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What to Do if Dealership Does Not Honor Your Warranty

What to Do if Dealership Does Not Honor Your Warranty

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What to Do if Dealership Does Not Honor Your Warranty

For many people, getting a new car is a rite of passage. It is one of those seminal events that define the next step in your life. You expect your car to last for decades, especially if you properly maintain it. But sometimes cars unexpectedly fail, even when they are properly maintained.

When this happens after just a few years, you expect that your warranty will cover repairs or replacement for the vehicle. That is why you paid for the warranty.

What should happen next is simple. You should be able to go to the dealership where you purchased your car (or another affiliate dealership close to you), present your warranty, and request that repairs be made at no cost to you. 

That is what should happen, but sometimes it doesn’t. And when it doesn’t, you find yourself asking what to do if a dealership does not honor your warranty.

You have a few options, but ultimately, there is a high likelihood that you will have to file a lawsuit for fraud. And that means you need an experienced fraud attorney who focuses on warranty fraud. 

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  • How Can I Avoid a Dealership Not Honoring Your Warranty?

    While there are options you can take if a dealership refuses to honor your warranty, it is better to never be in that position in the first place. 

    You can’t do anything to prevent a dealership from illegally denying your warranty, but you take steps before your car breaks down to avoid giving the dealership a reason to legitimately deny your warranty claim. 

    The same actions that prevent legitimate denials can also discourage a dealership from denying your warranty in bad faith. To decrease the likelihood of a dealership refusing to honor your warranty, you should take the following steps from the moment you purchase your car.

    Carefully Read Your Warranty and Note All Stipulations

    Warranties have a lot of stipulations that must be followed by the car owner. When your car breaks down, you will be asking yourself what to do if a dealership does not honor your warranty if you haven’t followed those stipulations. 

    While reading your warranty, take note of:

    • Which parts are covered
    • What maintenance you need to perform to protect your warranty
    • Where you can redeem your warranty
    • What types of maintenance or repairs will invalidate your warranty
    • How long your warranty lasts, in terms of both time and mileage

    You should maintain a calendar for your warranty that lets you know when important dates regarding maintenance and expiring coverage are approaching.

    Keep All Your Receipts

    Since most warranties require that you perform regular maintenance of your vehicle, you should keep records of that maintenance. Keep receipts from every single time you perform maintenance. Also, take pictures of the odometer when that maintenance is performed so you can show how many miles the car had during that maintenance.

    Purchase an Extension Before Your Warranty Runs Out

    Many car dealers will offer the option to extend your warranty once before it runs out. This is an extra cost, but compared to the cost of major repairs, it is worth it. 

    If you are maintaining a calendar of important dates, you will know when your warranty is running low and can do this with plenty of time to spare. Usually, it is best to look into purchasing an extension approximately one year before the warranty runs out.

  • What Should I Do After My Car Has Broken Down?

    The first thing to do after your car has broken down is identify which parts have malfunctioned.

    No matter how good a warranty you have, every part of your car is not covered. If you blow a tire or if your wipers wear out, you are responsible for replacing those parts. 

    Your car dealership can identify which part of your car has broken down, but be aware that you might have to pay for that appraisal if the failed part is not covered by a warranty.

    Once you are certain that the part is covered by your warranty, gather all of your receipts and bring them to the dealership. With any luck, you won’t need this evidence. But if the people at the dealership try to deny your warranty, this will often sway them to honor your claim and do the repairs at no cost to you.

    If the dealership still tries to deny your warranty claim, stay calm. Ask the staff to explain exactly why they are refusing to honor your warranty. 

    Because you carefully kept records and you understand the specifics of your warranty, you may already have the evidence you need to convince them that they don’t have grounds to deny your warranty claim. If that works, you have avoided the time and stress of a lawsuit and your warranty will be honored as it should be.

    If even that doesn’t work, ask to speak to a manager. A manager has more authority than the average worker and more reason to want to maintain customer loyalty. The manager may realize that regardless of who is correct, keeping you as a customer is more important than forcing you to fight for what you may or may not be owed.

    Finally, even if you are rebuffed by a manager, you may have one more option. Every manufacturer has a customer advocacy department. You aren’t required to take advantage of this option but it might resolve your case in your favor. 

    And even if the customer advocacy department doesn’t help, taking this step should strengthen any lawsuit you file, because it shows you tried every option within the system.

    Only when all of those options fail should you contact the law offices of Morgan and Morgan. If our warranty fraud attorneys determine that you have a strong case, we will file a lawsuit against the dealership that refused to honor your warranty. Oftentimes, just filing a lawsuit will be enough to get the dealership to settle and honor your claim.

    But if this action doesn’t convince the dealership to settle, you may have to wait years to get compensation for your claim. You should repair your vehicle at your own cost during that time, with the understanding that we will petition the courts for the dealership to compensate you for those out-of-pocket costs.

  • How Much Can I Get From a Warranty Fraud Lawsuit?

    You can recover everything you spent to repair the covered part, including additional expenses you might have incurred. Furthermore, if the dealership’s refusal to honor your warranty resulted in you being unable to use your vehicle for an extended period, you might be able to recover expenses like car rental costs for that time. 

    Finally, a jury might choose to award additional punitive damages for the breach of contract by the dealership. This could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on how egregious the behavior of the dealership was.

  • What Exactly Is a Drivetrain?

    If you have a drivetrain warranty, you are probably curious about what counts as a drivetrain. The answer differs based on the warranty. Almost every drivetrain warranty covers the engine, transmission, and power delivery system. But other parts may or may not be covered. 

    Your owner’s manual will list exactly what parts count as part of your drivetrain, and you should take careful note of this list when you purchase your vehicle.

  • What to Do if Dealership Does Not Honor Your Warranty Because It Claims It Is Expired

    There is a chance that this is just a case of bad record keeping. For example, if you purchased an extended warranty and the dealership has only the record of a normal warranty, they might think you aren’t eligible when you are. 

    Provide receipts for all of your warranty purchases and provide original copies of your warranties. If you can prove that you are eligible to receive repairs under warranty, you won’t be required to file a lawsuit to get compensation.

  • What to Do if Dealership Does Not Honor Your Warranty Because of Previous Repairs

    This is why you should always be certain whether a part is covered before getting repairs. Repairs performed by an independent repair shop can potentially negate your warranty. 

    However, if you have diligently gotten your car repaired by a dealership when the warranty applied, the dealership has no grounds to legally deny your warranty. Once again, the fact that you kept careful records will make this easy to prove.

  • Do I Have to Get Repairs Done at the Same Dealership Where I Purchased the Vehicle?

    In some rare cases, you might have to return to the original dealership to get repairs completed through your warranty. But in most cases, you can go to any dealership that is an affiliate of your car manufacturer and your warranty will be honored.

    If a dealership tries to refuse to honor your warranty because it wasn’t the original dealership, get that dealership to put that refusal in writing. Then contact the manufacturer and let them know what is happening. 

    Such behavior is likely a violation of the agreement that the dealership has with the manufacturer, and the manufacturer will be able to help you redeem your warranty.

  • At Morgan & Morgan, We Know What to Do if Dealership Does Not Honor Your Warranty

    Life would certainly be easier if everybody honored the contracts they were party to. Unfortunately, breach of contract is quite common. And when a car dealership breaches the warranty contract you have with it, that can result in major complications in your life. 

    Without prompt and free repairs to your car, you could find it difficult to earn a living or complete everyday errands.

    At Morgan and Morgan, we have experience handling these types of cases in every state in the country. Our team of talented attorneys will attempt to negotiate a fair settlement from the dealership before filing a lawsuit. If that doesn’t work, we are always willing to go to court; we have a strong record of success at trial.

    You paid for your vehicle’s warranty and deserve to be fully compensated under the terms of that warranty. If a dealership is refusing to honor those terms, contact Morgan & Morgan today to speak to an experienced warranty fraud attorney who will evaluate your case for free.

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