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Being wrongfully let go from your job can be a scary experience, and proving that you were fired illegally can be an uphill battle. Morgan & Morgan’s Massachusetts attorneys are ready and eager to fight for your rights and compensation.

What Is Wrongful Termination?

Although Massachusetts is an at-will employment state, meaning employers can dismiss employees for any reason or none at all, there are certain instances which don’t apply to the “at-will” standard. If you’ve been terminated for unlawful reasons or in violation of a specific contract, you may have grounds for a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Our legal team can examine all of the potential losses you may have suffered as a result of your dismissal, including:

  • Lost wages from lack of employment
  • Emotional distress for you and your family
  • Punitive damages intended to discourage the employer from repeating the same behavior

Proving these losses can get tricky, so it’s important that you hire an attorney with the resources and know-how to successfully resolve your case. Our Massachusetts labor and employment attorneys work diligently to analyze the entire scope of the dismissal, so you can get the full amount of compensation you are owed.

What Are Some Examples of Wrongful Termination in Massachusetts?

Wrongful termination isn’t always easy to recognize, but our Massachusetts attorneys are trained to identify when it has occured. Here are a few possible examples:

  • Breach of Contract: Your termination violates a written or verbal contract between you and your employer.
  • Discrimination: You were let go because of a protected characteristic such as race, gender, or disability.
  • Retaliation: You were removed as an act of retaliation after filing an equal pay complaint, cooperating with an investigation of your employer, or otherwise exercising your legal rights.

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