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Not Taking No for an Answer – Carmen's Morgan & Morgan Story

Not Taking No for an Answer – Carmen

For Carmen, life took an unexpected turn after an accident that left him grappling with challenges he never anticipated.Routine tasks became daunting challenges.

"When my accident happened, I couldn't even push a lawnmower. I had to hire someone to cut my own grass, which was kind of humiliating to me," Carmen shares, reflecting on the physical and emotional toll of the ordeal.

As if the physical pain wasn't enough, Carmen faced another hurdle when seeking necessary medical treatment. His insurance provider refused coverage, claiming that the incident occurred on the job.

Enter Morgan & Morgan.

"After I hired Morgan and Morgan to represent me, they took care of everything. Their staff was warm. They were kind. They were friendly. And they just made me feel safe," Carmen emphasizes.

The financial burden that can often accompany legal representation wasn’tt a concern for Carmen. 

"I can't stress to you people enough, you call Morgan & Morgan, not a penny outta your pocket and they are there." 

For Carmen, winning a bigger settlement wasn't just a legal outcome—it was a transformative experience that Morgan & Morgan facilitated. "Without people like Morgan & Morgan to represent you, there's no way an average person could ever get a settlement like I got," Carmen acknowledges.

"I feel I got justice for myself and my family, and I couldn't have done it without the help of Morgan and Morgan."