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Best Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Waltham

After becoming injured or sick because of your job, you have faith your employer will take care of you or that workers' compensation can fill the gap financially to help speed your recovery. When this doesn't happen, working with a highly trained attorney is crucial. Having professional legal representation in these matters can make all the difference in gaining the access you need to the benefits available under your state's worker's compensation program. 

But, do you just hire the first attorney that pops up in a Google search, or do you need someone that specifically handles work injury cases? Knowing where to find the best attorney for your workers' compensation claim can be challenging but important. Read on to learn more about where to begin your search to find a lawyer that is right for you. 

Tips for a Choosing a Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Waltham 

One of the first qualities you need to look for when trying to find an attorney for your work injury case is their skill in practicing workman's comp law. In your search, you will quickly discover that many law firms operate as a boutique, where they offer expertise in several areas of practice instead of just being dedicated to a single specialty. 

During your search, make sure to include some of the following details as part of your criteria when adding prospective attorneys to your shortlist: 

  • Professional organization memberships
  • Publications regarding worker's compensation law they wrote
  • Testimonials from former clients
  • They primarily focus on worker's compensation

While much of this information can be found on their firm's website, make sure to rely on other sources for vetting these details. Online lawyer associations like your state's Bar are a great place to start and don't forget to speak with close friends and family members for recommendations. Firsthand referrals are ideal because you will find out more about a lawyer than just visiting their site.

Consultations are a Must 

Besides reading reviews and reviewing professional associations, definitely take the time to book an initial consultation with your chosen workers' compensation lawyer in Waltham. Most law practices representing these legal matters are happy to do so at no cost or obligation, so use this time to your advantage.  

When attending your meeting, you can expect the attorney to have several questions for you to answer about your case and take time to have your own questions answered. Seasoned attorneys know that listening to the client and addressing any questions or concerns is crucial to building a strong relationship. If the legal professional you visit seems to hurry you through the appointment or not provide concise answers, you should probably go elsewhere. 

Not sure what to ask? Consider asking some of the following to gauge their expertise: 

  • Do you primarily represent worker's compensation cases?
  • How long have you practiced law? 
  • Have you undergone any additional training for worker's compensation cases?
  • How much of my case will you personally oversee? 
  • Can you refer me to a doctor that is recommended for treating work injuries?
  • Will you be by my side through the entire process, even going to trial if necessary?
  • What references do you have from colleagues and/or clients?
  • Are you available to take phone calls from me regularly?
  • Can you estimate the value of my case?
  • Does your firm represent both work injuries and the insurers?
  • What professional recognitions have you received?
  • How do you expect to be paid? Do you have a fee schedule in writing?
  • What challenges do you see for my work injury claim?
  • Are there additional costs I'm responsible for?

Depending on the circumstances of your workplace injury, there are many questions you may think of that will influence your decision to hire a prospective attorney or not. 

They Should Treat You With Respect

Outside of figuring out if a workers' compensation lawyer in Waltham has the seasoned skill and training necessary to represent your case, you should also make sure you're treated with respect. For example, when you call, how does their office greet you? Do they hurry you to a voicemail, or do they take time to answer your questions?

Your case is a law firm's bread and butter. Not only should they be eager to answer any concerns you might have but make it clear they value your business. If an attorney acts like they are too busy to speak with you or explain the legal complexities of your case with patience, you should consider a different practice. 

Remember, the whole point of seeking representation is to ensure your well-being and compensation get prioritized to meet your needs. One of the most important qualities your lawyer should show you is compassion and integrity. Remember, you're hiring legal representation to help you get compensated. You're building a working relationship with this professional and won't be successful if they can't show the care you deserve. 

Even if you're reading this after already hiring a workers' compensation lawyer in Waltham if you aren't receiving a satisfactory client experience, speak up. Your requests for regular updates on your case shouldn't go unheard. If they are overloaded with other matters, definitely consider getting a second opinion from another firm before your case gets too far into negotiations.

What if an Attorney Refuses My Workers' Compensation Case? 

One thing you may not expect during your search is for a lawyer to refuse your work injury case! This can be extremely frustrating, especially if they don't give you a clear answer as to why they are refusing. This doesn't mean you don't have a case, though, and you should continue interviewing other attorneys. 

Some common reasons why a workers' compensation lawyer in Waltham may decline to represent your injury claim could include:

Severity of Your Injuries

Even negotiating a work injury claim requires a significant amount of evidence to support your claim. This can be a costly process for an attorney because of the documentation requests they will need to make to your doctors and other health experts. In addition, if your injury is minor, this means the amount of compensation you receive will be significantly less than those who suffered debilitating injuries. 

However, this doesn't mean you don't have a valid case. It's just that the lawyer you spoke with has a higher profit threshold they wish to earn. 

Difficult to Prove Your Injury

While many workplace injuries are relatively straightforward to prove and get compensation for, some can be challenging. For example, let's say you developed cancer, and you believe that your decades-long exposure to certain toxic chemicals at work caused it. This requires careful analysis of those toxins, research to back up your assertion, and proving it to a level that satisfies a court or workers' compensation board. 

Attorneys that refuse these cases may do so out of worry they don't have the level of skill necessary to win or don't have the resources to invest in your case. So just continue looking for a workers' compensation lawyer in Waltham who has experience with your situation.

Your Claim Status

It's not ideal for any lawyer to take on a case when it's escalated to complex negotiations or a jury trial. But, sometimes you have no choice. For example, who would take their place if you had initially gone with a solo attorney who became ill? Or, maybe your current representation doesn't have the skill to negotiate a fair settlement. Any of these situations would require you to find someone to step in and take over your case. Unfortunately, not all workers' compensation lawyers in Waltham are willing to do that, so you will need to keep searching until you find one who will. 

Case Evidence

To prove any compensation claim, you need to have sufficient evidence to make your case. When an attorney reviews your evidence during the initial consultation, they may determine there's just not enough proof for them to wage a successful action for workers' compensation benefits. It would be best if you still tried to find an attorney and choose one who is willing to determine what you are missing and what is needed to get that evidence to prove your claim. 

As you can read, rejection doesn't mean the end of your case. Instead, you should consider it a good sign that you are finding legal professionals with the integrity to say no and not waste your time any further. For example, Morgan & Morgan workers' compensation attorneys in Waltham make open and honest assessments of personal injury cases. They will do everything possible to help find a positive outcome for your situation. What we won't do is give you false hope and misinform you about the challenges of your case.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Waltham?

    At Morgan & Morgan, all of our work injury attorneys are dedicated to making their legal services financially accessible to anyone that walks through our doors needing assistance. To help our clients afford our fees, we operate on a contingency basis. This is ideal because unless you win your workers' comp case, we don't get paid. So, don't let anxiety about racking up a larger legal bill stop you from asking for help, and schedule a free, no-obligation case review with our office right away.

  • Who is eligible to file a Workers' Compensation claim?

    Generally, the following criteria will qualify you to apply for workers' compensation benefits in your state:

    • The state where you are employed
    • If you are a government employee
    • Does your industry have its own federally prescribed worker's compensation law

    For the most part, employees in the United States are covered under some form of workers' comp coverage for unintentional injuries, accidents, deaths, illnesses, and diseases that may occur. More importantly, these coverages are based on a no-fault approach, so you don't usually have to prove who was at fault to obtain benefits. However, several stipulations must be followed to be eligible, including reporting your workplace injury to your employer within 30 days of getting hurt. You also have a limited amount of time to file for benefits or pursue a civil suit, typically two years in most states.

  • Hire One of the Top Workers' Compensation Law Firms in the Nation

    If you or a loved one was hurt on the job and are struggling with your employer or the insurance company to get the compensation you are due, speak with a seasoned work injury attorney at Morgan & Morgan. For over 30 years, we have dedicated our practice to championing the causes of injured workers being wrongly denied benefits.  
    No matter how manipulative the insurer may be or unfair the findings on your injuries, our team of lawyers will weather the fight on your behalf. You have our commitment to provide you with a superior level of advocacy and experience that is unmatched by other firms in the country. 

    We regularly represent workers' compensation disputes and help our clients receive the damages they are entitled to, including: 

    • Lost wages
    • Medical costs
    • Disfigurement and scarring
    • Wrongful death
    • Diminished work capacity
    • Permanent disability 
    • Mental anguish
    • Transportation costs to appointments
    • Home assistance
    • And more

    Schedule a free no-obligation consultation today to learn more about why hiring our firm will maximize your chance of recovering the injury compensation you deserve. Don't fight this alone. We're here to help 24/7. Please fill out our brief contact form to get started today.

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