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Negligent Security Lawyers in Charleston, WV

Negligent Security Lawyers in Charleston, WV

Being hurt on someone else's property raises plenty of legal questions. You may need to speak with negligent security lawyers in Charleston, WV like those working at Morgan & Morgan if you have recently been harmed on someone else's property because of poor security measures. This can happen when someone does not have the appropriate security protocol in place and when an assault or an attack leaves you with serious injuries.

One of the most challenging things for any victim to deal with is the fact that they are responsible for proving negligent security in court. This means you need to begin collecting evidence as soon as possible to help support your claim and to protect your legal right to recover damages. 

Property owners have a responsibility not only to remove physical hazards on the property that could lead to slip and fall accidents but also to be aware of security risks in their property and its surrounding areas. For example, a property owner could even be held responsible for an assault or attack that happened in a parking lot. You may be able to show as a victim that there were plenty of reasons for that property owner to put up security cameras or lights in the parking lot so that people visiting the premises had a reasonable expectation of safety. If criminals noticed that there were no security measures in place, and you ended up hurt as a result, you may be eligible to hire a Charleston negligent security attorney to help you with recovering compensation. 

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • What Is the Property Owner’s Responsibility?

    Management companies and property owners have a legal duty to provide safe environments for their residents, guests, and others. This typically means that private security protection should be offered depending on the specifics of the location. Other safeguards may also be necessary or helpful in minimizing the possibility of attacks and other crimes. Management companies and other parties could be held liable if an assault occurs on the property and their negligent conduct was responsible for that assault.

    If you are not yet sure whether your case meets these grounds, it is essential to speak with experienced and talented negligent security lawyers in Charleston, WV to verify your legal right to pursue a claim and to protect your right to recover compensation. With so many different aspects of your lawsuit to think about, it is important to take action quickly and the experienced and knowledgeable lawyers at Morgan & Morgan have been through this process many times before and are familiar with what it takes to help pursue justice on your behalf. You should not wait to get help with a negligent security case.

  • What Are Considered Reasonable Security Precautions?

    One of the most important elements of your case as negligent security lawyers in Charleston, WV will tell you, is your ability to prove that the property owner knew or should have known about foreseeable risks of accidents or injuries on their property. There are many different kinds of properties, situations, events, venues, and environments in which a property owner has a legal responsibility to provide security protection for shoppers, guests, residents, visitors, passers-by, and more.

    These properties can include places such as concerts, sporting events, stadiums, department stores, restaurants, malls, office buildings, college and university premises, nightclubs, gas stations, apartment buildings, bars, hotels, convenience stores, parking lots and garages and any other area that is open to the public.

  • What Kinds of Security Must Be Provided?

    It is crucial in your case that you be able to illustrate that the property owner should have known about foreseeable risks and taken appropriate measures to minimize these security risks. Property owners owe a duty to all of their guests and patrons to provide appropriate security and while this may vary from one property to another, it is important to hire the right lawyers, such as those at Morgan & Morgan who can launch a thorough investigation to ensure you have everything you need to get your questions answered about whether or not you're able to file a claim. Some of the types of security that a property owner or manager should consider include:

    • Patrolling areas on foot on a regular basis.
    • Security teams.
    • Security guards.
    • Cameras located throughout the premises.
    • Surveillance provided by on-site or off-site security providers.
    • Areas with proper lighting.
    • Appropriately equipped security vehicles.
    • Making the presence of security officers known to potentially dangerous people.
    • Any other type of security measures that could be appropriate.

    If there has been an increase in criminal activity in the area, it is reasonable for a property owner to be aware of this and to take necessary steps to protect their patrons.

  • What to Know About Filing a Negligent Security Claim?

    Failing to provide the right security on a property can lead to crimes committed by third parties such as gun wounds, assault, rape, stabbings, and more. Some of the common locations that experienced negligent security issues include sports arenas, residential buildings, commercial properties, malls, department stores, amusement parks, garages, grocery stores, and hotels. A victim has to be able to show that a property owner knew that adequate security measures were necessary to prevent crime on that property and that this property owner failed to take the right action ultimately leading to a crime being committed and an injured victim who is now responsible for getting care and paying their bills.

  • What Are the Most Common Types of Negligent Security Cases?

    As negligent security lawyers in Charleston, WV can tell you, there are many different kinds of negligent security cases, and the specifics of your legal claim will be extremely important for making the basis of your lawsuit. Some of the most common types of negligent security cases in West Virginia include;

    • Failing to provide security guards.
    • Failing to have appropriate lighting.
    • Failure to secure buildings properly.
    • Failure to screen visitors or employees appropriately.
    • Failure to possess surveillance cameras.

    Experienced Charleston, WV negligent security lawyers can help you with filing a lawsuit when you have already been injured because of a dangerous or violent attack. Anyone visiting any premises listed above and especially those on public property should not have to expect that they could be subject to a serious attack.

  • What Kinds of Damages Can I Recover in a Negligent Security Claim?

    As negligent security lawyers in Charleston, WV can tell you, the specifics of the injuries you have sustained will ultimately contribute to whether or not you're able to recover compensation and the kind of damages you may be entitled to. You may be able to recover a broad range of damages including lost wages from missed time at work, the cost of medical bills, and other payments for treating your physical injury, mental and emotional trauma created by that crime against you, and any property that was damaged or stolen. 

    You should sit down with negligent security lawyers in Charleston, WV as soon as possible after you have been a victim of an attack so that you can come up with an overall list of the expenses that you have had to incur because of being harmed in this situation. You should not have to be held responsible for paying your medical bills and dealing with other expenses associated with the accident, but only qualified negligent security lawyers can help you to recover compensation.

    Your damages depend on how the incident happened and the way that your life has changed. Each case is unique and deserves to have a full review by a lawyer to ensure that you know all of your rights and have considered the best ways to protect your interests. 

    Ultimately, your ability to show how the accident happened has a big impact on the outcome of your case and any damages to which you may be entitled. This is why you must be prepared to stay organized and focused with the help of your injury lawyer. Even if you don't have access to all the important evidence details at this point in time, you need to remain in contact with your injury lawyer throughout your case. 

  • What if the Property Owner Claims They're Not Responsible?

    If a property owner alleges that they are not responsible for your injuries, it is even more important to retain experienced and talented negligent security lawyers in Charleston, WV. Negligent security lawyers in Charleston, WV are here to guide you through the legal process of recovering compensation and gathering all evidence that ultimately helps to bolster your claim. Knowing that you are not alone because you have the lawyers at Morgan & Morgan at your side can do a great deal for your case.

    You need someone who will not back down when another person tries to discourage you from fighting for justice. If you get attacked in an assault, it's about more than just the criminal aspects of pursuing a charge against the person who carried it out. You'll also be coping with some of that aftermath for days, weeks, or months following the accident, and it might also impede your ability to work or enjoy life.

    The law recognizes that you have rights as an attack victim, and if you can show that a property owner failed to cover his or her bases, you need the support of an attorney immediately to help make that case. 

    To get started, contact us today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

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