When Should I See a Personal Injury Lawyer?

By now, you probably understand the importance of seeing a personal injury attorney. However, the big question is when? The truth is, there's no specific timeline to contact a personal injury attorney. However, if you speak to any qualified personal injury attorney, they'll tell you the same thing: you need to contact an attorney shortly after the injury.

Many attorneys recommend contacting them shortly after the injury because they understand that it's not practical to contact them right after the injury. 

Right after the injury, chances are you're in so much pain and speaking to an attorney is the last thing on your mind. At that time, you'll probably need urgent medical attention, depending on the nature of your injury. 

The medical factor aside, you'll still need to go through several other steps before contacting an attorney. 

Here's an example of steps you need to follow when you suffer a grocery store injury

Generally, it's important to obtain information about the scene of the injury. This may include but is not limited to:

  • Cause of injury.
  • Your actions before the injury.
  • Pictures of the scene.
  • Any witness statements.
  • Any other relevant information about the injury. 

However, we also understand that some injuries may not give you so many chances to collect the information mentioned above. For example, if you suffer a concussion from a slip and fall incident, chances are you won't remember to take pictures or interview witnesses. 

This brings us to the final answer: you need to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible and when you're in a position to. If not in such a position, you may have your family or close relative contact a lawyer on your behalf.  

Why Do I Need to Contact a Personal Injury Attorney?

Simply put — contacting a personal injury attorney increases your chances of winning a lawsuit. And, given that Morgan & Morgan's services are provided on a contingency basis, you literally have nothing to lose. 

A contingency basis refers to a system where the lawyer shares the risks with you, meaning you don't pay them anything unless they win the case. 

Although the reasons for hiring a personal injury attorney are infinite, here are the most common.

Observing the Statute of Limitations on Personal Injury Claims

The statute of limitations is a specified period a plaintiff has to seek legal action against a defendant. After this period elapses, the lawsuit is regarded as time-barred, meaning the plaintiff has no case against the defendant. 

This also means that if you don't see a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible, you risk losing your case on the grounds of an expired statute of limitation. 

The statute of limitations on personal injury claims varies depending on the exact injury and the state where the injury occurred. Generally, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims falls between two to 12 years. To put this into perspective, even if you have credible evidence against the defendant regarding the injury you suffered due to their negligence, the court won't grant you a hearing if the statute of limitations has run out. 

Organizing the Right Medical Treatment for Your Injury

A personal injury attorney can advise you on how and where to seek treatment for your injury. This is a critical step of the personal injury process because it proves the existence of the injury. Without treatment or any records confirming the injury, it may be difficult to prove that the defendant has a case to answer. 

Learning the Do's and Don'ts After Injury

Just because you have a case against the defendant doesn't necessarily mean that you'll automatically win the lawsuit; one simple mistake on your side could be enough to flip the case in favor of the defendant.

For instance, the defendant's lawyers or insurance claim adjusters might contact you about the injury. In that case, knowing what to say and what not to could be the difference between winning the lawsuit and having it thrown out. 

It's also important to remember that insurance companies usually don't part with their money that easily. And, if they do, they'll always propose the lowest settlement possible. So if you don't know the right things to say, including the questions to respond to and those to avoid, you may lose the case when it goes to trial. 

However, having an attorney makes a whole difference. For example, when you contact Morgan & Morgan, and your case is approved to proceed to litigation, our attorneys will advise you on the dos and don'ts of the entire process. They literally take the load off your chest by directly dealing with insurance claims adjusters or the defendant. 

In fact, many insurance companies don't like the idea of coming up against Morgan & Morgan attorneys in personal injury litigation. This is because they know we take our client's rights seriously and don't settle for anything less than a deserved compensation, whether in or out of court. 

Taking Advantage of Resources Needed to File a Claim

Filing a personal injury claim isn't as easy as most people think; there are so many processes involved, including paperwork, brainstorming, collecting evidence, setting up appointments, reviewing documentation, etc. This can be overwhelming, especially if you've suffered serious injuries.

Even if you've recovered from the injuries, it's still not advisable to pursue personal injury litigation without an attorney. 

A law firm of Morgan & Morgan's stature has all the required resources to file a successful claim. From secretaries, paralegals to over 700 qualified personal injury attorneys located across different cities in the United States, Morgan & Morgan is a powerful law firm built by the people and for the people. 

Another thing you need to know is that personal injury litigation could take months or sometimes even years. You don't want to spend months in and out of court struggling to fight for justice while healing from the pain caused by the injury. All you need to do is contact a personal injury attorney from Morgan & Morgan, and then lean back, get some rest and watch them fight for your rights.

The Defendants Have Legal Experts, Too

It's unrealistic to expect the defendant to show up in a personal injury litigation without a lawyer. Even insurance companies are usually represented by attorneys when a personal injury claim is filed against them. This is because they understand what's at stake, and so should you. 

They know that not having a lawyer could mean losing millions of dollars in a personal injury ruling. Similarly, from your perspective as the plaintiff, it's important to understand that not having a lawyer could also mean losing the same amount of money or even more in the future if the injury develops into something even more serious. 

For instance, if you suffer an eye injury resulting in partial vision and win the lawsuit, you may not be able to sue the defendant again if the injury leads to total vision loss in the future. Having an attorney represent you in court makes a huge difference; this legal expert will help you get compensation for both seen and unseen circumstances resulting from the injury.

Negotiating With Insurance Companies for Compensation

After proving that the defendant is liable for your injury, negotiating the settlement is the second-most important part of personal injury litigation. If you don't have a lawyer to negotiate the best settlement, winning the lawsuit will be worthless.

At Morgan & Morgan, we don't leave anything out when negotiating a settlement for your claim. We understand that once you've accepted the settlement and signed the release of liability, you can't sue the defendant for the same injury.

This is why we take the negotiations seriously, knowing that we only have one chance to get everything right. To put this into perspective, our lawyers can negotiate up to 20 times more than the initial offer!

Check out our most recent verdicts and settlements here

Taking Your Case to Trial

The truth is, many personal injury lawyers usually hope the claim won't proceed to trial. First, this is because trials can be exhausting and time-consuming. Secondly, the idea of dealing with the jury can also be intimidating, especially for an inexperienced personal injury attorney.

However, at Morgan & Morgan, our attorneys are never worried about taking the case to trial if that's what it takes to fight for your rights. We have all the time in the world to fight through the rescheduled court dates, frustrating tactics employed by the defendants, and so much more. 

We are not the kind of law firm that can be bullied into submission by insurance companies. We know what you're entitled to, and we don't stop until you win. In fact, all our attorneys are required to handle a certain number of cases in court every year. So if the insurance company thinks taking the issue to court will frustrate us, this tactic won't work. 

Enjoying Peace of Mind

Your mental health comes first, and that's not something the personal injury litigation process can guarantee if you don't have a lawyer representing you. In addition, depending on the nature of your injuries, it can be mentally and emotionally frustrating to keep up with the litigation process. 

And if you didn't know, mind games play a huge role in personal injury litigation. The other party could resort to frustrating your pursuit of justice, forcing you to settle for a lowball offer. This is one of the many reasons many victims of personal injury abandon their claims halfway.

The defendant and their insurance company will be the greatest beneficiary if you choose to abandon the claim halfway or settle for a lowball offer. However, knowing that you don't have anything to lose but so much to gain, a personal injury attorney can make a huge difference in your claim. 

Contact Morgan & Morgan Personal Injury Attorneys

At Morgan & Morgan, we care about your well-being during and after litigation. That's why we're always ready to represent you in and out of court.

We also know how frustrating it can be to deal with insurance claims adjusters. The last thing you want to deal with is an individual who doesn't believe you deserve to be compensated for your injury. Similarly, you don't want to deal with someone who believes your injury is worth less than what you claim, especially if they don't know how it feels to be in your situation. 

Additionally, personal injury cases are time-consuming and require a lot of resources. Having a Morgan & Morgan attorney by your side increases your chances of winning the suit and getting the kind of settlement that caters to your current situation while also protecting your future from further losses arising from the injury. 

Call us today at 877-379-3523 for a free, no-obligation case evaluation. Alternatively, you can tell us about your case online, and one of our representatives will get in touch with you within 24 hours to discuss your options! 

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