vast resources available, an army of lawyers, and can drag things on and wear you down. 

    It can be tempting for some lawyers to settle quickly for a modest offer. You as the client may even think they’re an amazing lawyer in the short term and be happy with the results. But what happens when a few months or even years down the line, that quick settlement they rushed through has run out and you still have serious expenses from your injury?

    We Won’t Settle Unless Its Your Best Offer

    Whether you come to our headquarters in Orlando or any of our offices across the country, we hold true to our promise to never settle unless it is the absolute best offer and sufficient to cover your needs. To do otherwise would be to violate our core beliefs that everyone deserves a lawyer who will do what is best for them and not just the firm’s bottom line.

    We are proud not just to be a national law firm, but one that still sees every claim that comes our way for what it is, a person with a unique situation in need of help. Whether you live a few miles away from our headquarters in Orlando or on the opposite side of the country in Seattle, our dedication to the people who come to us for help remains the same.

    If you’ve suffered a personal injury and have any questions, we invite you to reach out to us and let us help give you the peace of mind you deserve. Our specialists are available 24/7 and ready to listen to your story.

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