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Zoom to Facebook Data Sharing Lawsuit

Zoom to Facebook Data Sharing Lawsuit

Morgan & Morgan attorneys are investigating claims against video-conferencing giant Zoom for improperly sharing private data with third parties, including Facebook. 

As working from home has become steadily more common, so have the video-conferencing apps and computer programs that make it possible. The recent global coronavirus outbreak – and the social distancing that has been mandated in response to it – has made work-from-home a fact of life for even more people, and forced ever more to use these video-conferencing apps. 

Zoom Video Communications is the maker of one of the largest of these apps. Zoom was at one point the most downloaded free app on the Apple app store, and at this time, is experiencing more than 300% growth in daily users. What many of these users don’t know, though, is that Zoom may be playing fast and loose with sensitive and private user data. 

A lawsuit filed in California alleges that Zoom gave users the option to log in with their Facebook accounts, and when they did, shared that user’s information with Facebook. The information shared included the make and model of the device being used to log on, and a unique advertising ID number that can be used to track the user around the web. 

The lawsuit further alleges that Zoom was paid for sharing this information, though Zoom has denied this. 

Morgan & Morgan’s data breach attorneys are investigating these claims and preparing legal action. If you are a Zoom user, you may be eligible for compensation, and we want to fight for you. Call today for your free consultation. 

A Leader in Data Accountability

People deserve to have their digital and online data protected and handled properly by the companies and organizations that are given access to them. This is a matter of personal safety and security, as well as financial wellbeing, for tens of millions of Americans. 

Morgan & Morgan has been leading the fight to protect consumer and user data. Our data breach department, led by nationally recognized attorney John Yanchunis, has successfully pursued, negotiated, and won cases against some of the biggest companies in America, including Google, Facebook, and Yahoo. 

We want to fight for your data rights too. If you are a present or past Zoom user, your sensitive and private personal information may have been shared without your knowledge. Zoom should be held accountable for this, and you should be compensated. Call today, the consultation is always free and we’re available 24/7.

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