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Burn Injury Lawyers in Waltham

Burn Injury Lawyers in Waltham

Many kinds of injuries can be difficult for a victim of a personal injury accident, a slip and fall accident, a workplace accident, or any other circumstance involving someone else’s negligence.

But as burn injury lawyers in Waltham can tell you, a burn injury can have devastating and far-reaching consequences. Even when someone gets immediate medical attention for a burn injury, they may deal with disfigurement and scars for many years to come.

The lawyers at Morgan & Morgan recognize how victims suffer, not just in the immediate aftermath of receiving a burn injury and getting it diagnosed, but in treating this overall circumstance. Our burn injury lawyers in Waltham are here to protect your legal rights and to help you to recover compensation in this situation. The support of an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer can be extremely helpful in guiding you through this process. Led by the attorneys at Morgan & Morgan, you may be able to gather evidence associated with your burn injury, to identify the liable parties who are responsible for your injuries, and to chart a clear path forward.

We know that it can seem overwhelming when burn injuries cause damage to your skin and underlying tissues, whether it was caused by hot liquids, flame, heat, contact with chemicals, electricity, or steam. People who have second or third-degree burns, signs of infection after a burn injury, burns caused by electricity or chemicals, or burns to sensitive areas of the body will likely require extensive medical treatment. You may need to visit a burn unit and a specialized burn injury doctor to help. With so much at stake, it is vital that you get medical treatment first and support from an experienced lawyer soon after.

If you’re deciding your next steps forward after a burn injury, contact Morgan & Morgan today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to get started.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries in Waltham

As burn injury lawyers in Waltham can tell you, there are several common circumstances that can lead to burn injuries. Some of the most common causes of burn injuries include:

Premises liability cases: Due to historic businesses and homes located throughout the area, owners and managers of these buildings have a responsibility for regularly inspecting that property and identifying hazards that can cause injuries to guests, including those caused by faulty electrical systems or the risk of fire. Lack of fire exits and smoke detectors can also contribute to the risks of a serious burn injury.

Motor vehicle accidents: Speeding, distracted, or impaired drivers regularly operating throughout the city's roadways can cause critical accidents. When any portion of the vehicle catches on fire this can lead to critical injuries. Motorcycle riders are particularly at risk for devastating burn injuries. When a gas tank ruptures during a collision, this can cause caustic and flammable gasoline to leak from the vehicle, making contact with ignition sources or the rider's skin.

Electricity or chemical-related burns: Another person's negligence may contribute to a burn injury for you at work or at home. Electrical burns can often cause substantial damage to internal organs because the electrical current enters one location in the body and exits another. Chemical burns can also deepen even after the skin has been cleaned. Getting proper attention from experienced burn injury lawyers in Waltham is crucial for being able to build a compelling case.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • What Are Common Complications With Burn Injuries?

    Treating the burn injury itself is often not where the medical treatment begins and ends. In fact, there are many big risks facing individuals who have sustained burn injuries, including:

    • Loss of fluids
    • Joint or bone problems
    • Difficulty breathing due to smoke inhalation
    • Development of ridged scars in the skin from burned tissue
    • Bacteria entering the wound causing an infection. Ultimately, this infection can travel throughout the bloodstream and affect the entire body, causing sepsis.

    The cost of medically treating burn injuries now and for the months and years to come is extremely high. The psychological effects of burn injuries are also very high, with many victims needing psychiatric support due to problems such as depression, suicidal ideation, post-traumatic stress disorder, and acute stress disorder. Studies show that nearly 1/3rd of burn patients are also dealing with clinically significant distress.

  • Am I Entitled to Compensation?

    You may not even initially realize what caused your burn injury, but a thorough investigation by the burn injury lawyers in Waltham at Morgan & Morgan may reveal that someone else is responsible for your injuries. You need burn injury lawyers in Waltham to gather this evidence and to help tell the story about how the accident happened. If you have sustained a burn injury due to a property defect, a car accident, or some other cause created by another person's negligence, you can recover compensation through a personal injury claims process.

    Typically, this may involve your burn injury attorney in Waltham negotiating a settlement with the at-fault party's insurance provider. However, if a fair settlement offer is never received, you do have the option to file the claim in civil court as a personal injury lawsuit. To increase your chances of a successful outcome in your burn injury claim you need to work with qualified attorneys like those working at Morgan & Morgan.

    The experienced attorneys at Morgan & Morgan know many different aspects of burn injury claims, and will work to gather evidence to show that through a preponderance of that evidence that someone else was legally responsible for your injuries. We determine all potentially liable parties and the evidence that helps to support your underlying claim. We can showcase elements of negligence in your case by things, such as:

    • Showing that the at fault party had a legal responsibility to take actions in a circumstance to prevent injury to others.
    • That there was a breach in this duty of care that occurred when the at fault party took careless or reckless actions contrary to protecting others.
    • The breach caused an accident in which you were seriously burned.
  • What Kinds of Compensation Can I Receive From a Burn Injury Claim?

    There are many different kinds of compensation you can receive in a burn injury claim, including both economic and non-economic damages. These include:

    • Loss of future earning capacity if your burn injuries impede your ability to earn money.
    • Past and future medical expenses.
    • Wage loss due to being unable to work while you were treating your burn injury.
    • Property damage occurring from the accident, such as damage to your personal belongings or your car.
    • Emotional distress or physical pain and suffering depending on the specifics of your case.

    While you might initially assume that the facts of your situation are simple enough to pursue compensation on your own, it is strongly recommended that you retain the services of an experienced and qualified burn injury lawyer. Our burn injury lawyers in Waltham are there to guide you through and support you during the experience of attempting to recover compensation.

    You likely need compensation to help pay for your medical bills now and two years into the future. It is very possible that many bird injury victims are not able to fully recover from their injuries, putting them in a very difficult position of having to see physical reminders or deal with the pain on a daily basis for days, weeks, or even years to come.

  • What if My Injury Happened at Work?

    If you were seriously hurt in an accident at work, there is a possibility that you have both a worker's compensation claim and a personal injury claim. This depends on whether or not a third party was involved in your accident, such as the manufacturer of a defective appliance or a third-party contractor present on the premises at the time you were injured responsible for your injury. A thorough investigation of the accident scene is often required in order to determine whether or not multiple people are liable. Working with the experience burn injury lawyers at Morgan & Morgan will give you the best chance to review all potentially liable parties and to move forward with your next step.

    When an accident happens at work, you also have additional legal rights provided under workers compensation protection. For example, your employer cannot retaliate against you because you got hurt at work or because you need to file a workers compensation claim, particularly if it was their negligent actions that caused the accident.

  • When to Get a Lawyer

    Anytime that you have sustained a serious burn injury is a strong enough case to consult with a lawyer. It is likely that you also have other injuries that may be in addition to the burn injury or may also be causing you problems even if they are distinct sources of pain for you. Broken bones, fractures, traumatic brain injuries, whiplash, and more are all common examples of injuries from car accidents. Being able to tell the story of how the accident happened and the many ways it has changed your daily life and medical condition is crucial for you being able to get the right care that you need and to put you on a path to recovery.

    Don’t wait—talk to dedicated burn injury lawyers in Waltham now at Morgan and Morgan. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to get started.

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